“Come on, what have you been saying all this time? It seems like you’re getting too worked up and speaking nonsense.”

My mother, perhaps sensing that the conversation was going against her, intervened.

“Mother. You always smiled and only nodded when I asked. Unlike how you treated my brothers.”


“No, you. You’ve been accusing me of being a very strange mother since a while ago! Why did I make you so upset that you’re doing this, huh?”


“I’m sad… …”

I glanced away from my mother’s face, which was about to attack me with tears in her eyes again, and lowered my eyes as if recollecting each memory.


Doulian frowned next to Mother, who rolled her eyes nervously.

“Before, I sometimes felt that way, but… I understand now. Even if they’re your own children, you may not necessarily love them.”




“I think you’ve clearly been dissatisfied with me. It’s okay.”

My mother pursed her lips with an expression of some chagrin on her part.


I continued speaking without paying attention.

“Now I have found a family who loves me. It’s a happy thing that we can become a family with just a promise of marriage. It would have been nice if other family members were there that day.”

It’s bitter, but it’s an understated feeling that doesn’t show emotions beyond a certain amount of time!


In order to convey as much sadness as possible to the audience around me with their eyes and ears wide open, I spoke in a calm voice.

“I was happy that the whole family was gathered together like this… … I realized it after listening to these two people.”


“What, what?”


“In order to protect your new family, you must not hesitate because of your previous family.”

They must have sensed the ominousness overflowing from my words.


The wide blue eyes of both Mother and Doulian were shaking uneasily.

“Hey, don’t do this. If you have something to say, say it at home. huh? That’s okay, right?”


“Is my room still in the house?”


“What? What do you mean, of course!”


“The guild I have been preparing since I was young. On the day after the engagement ceremony when my parents did not come, I heard my brothers stormed in and took everything we had.”




“I thought, of course, my room would be gone too.”


“Well, that is! You got married against our wishes, so that’s punishment!”

My mother, whose face turned red from embarrassment, stammered, perhaps not knowing that she would bring up the conflict between her family so rawly in front of so many people.

“Huh? If it’s the top, isn’t it the guild top?”


“I heard that Sinkere made a huge amount of money through that. He kicked out her daughter, who had earned it all, and swallowed up all of her wealth?”


“They didn’t even let his daughter take a single penny as dowry.”

The count family did this too much.


I did not stop speaking, to tie the gathered opinions together even more tightly.

“It was always okay to take the money for granted. I was able to do what you naturally wanted from me because we were family. It was a bit difficult when my brother came to me three times a week to tell me that I had to pay off his gambling debt… … .”


“What? Still after that kind of place? Dullian! You haven’t gotten involved with such things again, have you?”


“No, no! I already quit!”

Whether Mother was unaware of the gambling stories or whether she heard about the huge sums Doulian had spent before, her agitated gaze made Doulian hurriedly justify himself, much to my secret amusement.


I secretly enjoyed watching Doulian hurriedly waving his hands and making excuses.


The two people are busy exchanging fiery glances. I continued talking.

“When my brother gets upset, he gets angry, gets into gambling debt, and plays with gangsters.”


“Your brother is still young!”


“Oh, my mother forced me to marry someone 40 years older than me. You said that doing the same thing to my brother would be a curse word worthy of being struck by lightning.”

Since I felt sad whenever I talked about my brother, I also made sure to talk about my mother as well.


The people around me, who had their ears wide open to the provocative topic coming out of my mouth, started whispering again.


My mother’s face turned an earthy color when she realized that the buzz was focused on her.

“What’s wrong with Marquis Gaspar? What do you not know? You couldn’t recognize such a good marriage partner and rejected him!”

When my mother shouted, I pretended to be surprised and opened her eyes.

“Did you hear that now? What marquis?”


“If it’s Marquis Gaspar… … wow. Not a daughter but a granddaughter, it seems.”


“A senior gentleman marrying in his final years… Tsk tsk, he needs to age gracefully.”

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