People were whispering and looking around to see someone’s reaction.


Marquis Gaspar’s face instantly turned red as he felt the mockery in the gaze piercing him.


The Marquis, who was so excited that his beard was shaking, turned his head with his blazing eyes.

‘Did I mention his name? Who brought up the specific name?’

My mother’s face became even paler as she faced the Marquis’ burning eyes.


Marquis Gaspar came out angrily, his beard shaking, and shouted in front of my mother! He slammed his cane down loudly.

“How dare you! How dare you belittle Marquis Gaspar like this?”


“Umm, Marquis. “I don’t mean that-”


“I won’t hear any of it! I have never endured such humiliation.”



Mymother seemed to be trying to save the situation with her tears, but the angry expression on Marquis Gaspar’s face did not change at all.

“You should remember this, Sinkere. This Gaspar, the emperor’s second cousin, will never forget this.”

With a threatening growl, Marquis Gaspar passed by my mother, slapped Doulian on the shoulder, and walked out of the banquet hall.


Rejected by the Marquis they sought to wed me with, my mother appeared pale and desperate.


I thought as I looked at that mesmerized look.

‘Now let’s deliver the final blow’

When the noise in the room has passed through many mouths and the noise for the next story has matured enough.




Then, I began, speaking in a calm and collected voice, as if unaffected by the chaos.

“I tried to hold it all in.”


“…What? You consider this enduring?”


“I was trying not to provoke that person.”


“Why are you saying all this again—?”


“But today, it seems you haven’t given up.”

I was pouring out harsh criticism as if I couldn’t hear his mother’s high-pitched voice.


I looked straight into my mother’s bloodshot eyes and said,

“The plan was to find out Ivernum’s weaknesses and threaten him.”



There were sporadic gasping sounds here and there.


My mother’s eyes fluttered as she shook her shoulder, and Doulian suddenly hiccuped.


The audience became dead silent.

‘In contrast to the casual and somewhat pitiful tale I shared earlier, this is Ivernum’s business.’

I snorted and thought to myself.

‘Up until now, they would have just dismissed it as a story about some unfortunate daughter, but this can’t be said now.’

This was an incident planned behind the scenes to harm the imperial family.


If you say something hastily and get unluckily involved, Ivernum may end up being seen in a bad light!


The nobles, who were always talkative, took care of themselves, watched their mouths, and only rolled their eyes.

“Do you know the meaning of what you just said?”

The person who pretended to be neutral and asked a pressuring question was a count from the 2nd Prince’s faction.


Unlike the Sinkere County, he has quite a bit of real power and is treated as a mid-level person.


I looked up to the sky and answered confidently with an expression without a trace of shame.

“I have only spoken the truth here and now.”


“… …”

I responded without hesitation to his searching gaze.

‘Well, I actually have nothing to be ashamed of.’

I was confident.


Those who should be ashamed are the people who have now stepped on their own toes!

‘Anyway, if it is revealed that the Sinkere family, a faction that devoted a huge amount of money, was behind the scheme, they will be in trouble, so they may have stepped forward.’

Even though they are competing for the next throne.


In order to fight for power, trying to trick a hero who had contributed greatly to the empire was something that could not avoid public criticism.

“Is that so? A regrettable matter, it seems.”

The Second Prince’s faction viscount muttered under his breath, stepping back.


Are you saying you are sorry for what I said, or are you sorry for what happened in Sinkere?


I thought about the ambiguous expression for a moment, which was probably intended.

‘Well, in the end, they’ll have to cut their losses… There’s no way to completely avoid the bleeding.’

Sinkere brought a landmine to the Second Prince’s faction, and the shrapnel will scatter. I knew that.


Both will face a complete failure.

“… …”

The banquet hall, which had become quiet due to my bombshell remarks, was filled with all kinds of non-verbal exchanges of opinions for a while instead of words.


The people who were busy gesturing came to a rough conclusion.

“No wonder. I was wondering why the young lady ran away from the family… … .”

That’s right!


The first start is good. Ever since someone opened the door, all kinds of words have been pouring out like a torrent.

“To think that a family member would try to harm their loved one… How can a young person in love just stand by and watch?”


“Moreover, all the praise about the precious daughter they’ve had for so long… Now it seems like it was all a sham.”


“Oh my god. This is a secret plot against Duke Ivernum. How long has it been since the duke brought victory to the empire?”


“They say you know ten when you see one. From family matters to profiteering projects… …Tsk! How can you be so cruel?”


“Now, we must not even have a shadow entangle with Sinkere. Who knows when a spark will fly.”

Ha ha ha! Your reputation will sink at once!


I chewed popcorn in my mind while watching Sinkere’s name sink in real time.

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