Doulian, who clicked his tongue loudly as if to show off, smiled vulgarly and said.

“Ah. I wonder who the cat is? You’ve been so discreet all this time… Did Ivernem always have so much free time, despite claiming to be busy with war preparations?”

Doulian, who had no problem getting angry once, showed off his inferiority complex to his heart’s content this time, regardless of the location.


Among my contract husband’s antifans in the family, my brothers were the ones with the most perverse jealousy.

‘Well, even so, Dorian is helping me this much… I’ll have to endure it.’

I hopped onto the runaway train that was my brother, who was loudly complaining about everything.

“Sneaking into other people’s homes and seducing their women without their family knowing… And what about the heroic image on the battlefield? He’s a joke!”


“Don’t curse at him!”

When I, who had been shedding tears, raised my voice for the first time, the eyes of the audience who were watching the family fight with interest widened.


Despite being deeply in love, they could also see that the once quiet daughter had spoken out.


I answered in my mind to the sound of people whispering.

‘Exactly. That’s right. I’m perfectly playing the role of a passionate young lover.’

“I wasn’t going to say this… … .”


“Snap out of it. Pudding, I treated you so well, but you foolishly got caught up in a man!”


“What on earth did you do for me?”



Doulian flinched as he met my brightly lit eyes.


I spoke with an angry expression, as if I couldn’t bear it when someone I loved was treated so badly.

“You were so worried about me that you warned me yourself? Did you deliberately embarrass me in front of the duke’s vassals by revealing that I was a bride who couldn’t even take a dowry?”

I could see the noble ladies’ brows narrowing at those words.

“In front of the vassal of the family she is marrying?”


“It doesn’t matter how thoughtless it is to make a subordinate look down on his younger sister. If that impression is made from the beginning, it will be a struggle for a long time… … .”

It seemed that I had touched on a nerve that the nobility, who had experienced marriage arrangements, could relate to.


An unfavorable look was evident in the ladies’ gazes when they looked at Doulian.

“I am really genuinely concerned! I was worried that my younger sister would be taken advantage of by a man!”

Doulian’s response, which was to shout out his own explanation, only made the noble ladies frown even more.

‘You’ve completely messed it up.’

In a place where he is in the spotlight like this, his empty mind was exposed.


Clicking my tongue inwardly, I continued to portray the faithful and loving fiancé.

“Don’t insult my fiancé like that, portraying him as a worthless person!”


“Ha! Are you really going as far as to insult me…”

Doulian was still shaking with an unrepentant expression on his face.




Thanks to this, it allowed me to lay the groundwork for my passionate transformation, turning from a quiet daughter into a fiery lover.


I took a deep breath, gathered my breath from my stomach, and screamed.

“You are the ones who really took advantage of me!”

My loud voice, spread from the stage, echoed through the banquet hall.


The momentary silence was quickly replaced by the chatter of people who were gossiping.

“What does she mean by ‘taken advantage of’?”


“Did she hear that from the Duke?”


“No way. How much has she been treated specially for being the youngest child whom everyone in your family cherishes? Besides, there’s no way her biological family would do that to her daughter… …”


“But her eyes show an unusual resentment…”

In the midst of the murmur, I could hear the suspicions I had planted earlier sprouting.

“… … But for a child they cherish, didn’t they look strange when she was talking to the Countess earlier?”

Haha. Sowing the seed is worth it.

“Moreover, look at how the young lord Sinkere treated his younger sister earlier. I wouldn’t even do that to my maid!”

What I did today was to throw firewood at people’s suspicions.


The beloved youngest daughter left her family without a word?


Why did she do that?


If they really cared about her, they would have come to the engagement party, or no matter how angry they were, wouldn’t they have treated her like this even today?


Did the countess, Mother, say something like that? How could my older brother, Doulian, be so violent?

“Come to think of it, always looking after Lady Sinkere does seem a bit unusual, doesn’t it?”


“That’s right. Considering that they cherish her, she rarely appears at any events. Besides, there would be no benefit for Lady Sinkere.”


“Speaking of which… I’ve often seen the Duchess and young lord Sinkere in boutiques, but I’ve never seen Lady Sinkere there.”

The embers that spattered from the firewood that had been put in earlier grew in size.

‘What did you say earlier? A family betrayed by the daughter they cared for?



I couldn’t help but snort.


Why don’t you let the family take on such a shameful image of sympathy?

‘That can never be possible.’

What a flimsy mask you were wearing. I’ll take it off right here and now.


I opened my mouth, roughly wiping away the teardrops on my cheeks.

“I may not know … … but if you try to take advantage of my fiancé, I will stop you.”

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