The lubricant applied to the fake p*nis began to dry up, its sticky residue excessively stimulating his inner walls. Ron halted halfway, unable to descend further. The friction made it feel as though he would bleed from the strain. He choked back sobs, tears forming rapidly.


Martian wrapped her fingers around his p*nis. At the tip of his p*nis, the decorative flower bud peeking out over her grip.


“Why are you behaving so pitifully?”


With her other hand, she flicked the decorative bud. Heuk…Ron cried out, grabbing onto the bed for support. The sudden sensation within his p*nis was overwhelming, making him sink down a little more, the sensations from behind being somewhat overshadowed.


Before he could recover, she flicked the flower again. Unable to stop her, Ron clung to the headboard, begging in a voice thick with tears.


“Master, please..hngg,” he sobbed, the torture continuing relentlessly. His trembling thighs strained against the sensation. Martian spoke with an air of nonchalance.


“Sit down properly. Then, I’ll stop.”


It was already halfway in his a$s. If he were to lose strength in his thighs now, it’d be fully inside. It would be a rough and painful penetration, but that wasn’t her concern. Ron let out a sob and began to plead, tears streaming down his face.


“Master, I’m sorry….wrong…I was wrong”


The corners of his eyes and cheeks were incredibly red and twitching. His tear-streaked face was a far cry from his usual stoic demeanor. His raw, emotional state only seemed to fuel Martian’s ar*usal. She couldn’t wait any longer.


With a push to his shoulders, Martian made him sit down. Ron cried out as the toy, lodged halfway inside him, was rudely pushed further, scraping against his inner walls. The mix of alien sensation and pain was overwhelming. He sobbed, lying spent on the bed.


“Lie down and spread your legs. I’m going to f*ck you from now.”


At her words, Ron swallowed back tears but took his position. This, at least, was better. He just had to endure this. Reading Ron’s expression, Martian smirked. The very thought of relief after failing to do what his master commanded was audacious.


Ron bunched up the pillow beneath his waist and spread his legs wide, revealing his p*nis and h0le starkly. Martian took his hand and made him grasp his own p*nis.


He held it with one hand while the other hand held the end of the rod. Ron’s eyes trembled with anxiety.


“It looks beautiful.”


She rarely praised him and then took some lubricant, spraying it generously over her fake p*nis. The excess dripped between Ron’s thighs that is onto his cr*tch and onto the bedsheet.


Using her hand, Martian evenly spread the lubricant over the fake p*nis.


“There should be no complaints of it being dry now,” she said tenderly.


“Each time I thrust…”


While speaking, she nudged the tip of her fake p*nis against Ron’s entrance. Just that touch made his hole twitch, and the tension was palpable. Martian chuckled lightly and poured more lubricant over the entrance. The gel dripped down, pooling around his t*sticles. Their eyes met again.


Ron looked up at her with anxiety. Each time she was this gentle, her next actions would be even more brutal. Martian smiled lightly, tapping the hand that held the rod.


“You have to thrust this inside.”


“…Ma, Master.”


“…How deep you ask?”


She wrapped her hand around Ron’s and demonstrated for him. Even though Ron gasped and shook his head, she ignored him, pulling out the rod held in Ron’s hand by about a third, only to thrust it back in immediately.


“Ah! Hah… Huh…”


Ron shivered and let out moans, tears streaming down his face. “Master. I was wrong, hah, huh…” Seeing this, Martian held back her own urges. If she was going to indulge, she wanted it to be perfect.


“You pull out this much, then thrust back in.”


“Master, hah, please, I, can’t…”


Trembling, Ron lowered his head. He had been enduring for too long. There was no way he could properly thrust it in himself. Suddenly, Martian slapped the area below his t*sticles, which was w*t with lubricant, creating a resonating slap sound.


“Ron, are you going to behave like this? You were the one begging to be penetr@ted. Can’t you do it right?”


Hearing this, Ron’s heart sank. Her angered face reminded him of the times she spoke of discarding him back at the Count’s manor. To her, he was just another pet. She could easily replace him. A useless dog had no place by her side.


Was he willing to be thrown away like this? Such thoughts echoed in his head. Panting heavily, Ron pulled out the rod and then pushed it back. The feeling of being scraped and stretched from the inside made his entire body shiver.


“I’ll do it, hah, huh, I’ll do it. I’m sorry for being, hah, huh, weak, Master. My apologies, hah…”


Ron trembled but still mercilessly manipulated the rod in and out of his p*nis. The sight of a scared, begging dog was undoubtedly her taste. Martian, tasting the aroused sensation down there, pushed her artificial p*nis into Ron’s hole.


It wasn’t as hard to push it in as it was loosened from before he sat down. Martian poured more lubricant over their connected area. Sticky and slippery substances overflowed. From Ron’s mouth came a sound, whether it was a whimper or a moan, it was indistinguishable.


“Uh! Uhm, huff…”


Her gr*in pressed against Ron’s b*ttocks. Martian felt Ron’s shivering through their skin contact, making her even more excited. The dog’s tension and pain were aphrodisiacs for her. As she grinded her pelvis with the toy fully inserted, the part that connected inside her jolted, adding to the stimulation.


She then pulled her waist back. Ron’s rear tried reflexively to clench around the intruding object, providing her with a tugging sensation from within.


“Haah, Ron. You have to keep moving your hand.”


As Martian thrust deeply again, she spoke.


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