‘I should have just pretended to be scared of his status…’


Then the count’s curiosity would have quickly faded. But what she actually did was excessively provocative. Hurting his enormous pride; of course, just because he was the heir to a duke’s house didn’t mean he could instantly erase a noble family that had been loyal to the empire for a long time.


However, minor inconveniences and irritations were entirely possible. Power was a petty and dirty game, after all.


“Mother was right. She warned me that my temperament would get me into trouble one day…”


She murmured to herself. As she sighed with guilt, Ron entered the bedroom. His hair was w*t, perhaps from a bath. Hesitating for a moment, he soon knelt down. His thin nightclothes revealed his form as he crawled towards the bed. Then he spoke.


“Master, please remove it from the front… I… I haven’t been permitted yet…”


Ron’s body shivered and trembled as he lay prostrate. Martian sat up in bed, recalling the events at the count’s house, and felt a surge of petty anger. She stepped on the back of Ron’s head with her foot.


“When you wanted it rough before, you were eager. Now you’re complaining?”


“I’ve had it in for too long, ah…”


His voice was almost a sob. She hadn’t removed the rod in the ur*thra he wore the entire time since their return.




She ordered, still stepping on his head. Ron stretched his hands back and pulled down his trousers. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, his bare b*ttocks were exposed. It was quite a sight.


Martian teased him with her toes, touching his nape and ears. With every touch, Ron gasped, trembling. He wasn’t one to enjoy pain, but his body knew well how to get arou$ed by small stimuli. Martian watched his exposed rear for a moment, then stood up.


“You made me do things I shouldn’t have. Understand?”


“Yes, Master. I-I…was wrong..”


As she stood behind him, he naturally arched his back, presenting his b*tt. Parting his legs, he revealed his p*nis, topped with a small flower adornment.


As he had desired at the count’s house, Martian had fully aroused Ron’s p*nis and sealed his urethr@ with her hair ornament.


“Ma… Master… please…hng..”


All the way home, Ron had been in this state. He had managed to hold on in the carriage, but once they were back in the mansion, he was nearly at his limit. The sight of Ron, trembling, with himself on display was enticing. Martian leisurely savored the feeling of ar*usal, the familiar surroundings and her familiar pet making the events at the count’s house fade.


‘It’s better to indulge in this than to ponder useless thoughts.’


She opened a drawer near the bed, where her frequently used tools were kept. The rustling of her searching made Ron flinch. He was nearly at his breaking point, any move from her was hard to bear.


A plea to remove the urethr@l rod, and that he would do anything if only she did, rose to the tip of his tongue, but Ron held back with a shred of reason. From long experience, he already knew that he should not make such pleas carelessly in front of her.


After a short while, something nudged Ron’s cheek. Looking up, Martian waved an object in her hand: a strap-on with a phallic attachment.


“If you want something, you have to pay for it.”


With that, she lightly slapped Ron’s cheek with the fake p*nis. He emitted a soft moan, gazing obediently at her. Fortunately, the tool she selected had attachments on both the inside and the outside.


The toy wasn’t only stimulating for the receiver but also for the wearer. When Martian wanted to torture and control her pet for an extended period, she’d use the one-sided tool. But if she wanted mutual pl*asure, she’d use this double-ended one.


“Tonight, everything depends on how you act.”


She donned the belt, the inner part snug against her. As she buckled it, a large p*nis jutted out in front of her. The external phallus was thick with ridges.


For anyone not accustomed to such play, its size and length would be terribly painful, but Ron was a well-trained pet by her side.


She found some lubricant and slathered the fake p*nis, stroking it. As the toy moved, the inner part also swayed, sending a mild thrill through her.


“Strip everything and get on the bed.”


Martian sat on the bed, leaning against a pillow, occasionally stroking the lubed toy, feeling the gentle sensation.


“What are you doing? Come here.”


Ron moved at her command. He crawled to the bed, his erect*on swaying with each movement, the sensation intensified by the rod inside. As he straddled her thighs, Martian gripped his p*nis.


“Ah, Master…heuk!”


She delicately teased flower attachment at the tip of his p*nis with her fingers. Struggling to stay upright, Ron hastily grasped the headboard of the bed. His vision blurred, darkening around the edges. A ragged moan escaped him, sounding almost like a sob. In fact, tears began to spill.


The place she had been fixated on for so long was now incredibly sensitive, having been left in a heightened state of ar*usal for far too long.


As his erect*on began to wane, Martian stopped her playful teasing. Extending her hand, she gently caressed Ron’s sweaty back, which tensed immediately under her touch. Her hand momentarily soothed him by patting his back before it began its descent, reaching the mounds on his back.


“You’ll be granted relief only once I’m thoroughly satisfied.”


Gasping, Ron pleaded, “Master…”


Ron leaned in, pressing his lips against her ear in a plea. Ignoring him, Martian firmly grasped his b*ttocks. As she tightened her grip, Ron’s moans grew more ragged.


He tried to appease her, nuzzling his forehead against her shoulder, seeking comfort, but she showed no intention of relenting. His desperate attempts only seemed to excite her further.


With a swift motion, she smacked Ron’s a$s.


“If you want to c*m, you need to satisfy me first. Put this in and ride.”


Breathing heavily, Ron positioned himself over the fake p*nis she wore. Without adequate preparation, taking its length was more challenging than usual.


With every movement, his own p*nis shook, the intrusive feeling at his tip grew more intense as the toy filled him. Despite his best efforts, his exhausted body struggled, and his movements grew sluggish.

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