Ron’s hand shakily began to move, hesitantly pulling and then pushing the rod.


His panting intensified from this slow action. Every time he pushed the rod, Ron’s twitching hip$, which were touching her, stiffened. The rippling movement of the muscles was as stimulating as his trembling.


“You’re too, huff, slow. Faster.”


She drew her hip$ back and thrust, making the toy inside her shake significantly. It wasn’t a tool she often used to train dogs, but it wasn’t bad when she wanted to indulge in the act.


However, Ron’s timid actions were frustrating. Trying to match Ron’s sluggish movements, especially after she had thrust, was irritating.


“Didn’t I say you’re slow? Aren’t you going to start moving fast enough?”


Martian pushed it in deeply, urging him.


“Uh, yes, huff, master, ugh…”


Ron tried to move his hand faster but couldn’t speed up. He was already moving beyond his limit. Martian’s growing impatience wasn’t entirely her fault. The dog below her, whimpering while handling the toy, excited her excessively. Her lower body twitched, seeking greater stimulation. Eventually, she brushed Ron’s hand aside and grabbed his p*nis herself.


As her hand directly manipulated the rod, he cried out in moans. She pulled her waist back and thrust aggressively. The sensation of direct stimulation was vivid. She repeated this motion.


The sounds of “thud, squelch” echoed. The stimulation from handling the rod matched her rhythm.


“Ma-Master! Please, pull it out! Ugh, ugh…”


The stimulating sensation inside his b*ttocks was unbearable. She knew his body all too well, even knowing where to touch to excite him. Intense and rough ar*usal was continuously suppressed.


Ron cried without even realizing he was crying. Unable to bear it any longer, he grasped Martian’s hand. “Master, please,” he begged in a sobbing tone, but Martian shook off Ron’s hand.


“How dare you touch me? Know your place.”


As she started to thrust roughly, Ron couldn’t plead anymore and tightly gripped the sheets. Even amidst his tearful moans, he tried his best to endure. She whispered to him.


“Ron, this is all your fault.”


In the first place, it was Ron who had begged to be penetrated, and it was Ron who excited her with his crying figure. Martian gripped his p*nis tighter, moving her hips. With each thrust and pull, an intense stimulation led to cl*max. Each time a rough sound echoed, Ron clenched the sheets and cried out.


Soon, Martian reached her peak. Intense ar*usal engulfed her entire body, a moan involuntarily escaped, and a tingling sensation flowed from her lower body throughout. This intense sensation was a result of the relentless thrusting.


Exhaling a languid breath, she grinded her lower body against Ron’s. The continuing stimulation felt electrifying each time.


Soon, she pulled out the rod stuck in Ron’s d*ck.


“Ah! Huhuh!”


Ron was rigid, unable to cry any further. Martien, dropping the already w*t rod, grabbed Ron’s p*nis and shook it up and down. Even after being excessively tormented and the rod being pulled out, he couldn’t immediately cl*max. Holding and shaking his p*nis, she said,


“From now on, when I f*ck you from behind, you have to thrust something in here yourself.”


With a satisfied tone, she spoke again. Ron could only whimper and moan in response, seeming out of his senses. She didn’t press him further, knowing she could just repeat her orders when he came to his senses.


She moved her hip$ again, leisurely and deeply. The deep penetration made her insides vibrate delightfully. The stimulation was just right for enjoyment. She was very satisfied.


“Ron, you can finish now.”


She stimulated the tip of Ron’s p*nis with her hand. At her determined touch intent on making him cl*max, Ron’s body tensed up. Soon, a thick ej*culation burst forth.


* * *


Two weeks had passed since their visit to Seban estate. Sunk in self-loathing, Martian gradually felt relief as no issues arose. Although she was bothered by how she had teased the eldest son of the Duke, talking about penetration, she felt the cause partly lay with him. Martian decided to think that everything had ended well.


“What happened at that banquet?”


The butler, unaware of the details, persistently asked. Casually dismissing the question, Martian checked the clothes laid out in front of her.


These were specially tailored clothes. Though the fabric was good, the old-fashioned clothes had been remarkably transformed, many dyed in trendy colors.


“How is it? Doesn’t the dress look more proper when I wear it?”


She asked the butler while donning a coat, trying to change the topic. The butler answered with sincerity,


“Of course. To be honest, I think they should pay you rather than you paying them. Even ordinary clothes look luxurious when you wear them.”


“Butler, don’t say such things elsewhere. It’s embarrassing for me.”


Martian sighed. The butler was loyal but often lacked objectivity. Like when he tried to set her up with Huey Sevlord. She frowned at the thought. In any case, she was involved with Huey, albeit in an unfavorable way. The returning self-loathing was soon dispersed by the butler’s words.


“My Lord, I’m simply stating facts. Even if there are many distinguished nobles in the capital, honestly, who else at your age has a title and manages a territory as vast as yours? I truly…”


“Alright, butler. I get it. I appreciate the compliment, but my husband needs to be someone who can match me. So don’t even think of anyone from too prestigious a family.”


“Where there are many employees, work can be managed. Especially in a profitable domain like Seban, it’s easy to employ people…”


“Please, no Huey Sevlord. He’s an absolute no.”


At those words, the butler’s face tensed up. Martian disregarded his reaction, admiring her newly tailored coat.


The excessively feminine silhouette was gone, replaced by a delicate lace that exuded luxury. The dark lace, matching the coat’s color, felt more sophisticated than feminine.


Martian, tall like her father, suited these kinds of outfits better than excessively feminine ones.


“These clothes sure are expensive.”

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