Ron attempted to return to position, lifting his b*ttocks. However, as he tried to spread his cheeks, his hands slipped multiple times, dampened by sweat from the pain. Martian looked at Ron’s swollen opening, then instructed him to relax and sit properly on the sofa.


“Th-thank… thank you…”


As Ron sat back, his tear-streaked face was evident. As his b*ttocks and thighs touched the sofa, he let out a soft moan. A hint of relief spread across his face, thinking the punishment had ended.


Martian tapped his chest with the cane. The rings jingled as the thin chain swayed.


“Put your feet up on the sofa and spread your legs. So that I can see everything between them.”


It was only then that Ron realized the punishment was not over. Tears began to drop again, but he did as Martian instructed, exposing himself in a position where his p*nis and b@lls were exposed, looking undeniably humiliating.


Ron glanced at the Count sitting opposite him and then at Martian standing in front of him and involuntarily lowered his head. In that moment, the cane struck his p*nis.


“Keep your head up.”


Tense, Ron raised his head. The cane teased his t*sticles and perineum before striking his sh*ft. Pain has a way of overshadowing shame. He gasped, feeling the swell both in the front and back.


“Ah! Hah! Huh…”


Ron trembled, clutching the sofa, his spread thighs quivering. Still, he did not close his legs. He had been trained for a long time to maintain this position. Despite multiple lashes, he held his pose, red marks streaking his p*nis.


Soon after, Martian climbed onto the sofa, pressing her knee against Ron’s gr*in. The pain of his swollen m*mber being crushed under her knee made him moan and call out to her.


“Ah…My Lord… Hah…”


“It’s a pity. If I was being ‘Your Lord’ right now, I would have completely ravaged you.” 


Martian pressed down further on the beaten p*nis. Had this been her chamber, she would have savagely thrust into Ron’s bruised orifice with her tools. Martian was irritated by her halted ar*usal. Ron, rubbing his forehead against her shoulder, showed such a rare cute look.


Martian pressed onto the cane marks inside Ron’s inner thighs. Hngg..heup… Ron, enduring the pain, looked over at the count sitting across the room.


He clearly remembered the day Martian had taken an interest in him. She was wildly aroused and became entranced in an instant. Had he been anyone else within her permissible range, it would’ve been Ron who was pushed away on this occasion. But now, it was the count who was sidelined, and it was Ron who was with Martian.


Stumbling with his fingers slightly, he drew her close and gasped, 


“I can, hahh..heuk..I can do it… Master.”


He reached behind her head and gently removed a hair accessory. This ornament, used to bind her hair, was a rod of moderate thickness and length.


He leaned his body back slightly, revealing his p*nis that had been pressed against her knee. Holding his half-erect m*mber with one hand, he mustered all his courage and said, “You can use this to, to penetrate.”


Martian hesitated. Penetration with such tools was something Ron typically found distasteful. Though she didn’t understand his change of heart, she found his initiative not entirely unappealing. Of course, she wasn’t the kind of owner to simply give a pet what it desired. She stood upright.


“Asking for quite a lot during your punishment, aren’t you?”


Ron’s momentum was quickly cut off by her words. Martian spoke to the now cowering man.


“Do it yourself. I’ll watch.”


She headed to the opposite sofa, glanced at Huey, and sat next to the seat where he sat. Sneaking a peek at him, she noticed his gr*in was more swollen than before. Given his preference for having his m*mber trampled, it was no surprise that he was aroused watching her press down on Ron’s.


“Viscount, Doan.” 


He called out with a subdued voice, laden with desire. Martian replied, 


“Do you still wish to be my pet?”


“I, I am also capable enough…”


“Oh really? Then consider my pet, Ron, your senior, and learn from him. I loathe an incompetent pet that knows nothing.”


At those words, Huey’s face wrinkled in distaste. Born with a tremendous amount of pride, being treated on par with Ron was intolerable for him. As expected, he shut his mouth and said no more. Counting on this response, Martian turned her head away with relief.


Truthfully, she felt a hint of regret. An individual fully tamed to her tastes, both front and back, would surely bring her immense pl*asure. If only their statuses had been more similar. While she entertained these thoughts, Ron positioned himself with the rod. Huey, seeming displeased, stood up.


“Just get up. I don’t think there’s any reason for me to watch this.”


* * *


Martian handed her coat to the butler as she entered her mansion. The butler’s face was a mix of surprise and confusion. The banquet at the Count’s residence was scheduled to last for three days.


Out of consideration for guests traveling from afar, the banquet not only included the event itself but also light socializing and local sightseeing. Including travel time, the entire event was thought to take at least five days, yet she returned in merely three.


“My Lord, why have you returned so early? Was there an issue…?”


“There was a matter. Prepare a bath for me. I wish to rest.”


Bypassing the butler’s question with a claim of fatigue, she made her way to her bedroom. The servants quickly arranged a bath for her. She bathed without uttering a word. After washing with the hot water, a wave of exhaustion followed. It was a complicated fatigue. Even lying in bed, the exhaustion persisted without granting her sleep.


She recalled, one by one, the acts she had performed with Ron in front of the Count. Her mind began to clear.


‘I must be mad. Why did I go to such lengths…?’


Huey Sevlord was the heir to a duke’s house, a person of such evident status that even the emperor personally conferred titles and lands upon him. Asking him if he had ever experienced such humiliation, she paraded Ron before him to demonstrate.


The wine she drank at the banquet seemed to belatedly surge, causing her emotions to fluctuate erratically. Martian regretted her actions.

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