Chapter 12
Red Date and Wolfberry Tea

Gu Yuan felt her whole body was light. Her br*asts were stiff, and the n*ppl*s were erect. She felt pain due to the friction on her underwear. Her waist was weak, and her joints were numb. It was because she had been doing indescribable things with Feng Xinian throughout the lunch break. Although they were in an energetic age, she couldn’t withstand this kind of overindulgence.

In the afternoon class, Gu Yuan saw a cup of pearl milk tea on the table, which she loved to drink.

“Thanks, Little Yan Yan.” Gu Yuan sat down, naturally thinking that Xie Yanyan had brought it for her.

But she heard Xie Yanyan say, “I didn’t buy this. There was already milk tea on your table when I came.”

Gu Yuan was puzzled, so she sent a message to Feng Xinian but received a reply that he hadn’t sent it. So, Gu Yuan didn’t touch the milk tea either.

The afternoon class was a physics class. Gu Yuan wasn’t worried about English and language. Liberal arts courses mainly rely on accumulation. After graduating from school, she did not forget these. So basically, she didn’t need to listen to the class. It was easy for her to do the questions, but she forgot about the science courses. Even though she was drained, she must get her spirit up to listen to the lesson.

Once the class ended, Gu Yuan was so tired that she lay down on the table to rest. Suddenly, the noisy classroom was quiet.

Feng Xinian appeared in the class at an unknown time. Next to him were Ruan Xiahou and Wei Ziqian, who were handing out milk teas to everyone.

Gu Yuan looked at the youth walking towards her dazely. It so happened that Ruan Xiahou passed by her and said, “Our class is going to join all of you in the next games. The class president brought us here to unite our classmates.” With those words, he handed a cup of milk tea to a female classmate.

Feng Xinian walked over to Gu Yuan and took out a thermos bottle to replace the milk tea from her table smoothly.

Gu Yuan opened the thermos bottle and saw red dates and wolfberry tea inside.

She heard Xie Yanyan say, “Sure enough. Little Yuan’er, you are special.”

“I bet that everyone’s milk tea this time is also thanks to you.”

Gu Yuan didn’t say anything but felt a warm current in her heart.

Feng Xinian’s kindness to her, she always knew. Only, in her last life, she couldn’t afford to pay back. God gave her another chance, and she will double her kindness to him.

Hence, Gu Yuan’s circle of friends today is flush with milk tea screens.
Girl A: I got to drink the ‘love’ milk tea sent by the school hunk!
Girl B: You’re my Youle Mei「Picture」!

Feng Xinian did not know how much commotion his actions had brought in the class. Before the evening self-study, the physics teacher called Feng Xinian regarding the competition.

Gu Yuan and Xie Yanyan took a stroll around the school.

“No, Little Yuan’er, you must satisfy my curiosity. What’s Feng Xinian’s like in private? You don’t even know how many people are inquiring about Feng Xinian’s WeChat after they came to deliver the milk tea today. The person that was so elusive, how many people are dumbfounded by this.”

Gu Yuan and Feng Xinian’s personal matters were indescribable, and she couldn’t help but feel her face turn red when she thought about it.

“Hehe, Little Yuan’er, why is your face so red?” Xie Yanyan didn’t think about those forbidden scenes. When she raised her eyes, she saw Lin Yuan standing before her.

“Little Yuan’er, the moon and the sun could see Schoolmaster Feng’s heart for you! You wouldn’t still want to have an affair with Lin Yuan, would you? I’ll despise you if you really do that.” Xie Yanyan thought that Gu Yuan was blushing because of Lin Yuan, so she couldn’t help but be annoyed.

Gu Yuan hadn’t seen Lin Yuan yet. Her mind was full of intimate images of Feng Xinian, and only after hearing Xie Yanyan’s words did she return to her senses.

Gu Yuan thought that she was trapped, so she pulled Xie Yanyan and was about to turn around as if she hadn’t seen him.

“Gu Yuan, I’ll attend your birthday party next month.”

Gu Yuan had invited Lin Yuan before. And now, she only hated herself for not being reborn a few days earlier. She had dug herself too many holes.

On the contrary, when Xie Yanyan heard Lin Yuan say this, she asked one after another, “What about Feng Schoolmaster? Little Yuan’er, if you invite Lin Yuan, I won’t love you anymore.”

Gu Yuan was bitter in her heart, but she couldn’t say it.

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