Chapter 11
T*tt*f*ck (H)

“Baby, now it’s time for you to satisfy me.”

Between the words, the youth picked up Gu Yuan with her legs spread apart. In this position, the girl’s freshly org*sm*d p*ssy was pressed tightly against the youth’s abs. Her exceptionally wet, soft, and tender p*ssy bumped into the hard abs, making Gu Yuan feel nothing but the tide of love surging again as if her brother Xinian had inserted himself into her.

Feng Xinian naturally felt the passion of his baby. His p*nis was already so hard that it hurt, and he desperately needed to let off some fire. The youth placed the girl on a solid wooden chair. The school has customized spacious wooden chairs in the study room to allow students to relax while studying. Moreover, the study room was air-conditioned all year round, and Gu Yuan didn’t feel cold despite being unclothed.

Gu Yuan knelt on the chair facing the youth. Did he doesn’t want to f*ck her?

Feng Xinian met the girl’s puzzled eyes and felt he was about to be tortured to the point of losing his sanity by her innocent, lustful eyes.
In this position, coupled with Feng Xinian’s tall body, he looked extraordinarily superior and even had the image of a bully.

Feng Xinian held the girl’s chin, leaned over, and kissed her lips again. Gu Yuan had gradually become accustomed to the youth’s overbearing plunders. Deep tongue kisses made her delicate body slightly trembling, causing her pair of br*asts to swirl.

Gu Yuan’s facial features are exquisite, and her body shape is sexy. She had plump br*asts, a thin waist, and full buttocks. Feng Xinian looked at the girl from top to bottom and felt her beauty was incomparable. Hence, he was tempted to bully her even more. After all, the girl’s lustful behavior only belongs to him.

Gu Yuan was still waiting for the youth to move further, but he grabbed the peaches in front of her chest instead. His hand had thin calluses, and every inch of skin he touched made the girl’s love desire rise. While she was drifting, the youth unexpectedly inserted his long, thick p*nis into the gap between her br*asts.

The hot sensation of squeezing such a thick meat rod between the girl’s bursting and rounded br*asts was so fierce that the white flesh reddened.

“Ah …… uhhh …… so hot ……”

Gu Yuan had always been sensitive, and her br*asts were a place that could stimulate her passion. Feng Xinian inserted his fiery desire into them, which inevitably caused the girl to moan repeatedly. The youth inserted his fingers into the girl’s wet and slippery hole. After a few times of gouging down, the l*wd water flowed out unceasingly.

Feng Xinian put the obscene liquid the girl newly flowed out on her br*asts. Her skin was too delicate, and Feng Xinian couldn’t bear to hurt her.

After her br*asts had been wet completely, the youth began to move across the cleavage. If the scene were on video, it would be like this: the handsome and peerless youth puts the long, thick p*nis with veins rising in the girl’s white and plump br*asts and rubbing it hard. His hands kneaded and squeezed the young girl’s proud br*asts. While his rod was weaving in and out of them, he felt unspeakably comfortable, and his mind couldn’t help but envision what it would be like to be in her p*ssy.

His Yuan’er’s v*rg*n p*ssy, he had tasted it and was already addicted to it. If he f*ck*d it, what kind of overwhelming experience would it be?

After experiencing her first or*l s*x and then the first t*tt*f*ck in her life, Gu Yuan felt her libido switch in her body had turned on, and she just wanted to be f*ck*d by the youth.

“Uhhhh …… ah …… brother Xinian …… umm …… my p*ssy also want to ……” The girl winked and then pushed herself up to want more, but there was a ‘pah-‘ sound as the youth’s palm slapped on the girl’s buttocks.

“Is Yuan’er a little b*tch in heat?” There was a lust-rendered huskiness to his voice.
“Ah …… Yuan’er — Yuan’er is brother Xinian’s little b*tch.” Her soft, crunchy voice made the youth’s c*ck that pumping between her br*asts harden a few more points.

“Little b*tch just play with her p*ssy by herself.” The commanding tone carried an irresistible sovereignty.

Gu Yuan felt her br*asts swelling due to penetration, and her p*ssy was empty and lonely, so she could only listen to Feng Xinian’s order and probe her fingers into her p*ssy herself.

With only a shallow penetration, Gu Yuan felt another org*sm was coming, and she tried to keep up with the youth’s speed but felt that her fingers were tired and sore.

Feng Xinian had no intention of stopping.

Feng Xinian felt like he was about to go crazy. When he looked down from his perspective, a sinewy, thick phallus was in the girl’s snow-white br*asts, and when he didn’t move, the glans would graze her cheeks, so erotic.

Gu Yuan didn’t know how many times she had org*sm*d. She only felt that there was already a puddle of water underneath her.

Feng Xinian feared she would faint, so he could only release his desire. Thick and carried body temperature s*m*n strand shot out toward the tempting person under him, causing white turbidity to flow between the girl’s snowy peaks, nose, and slightly open red lips.

Feng Xinian knew he would get hard again if he continued to watch, so he had to pick up Gu Yuan and clean up the mess. When will he be able to possess her fully? It’s not that he doesn’t want to, but he can’t bear to.

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