I was so shocked and I thought to myself, ‘What kind of a person wouldn’t wake up after being subjected to that?’

 Immediately after Mr. Thorden left the house, I rolled around on the bed, making strange noises by screaming in the most stifled voice possible.

”Oh, oh … Ah..! Something was touching me so much and looking at me so carefully than I had expected! It made me feel so weird. The lips and stuff were amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing… Ah…!”

 I’ve never had such a nerve-wracking bathing experience.

 The most important thing to remember is that the best way to get the best out of your hair is to get the best out of your body.

 I mean, I mean, you know?

I thought, ‘Isn’t he too familiar with this? I didn’t hesitate to take off my clothes or anything, but what the heck! I know how hard it is to undress an unconscious person, I know because I once undressed a colleague who was drunk and passed out!’

 I put my face into the pillow and was lost for a moment.

 But I got over it. I got through it anyway.

 Though I am not sure.

 I don’t understand the mentality of that man, this Mr. Thorden.

 It’s so uneven that it makes me feel uneasy.

 Because, you know?

 He is in a panic when I get a little too close to him, and yet he peels people’s clothes off and puts them in the bathtub without a care in the world.

 He was so careless in washing my body as if I were a doll, even though he fell with a nosebleed just because I approached him.

 What was that boldness of his hands? What was that? What was that?

 If I hadn’t resisted, I wouldn’t have known how far he would have washed me.

 It was as if the hands of the cleaner were about to reach even the maiden’s dangerous flower garden. As expected, if he touched me there, I would have to ‘wake up’ too.

And that’s it, right? If I wake up at that moment, he’ll look like a hurt girl and run away again, right?

 I know that, yes. It’s always me who is the bad guy.

 I thought it was going to be a dizzying night of depravity, but she just went home without doing anything.

 No, well, yes.

 I don’t think it was complete without doing anything. 

 I gently stroked my lips.

 He was stroking my lips very eagerly. I think he was doing it for about a minute.

 I couldn’t even open my eyes, and I was wondering what was going to happen.

I thought, ‘I’m going to be kissed. Well, I’m ashamed to admit that I was a little …’

 Well, as it turned out, it was just a thought.

 I wonder what it was, though.

 Were my lips dirty? 

 Some kind of massage that’s common in this world? 

 It’s possible. Maybe I’ll try to do it back to Mr. Thorden next time.

 No. I’m sure he’ll run away from it.

“Ha… someone was a little … feeling it, you know…”


 I’m so irritated. I’m so irritated!

 I said it twice because it’s important.

 Firstly! Mr. Thorden, your face is not bad. I mean, he’s not beautiful or anything, but he’s not bad. I guess it’s a matter of taste.

 But that body, right? He has the body of an action actor, doesn’t he?

 I’m not so ultra-pure that I don’t feel anything after being washed by such a person and having him rub on my lips so eagerly.


 I don’t think we are talking about being in love or anything.

 So this is an adult desire.

 I expected a one-night stand with Mr. Thorden when we first met. I had planned it. I was willing to accept it.


 But perhaps, according to the common sense of this world, that would be a very, very small thing.

 I can’t even walk down the street with my face up anymore.

 I guess I would be treated as a wh*re.

 Mr. Sciuto says that men and women in this world don’t greet each other with a hug.

“…… Hmm?”

 With a start, I got up.

 I’m not sure what to think.

 I’ve been having a lot of skinship with Mr. Thorden since we first met, which is out of this world’s standards (and frankly, my world’s standards as well).

 It’s a little late for that.

 I even received a warning from Mr. Sciuto that I would “go crazy” if I so much as hugged him.

 I was quite explicit in my advances to Mr. Thorden, wasn’t I?

 I must have been doing something that would have made him suspect that I was a pr*stitute.

 But, since nothing untoward happened, I don’t care about that now. I think it’s fine.

 To put it bluntly.

 What do you think about me, Mr. Thorden?

 What do you think about me?

 Well, you even built me a house, and I don’t know how to say this.

 What? Am I that unattractive?

 That much? You are western-looking, aren’t you? Do you think that I look rather ugly?

 But would you get a nosebleed if someone like that approached you?

 You were glancing at me, so you don’t think I’m that ugly. But, regardless of my face, if there was a woman’s body nearby, would you feel nervous? Because you are a man.


 I wrinkled my brow and pondered.

 And suddenly I saw a dress hanging on the wall.

 I like myself in that dress.

 I’m not very confident about my appearance, but when I wear that dress, I feel a little more confident.

 That is my battle dress.

 Now I am a woman with no dress, no makeup, no accessories, and no fighting skills.

 The tunic that Ms. Sciuto made for me is comfortable and easy to wear.


“Even if I’m wearing no makeup for now, I think I’ll wear that again tomorrow,”

 Somehow, that’s what I thought.

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