I quickly came to my senses. As he revealed an assortment of ferocious torture devices, fitting for causing a bloody spectacle. He’s probably a lunatic who gets excited by such bloodshed. I, in desperation, tried to plead.


“…That’s really not the case. I didn’t kill… Ah!”


Promptly, a forceful grip squeezed my thigh. The inner thigh near my g*nitalia was stimulated so intensely that I shivered from top to bottom.


The overwhelming pain surged throughout my body, but with my body bound to the chair, all I could do was squirm.


“What reason could a servant of the Palace… have for assassinating the Emperor? Is there someone else behind you?”


“No, that’s not true… Ah!”


“Alright. Since you refuse to speak, let’s start the inspection from your body.”


The man, dressed in black, suddenly knelt in front of me and peered under my skirt.


Regrettably, I wasn’t wearing any underwear. Even as a beginner, I contemplated what kind of screwed-up game wouldn’t provide the player with a single pair of underwear. As my most private place was exposed to the man, I whimpered in embarrassment.


Seeing my unprotected private area, he seemed somewhat surprised before laughing as if he had just received a delightful surprise. Then he, with his leather gloves on, inserted his hand beneath my skirt and spread my l*bia.


Even though my ankles were tied to the chair legs and my p*ssy was already thoroughly exposed, he partook to open my folds further with his fingers, seemingly wanting a clearer view.


When he roughly manipulated the swollen flesh, it was painful yet oddly stimulating.


“Ah! Why… there…!”


“It’s nice and w*t. Good. It makes the search easier.”


With a low chuckle, he suggested that a spy who committed treason might have hidden something inside her body. I had once heard that the first thing prisoners go through before being locked away is body searching, but this was beyond that.


As he pried open my l*bia, my cl*toris was exposed to the cold air, sending an icy shiver through my spine. The inner folds of my p*ssy were visible with its glistening inner flesh exposed to the man. Odd sensations coursed through me, causing involuntary twitches of my hole in response. Catching this, the man smiled wickedly, provoking my embarrassment.


This is rated 19 actually, no, 29. This is clearly beyond the limit! Stop it right now!


What shocked me even more was his proceeding remark.


“It’s okay to scream out loud. Because we’ll need to open both of the holes right now. Let’s start from this one.”


With a composed smile, Karzan spread my l*bia with one hand, and with his index finger of the other hand, he started exploring my hole. He examined the creased walls surrounding the narrow gap with interest, twisting and tormenting. And, as if wanting to dig deeper, his finger pushed inside.


“No, ah… don’t…”


In 25 years of my lonely single life. I had masturbated using a finger but never had I experienced something like a leather glove. The cool, smooth surface of the leather parted the w*t opening, forging its way inside.


He had a large hand, and with the glove, insertion proved difficult. Yet, undeterred, he continued his endeavors. The v*ginal fl*id from within was absorbed by the glove reducing friction, and the unforgiving invader continued until my inner walls stretched painfully.


He managed to insert one entire gloved finger all the way to the end. This forced me to lunge forward in the chair, and I realized why he had made sure I was securely tied from the start.




As my inner walls were filled with a foreign object, I gasped for breath.


“Wow, I thought I could easily use two fingers on you. And yet here you’re struggling so much with just one. Do you not have experience with men?”


At his straightforward question, I nodded in agreement, pleading for understanding, since it was my first time. He chuckled in amusement. His eyes crinkling with delight, he seemed joyful. Though I didn’t understand why.


“Ha. Good. It’s turning me on. In that case, I’ll open you up properly, Hena.”


He then grabbed my a$s and pulled me toward him, exposing my c*nt to his full view.


And then with a swift motion, he brought his other hand to my hole.


“No… stop…Hng!!”


With one finger already buried inside of me, he forced another inside. Struggling to fit into the narrow space, it was unsuccessful. Then he shoved his gloved hand into my mouth.




The glove forced into my mouth had a strong smell of rancid cowhide. As soon as he found my tongue, he entwined his finger around it, feeling it around. His finger, which had gone deep inside my mouth, pressed down on the base of my tongue, then shifted beneath it to caress slowly, after all that he playfully poked at my uvula, gathering an ample amount of saliva. 


Phuwa. The glove that stirred and exited my mouth was dripping with thick saliva. He smiled satisfiedly and inserted his w*t fingers into the spread gaping hole again. 


“Hah, ah… it hurts! Don’t, put it in……”


“Easy. Relax. I’m inserting it slowly… What should we do about this p*ssy that so beautifully is taking in my two fingers?” 


Contrary to my worry, the lubricated glove was gradually widening the narrow gap, going deeper. The sensation of the space filled with a foreign object expanding beyond its limits was overwhelming. The feeling of fullness made me immobile, down to my toes. 


“It’s too full. stra..nge. Please..stop…”


“It’s finished. Now I just need to see what you’ve hidden inside.”


He wriggled the thick fingers, teasingly. Even though the tautly spread v*gina reddened, he purely smirked, continuing his taunting movement without any halt. 

“Don’t, open it anymore. Ugh…”

In response to his statement about revealing the hidden thing, I prepared to plead once more. If he were to spread his fingers that were inside me, it felt as though that place would tear apart. But contrary to my fears, he began to slowly widen my hole.

“…Ah, Ahh!!”

The membrane that had been tightly fitted against his fingers was forced apart. As it did, a cold emptiness began to expand in the center of my abdomen. The further apart his fingers moved, the more stretched my v*gina felt.

His breath became the cold air that settled inside me. It felt as if the wind was freely roaming the newly created path within me. Karzan looked intently inside me as if he was witnessing something extraordinary.

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