At Suburbs, West District.

Lu Yinge impatiently took a stack of incident reports, his brows furrowed tightly. “Why hasn’t that guy arrived yet? Broken leg? Paralyzed? Dead?”

This guy is becoming more offensive by the minute.

An intern researcher nearby couldn’t stand it and timidly reminded him, “You’ve only been here for less than a minute…”

Before he could finish the sentence, he was silenced by his razor-sharp glare.

This gentleman was quite famous throughout the entire containment facility for his brash and belligerent nature. He solved everything with his fists, and other than the previous team leader of the special task force, hardly anyone could keep him in check.

But now that the old team leader was dead, and his replacement was an unknown newcomer. His frustration was understandable. However, his menacing appearance…

The intern took a moment to mourn silently for the new team leader.

While he was lost in thought, he suddenly heard an unfamiliar voice not far away. To his surprise, it was a very young woman, and her tone was casual and relaxed as if she were greeting coworkers in a typical office setting. 

“Hello, everyone. Sorry for being late.”

He quickly turned to look and found himself even more puzzled upon seeing her appearance.

A girl who couldn’t have been older than twenty with delicate and soft features, and dressed in a simple white blouse and light blue jeans. She didn’t look like someone investigating paranormal phenomena; she seemed more like a college student who had accidentally wandered onto the set.

Then she spoke again, her gaze sweeping over all the researchers and logistics team members present. “I’m Lin Yu, the new team leader of the special task force.”

The intern researcher was dumbfounded.

What did he just hear? This young girl is the team leader of the special task force? Looking at her petite frame, she probably can’t even fight him, right? 

Even if she got in through connections, she shouldn’t be so reckless. Letting her use the back door was probably an attempt to get her killed. This is murder!

With these thoughts in mind, he discreetly shifted his gaze to Lu Yinge, only to find that this guy…

His expression was on the verge of exploding, and his eyes were red like someone with red-eye. You could almost hear the bones creaking as he clenched his fists.

Lin Yu didn’t pay any attention to his expression and just waved hello. “What a coincidence, meeting you again.”


Lu Yinge practically ground out this word through clenched teeth, and his voice was filled with a volcanic rage that was about to erupt.

The echoes of his words hadn’t even faded when everyone in the room saw a dark figure pounce towards her. Lu Yinge moved incredibly fast, and most of the staff could only catch a glimpse of a blurry figure. 

After a brief moment of shock, he abruptly appeared in front of Lin Yu.

Someone shouted anxiously, “Get out of the way, girl!”

Lin Yu didn’t move and took advantage of the moment to smile at the approaching figure. Then, with the same lightning speed, she raised her arm and with precision, she grabbed the hand that was about to fall on her neck.

“Don’t be silly,” she said while still smiling, as the two of them remained locked in their standoff. “Now is not the time for infighting. There are many people waiting for our rescue.”

Lu Yinge stared at her intently, his deep brown eyes filled with the dim yellowish light of street lamps as if flames were about to burst forth.

He had never laid hands on women and children. Although he had been momentarily blinded by anger this time, he hadn’t used much force. His wrist hurt from being grabbed, and he took a step closer to Lin Yu, enveloping her in his shadow. Each word he spoke was laced with a murderous intent. “You little brat, you dared to toy with me.”

Onlookers were stunned.

This young girl actually caught the attack of a werewolf with her bare hands? No, no, what’s with this line that sounds like a scene from a movie? Is there some history between these two big shots involving manipulation and being manipulated?


Lin Yu flicked his wrist to release her hold and shrugged innocently. “You never asked about my identity; that’s your problem. As for the so-called duel, let’s save it for after the mission. We don’t have time right now, do we?”

Not only did she shamelessly shift the blame onto him, but she also used those words to make him seem like a sulking child.

Lu Yinge clenched his teeth, and his gaze darkened as he tightened his fists. 

As they stood there in this tense standoff, a senior researcher broke the silence, “What Lin Yu said is correct. Five security team members are missing, and you don’t have time to delay. You must find them as soon as possible. Have both of you reviewed the relevant materials?”

Lin Yu nodded.

The target of this mission was the West District Mental Hospital.

On her way here, she had reviewed the electronic version of the information provided by Chen Beici. The West District Hospital was established in the 1990s and operated for five years before all the medical staff and patients perished in a massive fire one day. 

The building was subsequently abandoned and demolished. Due to the highly deteriorated state of the bodies, it was impossible at the time to identify the deceased. However, the number of bodies matched the total number of registered personnel, so it could be assumed that no one survived.

Yet, this hospital that should have disappeared decades ago had reappeared at its original location this morning. Eyewitnesses who reported it and the five-member security team had all entered the building and never returned. Communication and surveillance equipment had also malfunctioned after entering the facility.

Upon on-site examination by researchers, there were no abnormal magnetic field fluctuations detected around the hospital. It appeared to be an ordinary building standing in the desolate outskirts.

With very few clues from decades ago, it was hard to discern any secrets. Lin Yu glanced at Lu Yinge beside her and said, “Let’s go.”

He gave her a dark look and took a deep breath. “I don’t need you to remind me.”

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