When I came to my senses, I found myself in a room behind the one where the emperor was assassinated. I was tied to a chair, looking just like the emperor.


This room had smaller windows, letting in even less sunlight. A single ray of light fell on the back of my neck, bringing a touch of warmth like a final consolation.


I wracked my brain trying to remember the first villain character I had envisioned.


‘A man… who doesn’t blink an eye when killing… a languid black-haired archduke…who personally enjoys torturing war prisoners… his cruel hobby.


He’s super powerful in this world, insanely strong. Insanely crazy. His Psychopath level Max.’


The memory of the nonsense I wrote came to my mind. I was mortified. I wanted to hide under a blanket, but my feet were tied so I couldn’t cover myself. By this point, even though it was a dream, I wanted to wake up…


“I’m doomed. How am I supposed to escape when I’m caught by a madman even before starting anything? And why did I design such a character? Ughhh…”


I didn’t want to suffer, even if it was in a dream as it was so clear and vivid.


I was grumbling under my breath when the door suddenly swung open. The villainous archduke I had seen earlier walked in.


His prominent brow bone was accompanied by beautifully arched eyebrows, which gave him a stern look. His eyes, slightly elongated, resembled a hawk’s. His deep red lips, slightly parted, radiated decadence. In short, he was good-looking but terrifying.


The duke slowly approached and began to put on gloves. He meticulously inserted each finger into the leather glove, then fastened it neatly up to his wrist. The slow precision with which he buttoned each auxiliary button sent shivers down my spine.


“You must know well, Miss Hena. Not only am I the commander-in-chief of the imperial army, but I am also the chief torturer of the palace.”


His all-black attire seemed as if it was meant to hide the blood that was about to be spilled.


“Everything that happens here goes through my hands.”


I trembled as I looked up at him, and he bent down to my eye level. As our eyes locked, he looked at me with an amused expression


“Your joy, your tears, your despair, your moans… they will all originate from these fingertips. In other words, you better open your mouth quickly.”


I don’t know anything. It wasn’t me, you psychopath. What am I supposed to say if I didn’t kill him?


In spite of my rebellious thoughts, my teeth could only chatter. Karzan stroked my chin as if to confirm my trembling. Detecting the slight vibrations, with a smirk, he gently stroked me as if consoling a child.


That gentle touch was only a prelude to a brutal interrogation.


He opened his leather briefcase and took out some sharp tools.


“This…this isn’t what…!”


My eyes widened in horror, as I started flailing my limbs. At that, Karzan restrained me and scraped my chin lightly, saying mockingly.


“Can such a talented assassin be scared by these? Your act is top-notch. This will be even more fun.”


“Your Excellency… please calm down. I really didn’t kill the emperor. You might not believe it, but I just happened to come here and found the body. I’m a victim too.”


“You lack creativity. Is that all your little brain could come up with?”




Hoping for a miracle, either waking up from this nightmare or having this brute change his mind, I waited in agony. But as expected, reality wouldn’t bend to my wishes, and now, that madman’s, or rather Karzan’s fingertips once again crawled under my chin.


“Take your time. We have all the day to ourselves.”


His sharp gaze narrowed even further, his otherwise handsome features were now overshadowed by the menacing aura emanating from his eyes.


“Ah, ahh…”


However, the hand that was stroking my chin began to move downwards. It grazed over the reddened mark on my neck, gradually moving further down to my collarbone, causing me to instinctively bite my lower lip. Karzan’s fingers soon reached my br*asts.


Grabbing a handful of mounds of flesh beneath my maid uniform, Karzan squeezed.


“Ah… ahh!”


The sudden pain in my br*asts made me wince.


“It’s such a pity. I wanted to keep my feelings for you pure… But now we meet in such a joyful, no, tragic circumstances.”


His low, husky voice made its way into her earlobes.


The sensation of being fondled made my moans slip out unintentionally. Even though my br*asts were being crushed with strength, it still felt strange. Karzan’s gaze was so intense, that I couldn’t bear to meet his eyes.




Ugh… What on earth is he talking about? Moreover, this is a game rated for 15-year-olds. This can’t be happening. What’s going on? Shouldn’t there be no explicit content?




Despite the situation, my rationality as a game developer prevailed, but I soon became overwhelmed by the sensations.




“Hnng..Why are you… why are you touching there..?






Frowning, I tried to protest but was helpless against him. He squeezed and kneaded my br*asts with an intensifying force. A strange sensation swelled within me, causing an itch-like feeling in my back. The heat rising from my lower abdomen made my face flush deeply.






What pained me most was the man’s gaze, ravenously examining my parting pussy.






“To be honest I’ve had my eyes on you since the preliminary selection for entering the royal palace was conducted. I’ve been looking forward to seeing you up close one day. Though I didn’t think it would be under such unfortunate circumstances.”






Belying his words, he wore a satisfied smile.






Suddenly, the archduke scratched my n*pples from the nails inside of the leather glove — rhythmically, the hard fingernails stimulated the n*pple hidden underneath the fabric.












Drawing near and whispering to my moaning self, he said,






“…If you continue to disappoint me, I’ll make you cry out in pain. Of course, I prefer it that way.”



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