The scent of s*men wafted from her mouth, but he meticulously licked every lost drop around her lips and made her swallow.

When their lips parted, a sticky l*quid stretched out in a thick line.

Slowly tilting her head up, Eunhyuk pressed his thumb to wipe away the tears that trickled down from the corners of Hyewon’s eyes.

“Why are you crying? Do you not like it?”

“… Ah.”

“You were so f*cking good.”

Her uniform was crumpled in disgrace. Her shirt and undershirt were ripped to shreds. Her bra was pushed down to her belly button and her skirt was rolled up.

The floor was covered in their c*m.

After terribly dirty reunion s*x, there were only terribly dirty feelings.

Hyewon rubbed off the lipstick that was smeared around her lips. Eunhyuk then took off his own shirt and wiped the evidence from her body.

“Do you think I won’t have you even if there is another man next to you?”

“I didn’t realize you were this shitty…”

Like right after a strenuous workout, Hyewon could feel her muscles twitching even if she didn’t move.

“Then realize it from now on. Know how shitty I am and…”

After wiping her gr*in with the outside of his crisp shirt, Eunhyuk leaned down and pulled her into a hug.

“I’ll tell you how much I loved your body.”

Grabbing a freshly laundered bath towel from the shelf, Eunhyuk wrapped it around her as her legs gave out and she couldn’t hold herself together.

“Today, come to my room when you’re done.”

Part of him wanted to carry her back to his room and f*ck her until he was blue in the face, but he needed her to understand her position.

She didn’t seem to realize what she was getting herself into or how much of an assh*le she was involved with.

“… I don’t want to.”

She needs to know.

She needs to know what happens when you get caught by a piece of trash.

“If you don’t come, I’ll put your w*t underwear on display in the hotel lobby.”

Eunhyuk grabbed Hyewon’s panties from the floor and waved them in front of her eyes.

“Come to my room, not that assh*le’s.”

She’d have to walk all the way to the dumpster herself, just to add more to the trash she picked up.


After being semi-forced into Eunhyuk’s arms, getting to the locker room without being seen by the staff was a challenge for Hyewon.

Only when she got to the secondary locker room and got properly dressed in her fresh uniform could she spread her legs, but her underwear was taken from her. She had to make it through the rest of her shift wearing only a pair of stockings.

She was extremely wary of her surroundings, wondering if anyone would notice her lack of underwear.

Then, someone tapped Hyewon on the shoulder from behind.

It was her manager, Koo Jisung.

It startled Hyewon so much that she involuntarily braced herself against the wall.

“Hyewon, are you sick again? Your face has been pale since earlier.”

“Ah, I must have gotten a little lightheaded while organizing the cleaning supplies.”

The rough surface of her pantyhose against her public area was uncomfortable. When it touched her l*bia, it was irritating enough to make her gasp.

Her breath caught in her throat and her legs trembled.

“You can finish it late. I’ll wait for you at the exit. Come with me.”

“Manager, I have an emergency tonight. I’m afraid I won’t be able to join you for dinner after all.”

“Emergency? What is it?”

Jisung replied with a puzzled look on his face when she told him she had an emergency in the middle of her usual free day.

“I happened to run into a friend…”

“A friend? Who? Is it a guy?”

He questioned her without missing a beat.

“It’s a friend from school.”

“That’s too bad. I already bought all the ingredients.”

“There are others who live in the dorm, so I’m sure they’ll like it.”

After all, they lived in the same building and shared the kitchen and dining room. If anyone cooked, there would always be someone there to eat with.

“I really wanted Hyewon to eat it,”

“Ah, next time when I have a chance, we can eat together.”

Hyewon’s reply was rushed. She had never looked forward to leaving work as much as she did today.

Spending almost half a day without panties made her feel uneasy, and she was terrified someone would find out.

Hyewon shoved her torn shirt into her tiny handbag, only to have her legs give out and fall to the ground.


Tears welled up in her eyes.

An unexpected reunion with Eunhyuk.

She thought she would never see him again. No, she didn’t think she would ever meet him.

How did she end up seeing him again like this?

Scared and sad, she hugged her ruined shirt, which barely fit in her small handbag. She couldn’t stop her tears from falling.

After clocking out, Hyewon carefully climbed the stairs to the 20th floor where Eunhyuk was staying, without being seen by her coworkers. For some reason, she couldn’t get a hold of her footing.

She knew she had to open the emergency exit door and go out and stand in front of Cha Eunhyuk, but she didn’t have the courage.

Two years ago, on the day she left Bonjuri, she had hoped she would never have to deal with him again, but fate had gently brought her back to the past.


The weekend before Eunhyuk’s second arrival in Bonjuri, Hyewon went into town with big plans.

It was such a small community that she didn’t even need to cross a bridge to know who was who, so there was no one in the mountain village who didn’t know that Hyewon lost her mother when she was a child and was raised by her grandmother, Soonok.

As a result, Hyewon was inevitably conscious of how others viewed her, and she always dreamed of moving to another part of the country.

Of course, she didn’t tell anyone about it.

However, she often confided in her best friend, Jinsook, who had been close to her since her school days.

Jinsook had moved here from Seoul when she was in high school, and she and Hyewon had become close and supportive of one another.

“You’re going back to Seoul?”

She didn’t have the courage to go into the underwear store alone, so she called Jinsook to come in with her, but she unnecessarily blushed at the sight of all the underwear.

Unlike Hyewon, Jinsook looked at every single piece of underwear on the shelves, starting with the ones that were discounted and ending with the ones that were labeled as new.

“Yeah, because there’s no way I’m going to make any money staying here right now.”

“What are you going to do? You’re a girl with no ties in Seoul.”

“I’ll try to make something of it.”

“I know. Grandma Soonok made a lot of money in Seoul, so why shouldn’t you? It’s not like there’s a lot of money to be made in a place like this.”

Jinsook looked up and down the underwear racks, crossed her arms, and slowly nodded.

“Sissy, why did you suddenly come to buy underwear, anyway?”

Hyewon’s heart skipped a beat as Jinsook questioned her.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just a change.”

“You act like you have a boyfriend or something. You’re the one who used to wear panties with holes in them.”

“No, it’s nothing like that.”

Jinsook, who was still checking out the designs with her eyes, gestured to the bright red underwear.

“These are pretty.”




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