If he can’t have it, if he can’t completely own it, he’ll just make her beg for him. He would tie her limbs down so she wouldn’t dare think of running away and he would relentlessly f*ck her.

“But here… Mmmph.”

It was impossible to stop now, even if it meant for her to writhe around without begging for him.

“Why? Are you afraid your other d*ck will find out?”

“Why are you doing this to me…”

“Don’t you know?”

Even the way she was shaking with fear and helplessly flailing her legs was insignificant to Eunhyuk.

“If you don’t know, then I’ll just have to tell you.”

If she had done something wrong, she should have begged.

If she had apologized, he would have made a gesture of forgiveness, like he couldn’t win.

She could have begged with an attitude that showed she knew she had everything and she was sorry for running away for even the most absurd reasons.

He would have unwrapped all his loose ends in bed, and have accepted it all without question.

If it were him… If he were in Kang Hyewon’s shoes, he would have done all that.

At the very least, she shouldn’t have been seen flirting with men.

She shouldn’t have said no with her body language, but yes with her eyes.

It was funny that she was about to be held by him right now. If she was going to push him away, she needed to push him away, hard.

Eunhyuk felt like he was going to die of anger when Kang Hyewon started moaning under his touch.

“Why am I angry with you?”

He ripped her shirt open and tore at the inner part in the way. He pushed down the bra cups that created a dizzying canyon and revealed her immaculate br*asts.

Looking down at her bright pink ar*olas, Eunhyuk began ordering her.

“Beg for me. Tell me to give you my c*ck.”

“Stop… Hmph.”

Hyewon moaned as he stuck his tongue out and slowly licked the mounds of her br*asts, tugging on her hard n*pples.

“F*ck, you still taste the same.”

More accurately, she tasted a little more ripe than before.

She clenched her fists and pushed his shoulders away, but her effort was woefully inadequate.

She couldn’t hit him hard enough. She couldn’t push him away hard enough.

It was like she was begging for him to take her. Really.

“I’m going to have to tame you so you can’t f*ck anyone else.”

He felt some of the anger in his chest dissipate as he watched her br*asts rise and fall in fear of someone coming through the unlocked door.

Eunhyuk warned Hyewon, who trembled under his hands as he pulled down her stockings.

“Or do you want me to drag you out and f*ck you in front of everyone?”

“… Eunhyuk.”

Damn, that gorgeous voice rang in his ears. His already monstrously swollen c*ck began to throb.

It was absurd how his body responded to the woman who had taken everything from him.

“You have no idea how much I hated myself for not being able to respond to another woman after being seduced by you.”

“Ugh. Please, stop.”

He dug his nails into the stocking and ripped it open, exposing her drenched underwear to the bare air. Eunhyuk rubbed his middle finger over her w*t center, and Hye-won gasped and tried to close her legs.

“Do you enjoy being pushed around? You’re dripping w*t. Look at this.”

When he pushed the w*t underwear aside and plunged his middle finger into her drenched bottom, Hyewon gulped and clutched Eunhyuk’s arm.

“Damn it. You’re soaking w*t inside, you should stop.”

She shouldn’t have gotten w*t.

He touched her cl*t and she squirted out juices, but he told her to stop.

“You’re so f*cking good at c*mming when I talk like this. It’s so like you, Kang Hyewon.”

“Stop, stop. Hah, please.”

He didn’t even flinch as she pounded his chest with her weak fists. Her body continued to slide down the wall.

With her back halfway to the floor, she responded to the thrusts into her v*gina by bucking her hips, like she had been waiting for him.

“You sl*t, why don’t you do this to me? How many times do you c*m just because I touched you a little, Hyewon?”

“Hmph, please…”

It was like she was begging for more.

Hyewon’s juices soaked the floor as she bit down on the touch that was stirring her insides.

Eunhyuk unbuckled his belt, and Hyewon’s breath caught in her throat.

She was already so around that she was leaking all over.

She stared at his long, red, veiny c*ck that was at her eye level.

“Why? Don’t you want to be f*cked by my d*ck? You should’ve been prepared for this when you ran away from me.”

“Hah, no, you can’t. The manager will be coming back soon, please, don’t.”

Begging or not.

Eunhyuk pushed her soiled underwear to her knees, then slid into her v*gina. It was soaked with pure white l*quid even without him ej*culating yet.


The p*nis expanded her insides even more with the force of his thrusts.

“Kang Hyewon.”

Eunhyuk grabbed a fistful of Hyewon’s hair and jerked her back, pinned her down.

The sight of Kang Hyewon’s face as she lay on the hard floor, after being devoured by him, was enough to cut off all his reason.

“How does it feel to take my c*ck?”


Low moans erupted from Hyewon’s mouth with each thrust of his c*ck into her bottom.

After two years of holding out, he was almost glad he didn’t c*m as soon as he entered her.

In the meantime, Eunhyuk didn’t even comfort himself unless his d*ck felt like it was about to burst.

It had been a long time since he had c*m. He planned to c*m all over Kang Hyewon.

“Should I c*m inside? That way you can take it all.”

Or he could shove it all into her open mouth.

Over and over again, he placed Hyewon’s legs over his hard thighs and grabbed her by the waist.

Just as his c*ck was about to explode, Eunhyuk grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her down to suck his c*ck.


His fully erect p*nis throbbed inside her lips without ej*culating.

As he grabbed the back of her head and rocked back and forth, the c*m trapped inside exploded like a fountain.


The back of Eunhyuk’s hand against the wall was covered in blood.

He shuddered with intense satisfaction.

He spurted a load of c*m into Hyewon’s mouth, but he poured so much that it trickled down her lips.

Seeing her face covered in c*m, Eunhyuk dropped to his knees and licked her lips. He grabbed her chin and opened her mouth, forcing his tongue in.




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