The underwear Jinsook picked out was bright and pretty, but the design was plain.

Hyewon pointed to another pair of underwear with a different design that had caught her eye since she entered the store.

“How about those ones?”

It was too racy for her to pick up, but Hyewon liked the design more.

“Huh? Aren’t those a little racy?”

Shaking her head as if she had rediscovered Hyewon’s taste, Jinsook examined the fishnet bra and panties. As if that wasn’t enough, she held them up to Hyewon’s body.

“Don’t they look good?”

“Did your tastes change? These are fishnets, you sl*t.”

“Whatever. As long as they are pretty in my eyes.”

You’re suspicious.”


“Are you sure you don’t have a man?”

A man.

She didn’t know whether she had a man or not.

Hyewon couldn’t bring herself to tell Jinsook about what had happened last night with Eunhyuk.

“I said no.’

“You can’t fool me. You didn’t even call me before you left, now all of a sudden you’re calling me to tell me you’re in town, and you’re buying all these bewitching underwear?”

“It’s just… I’m trying to be human again.”

“And you weren’t?”

“I was always on edge like I was being chased by something…”

Jinsook’s tense shoulders sagged at Hyewon’s reasoning.

“Girl. it’s not like your grandmother’s birthday and your mother’s birthday are the same.”

“If it wasn’t for my grandmother, I would have been eaten by wild beasts or captured and sold without even a mouse knowing.:

“Come to think of it, didn’t you say that the textile factory she used to work at became Samwoo Group? I heard the chairman and grandson still work there every day.”


The chairman of Samwoo Group was Cha Woongyu, and his grandson was Eunhyuk.

“He must have had a medical condition, but he’s also very old. I heard the news around the same time as Grandma Soonok, so I thought I would check in on her.”

She was so excited about Eunhyuk’s return that she went out to buy fishnet underwear, but the day had taken a gloomy turn.


“Girl, if you’re buying this to cheer yourself up, buy another one.”

The very next day, after hearing about the Samwoo Group from Jinsook, Hyewon learned that the chairman passed away.

Knowing the loss she felt when her grandmother died, Hye-won knew it was crazy, but she headed to Seoul anyway. Wearing a black two-piece and a not-so-coordinated brown handbag.

If she could comfort Eunhyuk, she thought, she might be able to help him through the loss of his grandfather.

“I always had to live in his shadow. It was like a torturing hope wrapped in the sweet shackles of my first love.”

Hye-won knew all too well what her grandmother had been through.

Nevertheless, Hyewon wanted to believe Eunhyuk’s innocent confession.

But then she saw a shaken Eunhyuk in the arms of a woman at the funeral.

When she saw the look on his face, she knew he was struggling to maintain the status quo. He would have to do so with something like a contract marriage, a pact with a solid company.

For the first time, Hyewon understood her grandmother’s words.

“I shouldn’t have mistaken his heart for mine. He and I live in different worlds.”

Different worlds.

She suddenly realized how shabby he was.

It occurred to her that what might have been a luxurious outfit for her would look shabby to Eunhyuk.

The memories of Bonjuri that were once so vivid, were now forgotten. Eunhyuk’s birth was nothing like hers, an orphan.

She had the ridiculous illusion that love and poverty were unrelated.

In a lonely life where she never leaned on anyone, that day Hyewon leaned on someone for the first time, cried, and was held.

Whether it was a mistake or any other emotion. At that moment, it was unmistakably genuine.

Of course, Eunhyuk must have been too. But it had to end there because that was what was right for them.

The first love that her grandmother had longed for and hated at the same time until her death.

If she didn’t cut that tough, poisonous cord now, she would be dragged around for the rest of her life.

Eunhyuk wasn’t wrong about her running away.

She had to run.

She shouldn’t put her hopes in a relationship with a man whom she had not even a slight commonality with.

It was right for her to let go before it got any deeper and before her heart was more broken.

“Come in.”

Hyewon stood in front of him again, a far cry from the way she followed Eunhyuk all the way to Seoul.

Eunhyuk was a different man now than he had been two years ago.

Gone was the innocent man who had given her a confession that sounded like a flirtatious look. At that time, it seemed he couldn’t even believe himself and that was the best part for Hyewon.

It was all for the best, though.

As long as she kept her disgust and hatred to herself. Yes, that was it.

At least now she’d have a good reason to cut off the man she’d been unable to let go of for so long.

“What are you doing? You’re not coming in.”

Cha Eunhyuk’s face, which she hadn’t really looked at before because she was in a hurry, was wilder than before.

His tightly clenched jaw made him look more imposing like he was trying to overcome the anger that washed over him.

It was clear from his face alone what he wanted to do. He wanted to pin her against the wall as soon as she entered.

Hyewon tilted her head.

“Cha Eunhyuk.”

The name was stuck in her throat for so long, and when it came out, her chest felt numb.

Eunhyuk had done something so dirty and ugly in the supply room, yet her eyes stayed on him like a madwoman.

She wanted to leave with her own two feet. Without any shame or care.

“Shut up, or I might tear your clothes up again.”

“Can you just promise me one thing?”

She hesitated as she was on the verge of walking through the door.

If she can’t defy cruel fate, she should at least slow it down.

The moment she saw him, her limbs went numb and her brain short-circuited.

She couldn’t think with her head.

She couldn’t push him away.

No matter how hard she pressed, the feeling of being unreachable would not fade.

“Promise what?”

He scratched the nape of her neck with his teeth as if he were going to bite, and then his full lips painfully pulled at her delicate flesh.

“Only until you check out…”

The next words were stuck in her throat. The words of consent, and then the promise to cut it off.

“Only until then, will we do this.”

im a big fan of hyewon slander tho she is very annoying




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