Even the name tag on the housekeeper’s chest patch was confirming his suspicion.

[Kang Hyewon]

Eunhyuk glared at the name tag on her left br*ast and thought he wanted to grab her and pull her away. He realized that he might lose her though if he made a fool of himself in front of her manager.

After they left the room, Eunhyuk quickly followed behind them.

He could hear their conversation through the slightly ajar door as they entered what was labeled the “supply room” at the end of the hallway.

“Hyewon, how about dinner in my room after work?”

“Dinner tonight?”

“I have a friend in the food and beverage team who gave me a recipe, and I was thinking of trying it out. I thought it would be nice if you tried it. We can also finish that movie we didn’t finish last time.”

“I don’t think I can do it today. I’m not feeling well.”

The manager looked at Hyewon’s pale face and his voice was filled with concern.

“Unwell? What’s wrong? Do you think you need to go to the hospital?”

“I’ll be fine. I’ll get better after some rest.”

“You seem to have a bit of a fever. Why don’t you take a half-day and leave early?”

The manager raised his hand and casually touched Hyewon’s forehead to check her temperature. As if that wasn’t enough, he used his other hand to cup her cheek.

When Hyewon pushed him away, he tried to reach out to her again as if he were familiar with her.

Then, the manager’s cell phone rang.

“Hey, there’s a call from the front desk. I’ll be right back. Make yourself comfortable here until I’m back.”

Only after the manager had disappeared down the corridor to the front desk did Hyewon let out the breath of surprise she held in.

Slumping against the wall, she covered her face with both hands and let out a long sigh.

Meanwhile, Eunhyuk stepped into the supply room and slammed the steel door shut.

Even as he slowly made his way to her, he couldn’t tell if this moment was a dream or if it was real.

Hyewon, who slowly removed her hands from her face to fake a smile, raised her head and their eyes met.

It was Kang Hyewon after all.

It was that Kang Hyewon.

“You look like you’re having fun.”

The woman who goes home with her manager. The Kang Hyewon who stole his virginity.


There were three rows of shelves filled with guest room items. Hyewon crouched at the end of a narrow path in the center, raised her head, and looked like she was about to cry.

“Kang Hyewon.”

She couldn’t remember the last time she heard him say her name out loud, the one that always rolled off the tip of his tongue.

“Are you sleeping with the manager these days?”

Squatting down in front of her and propping himself up on one knee, Eunhyuk craned his head to meet her at eye level.

“It’s me, again.”

The corner of his mouth faintly lifted. The sweet scent he smelled on her two years ago pierced his nostrils.

It was the kind of scent that made people take a second look.

He wondered if that assh*le manager had buried his nose in the nape of her neck and licked it.

His eyes glazed over as his thoughts went farther and farther.

“I thought you would be a government employee or something…”

Slowly, Eunhyuk lifted his hand and cupped her chin, bringing their faces close enough to crash their lips together.

“Guess you’ve been busy f*cking some other assh*le.”

She still… She still doesn’t have any vigilance around others.

She doesn’t even flinch when he gets this close, let alone pull away.

The words linger in her throat, but they don’t come out of her mouth.

“Hey, this is an employee area.”

Whatever Hyewon said, it didn’t reach Eunhyuk’s ears.

“Since when?”

A whirlwind of emotions, not unlike the ones he felt when he was twenty-six and still a douchebag, swirled through him.

“Have you been seeing that assh*le the whole time you were seeing me, or?”

Hyewon’s wide-open eyes held a little more colorful emotion than they did two years ago.

“You’ve been spreading your legs all over the place, and he’s the one you settled down with?”

“… I’m working.”

He scoffed, his irritation increasing at her poor excuse.

“You left to do this sh*t?”

He clenched his teeth so hard to swallow what he really wanted to say.

In addition to the words he swallowed, he had a long list of questions he wanted to ask.

At first, he was mad as hell, and later, he wished he hadn’t left her and let her run away.

But when he saw Hyewon, who was living with another man, he regretted the generosity he gave her in the past.

“What? Didn’t I make a promise to you?”

His life would have been much easier with her by his side. Instead, others were forced to pick up his slack.

“Is my c*ck not enough for you?”

He couldn’t understand what was missing. He was so sad at the time that he hid it in a deep place where no one would find it.

“Either that, or you didn’t like being stuck with me.”

If she didn’t like something, she should have said no. He could have fixed it, whatever it was, but why did she leave so abruptly without leaving a single trace of regret?

“Do you not know how to speak? Answer me.”

He wondered why it was so hard for her to say she didn’t like something, but not him. If he didn’t like it, he would just say so.

She could have said she didn’t like the s*x. She could have said she didn’t like his terms.

She could have said it out loud.

Didn’t she consider his inability to accept the breakup without knowing why he was dumped?

“Running away may have been fine for you, but it wasn’t for me.”

If she doesn’t want to answer, then fine. He’ll use physical confirmation.

Eunhyuk unbuttoned his shirt from his neck, then ripped the following ones.

“What? Are you crazy?”

“Come on. You can f*ck other assholes, but not me?”

The hand she clasped to stop his merciless touch was warm.

His eyes darted down to meet the face he longed to see for so long.

“Don’t you remember how you used to love every time I f*cked you, begging for more?”

He will have her. No, he has to have her.

Only then will his damned thirst be quenched.

He pulled at the last button, ripping his top open, then buried his lips in the nape of Hyewon’s neck.


She bit her lips so hard that they looked so white and vulnerable as if they were about to be brushed. Eunhyuk slid his thumb right into the slight gap to prevent her from hurting herself.

“You have no right to tell me what to do.”


He doesn’t care if she crushed his thumb with her teeth.

It was nice to have her be angry in front of him.

“Why can’t you just give your body to me?”

ok maybe i’ll allow a little bit of eunhyuk slander but not too much




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