At first, Eunhyuk searched for Kang Hyewon like a madman.

He didn’t know if what he was experiencing was like an illusion or whatever, but he needed to see her with his own eyes to make sense of the explosion of emotions and questions he felt.

The heavens didn’t grant him his fervent wish, for there was no sign of Hyewon anywhere.

By the time he finally came to his senses, more than a year had passed.

It wasn’t until then that Eunhyuk doubted himself for the first time.

He wondered if he had some sort of mental illness like he experienced a delusion.

He was only twenty-six and hadn’t had a girl in his life, so maybe he made up a fictional Kang Hyewon, jiggled his d*ck for two days by himself, and had the stupid idea that he had his first time with her.

If it was reality and not a delusion, he really wanted to meet her again to confirm it.

He wanted to find out if she was the source of his insane longing, or if it was just the s*x he had with her that felt so damn good.

Eunhyuk’s mind was a tangled mess, but he needed to fix the company’s structure that was falling apart, so he had to keep a precarious balance.

The task at hand was the weight of his late grandfather’s responsibilities.

That meant he had no time or space for a woman.

A woman named Kang Hyewon, who had appeared and disappeared like a mirage, had left Eunhyuk with chronic headaches and anger issues. That wasn’t even mentioning his distrust of humanity.

It wasn’t until he realized that the Hyewon from that night would never return that he threw away his pity and came to terms with reality.

It had been nearly two years since he was face-to-face with Kang Hyewon when the Samwoo Group was beginning to stabilize.

There had been several signs of trouble, such as competitors swooping in and stealing their executives, leaving more than half of the top positions vacant, and shareholders beginning to pull out one by one.

If it weren’t for his longtime assistant, Secretary Cho, Eunhyuk would have had a hard time keeping his head above water.

As they entered the hotel where they would be staying for the duration of the trip, Cho recited his schedule.

“This meeting will last through the week. Depending on how quickly the sale goes through, it could be shorter or longer.”

Secretary Cho used the word “meeting,” but it was no different than an auction house where contracts were publicly sold.

Eunhyuk was going to start with the low-value affiliates to lower the group’s image.

He wanted to organize the subsidiaries that his grandfather had merged while growing the company during his lifetime and repair the company’s deteriorating image with a temporary solution.

Since the sale was to be privately conducted, the meeting was held in Daejeon. The veteran secretary, Cho, was anxious for things to go well.

For Eunhyuk, who had been searching for a woman for so long he seemed to be missing a screw, it would have been impossible for him to make it this far without his secretary.

“You don’t have any plans today, so get a good night’s rest. I’ll have a car waiting for you at 7 A.M. tomorrow.”

“I won’t be able to get up anyways, so Secretary Cho will have to come wake me up.”

Eunhyuk tried to lighten the dark mood with a crude joke.

Secretary Cho began to lead him to his suite at the Rainbow Hotel.

As soon as they walked in, the secretary’s face fell. The vase on the table was filled with fresh lilies.

“I’m sorry, sir. I should have warned the hotel beforehand, but I didn’t think they would put lilies on the table.”

Knowing that Eunhyuk was allergic to lilies, Secretary Cho asked the hotel staff to remove the flowers.

“You must be tired from driving, so why don’t you leave and I’ll take care of it.”

“I’ll just watch them take care of it and then I’ll go.”

“I’m tired, so I’ll just do it.”

“Oh… Then, I’ll talk to the hotel tomorrow. Make sure you get some rest.”

Not wanting to burden the already anxious secretary, Eunhyuk asked them to go and rest. He remained alone inside the room.

Even though he was far away from the lilies in bloom, he felt his eyes sting and his skin tingle. His room was too hot and felt too dry.

As soon as he undressed and changed into his robe, the bell for the room rang. Eunhyuk opened the door with his robe loosely tied around his waist.

He fumbled for the doorknob due to the lilies limiting his vision.

“I’m the housekeeper. I apologize for the inconvenience, sir. I’ll change it to another flower right now.”

There were two people in front of him. The one who didn’t speak, judging by the silhouette of their clothing, was the housekeeper.

He could only vaguely make out the beautiful form of the housekeeper with a trimmed rose in her arms.

Eunhyuk crinkled his brow from his blurry vision.

“Excuse me.”

Eunhyuk took a step back as the housekeeper and manager walked into his room.

He stared at the back of the housekeeper’s head as he stood from a distance and watched her replace the lilies with the rose. Slowly, his vision returned.

A moment later, he caught a glimpse of the housekeeper’s face as she rolled the lilies into a newspaper and walked away. Eunhyuk thought he was seeing things.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the woman’s face right in front of him.

He must be mistaken. Or was it another f*cking hallucination that haunted him?

This was the woman he’d been looking for for two years, and he couldn’t find her.

Her family ties were a lie. Could he believe her that her name and age weren’t a lie?

He had been robbed of his virginity along the way, and it was all in vain.

And yet, the woman who stood in front of him now, holding the flower he hated the most as it was wrapped in newspaper, bore a striking resemblance to the woman who had asked him to call her Kang Hyewon.

“I’m so sorry for the inconvenience once again. Please do not hesitate to contact the front desk if there are any further mishaps during your stay. We will be at your service.”

The male manager stiffly bowed, but the woman standing next to him remained stiff as her fingertips trembled.

Her unnatural reaction gave Eunhyuk a bunch. He knew he hadn’t been wrong.

This was the woman he had never forgotten.


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