Episode 44


“Can I take all the remaining pieces?”

“All of them? Really?”

“Yes. How much does it cost?”

Noah was initially taken aback by the serious woman’s question but soon replied calmly.

“It’s 3 thetas.”

The reason Noah had been selling only one piece per person recently was because a certain type of fraud had become widespread. Unknown but skilled artists were buying artworks at low prices and then reselling them as if they were the work of famous artists. 

Such incidents had been reported several times in every guild. 

Noah couldn’t risk his reputation in this way, and there was a possibility of being taken advantage of in such deals. However, somehow, he felt like these people would truly appreciate these pieces.

As the woman willingly handed over three gold coins, two knights from a distance approached and carefully picked up the pieces. Noah, who had been silently observing the mother and daughter disappear into the crowd, turned to the siblings.

“Let’s pack up.”

“Uh, yes!”

After tidying up the stall, Noah left the market with a hefty pouch of money, leaving only the remaining balance to be paid as a fee to the guild. He handed the weighty pouch to the two siblings.

“The amount you need to pay there is 1 theta and 3 kennies. It’s better if you only carry that. You never know if there might be trouble.”

Hans and Ellie were silent for a while as they looked at the money in the pouch. Finally, Hans asked in a trembling voice.

“Is it okay to accept this?”

“Because you provided the materials from your side.”

In the distance, the sound of bells rang out. After four chimes, Noah exchanged a brief farewell and began to turn away. If he hurried, he could return to the castle before evening.

No, he tried to turn away.

“Excuse me!”

A loud voice reached out and grabbed Noah by the ankle. Meeting the gaze of the girl who was staring at him, Ellie hesitated slightly and asked in a subdued voice.

“What’s the reason for helping us like this?”

There wasn’t one. Well, there was, but it wasn’t something he should tell strangers.

But before Noah could say anything, the impulsive girl added.

“I’m not someone who believes in acts of kindness without any ulterior motives.”

“Ellie, just a moment.”

“Noisy, Hans!”

Why did this have to happen? As Ellie shot him an intense look, Hans couldn’t say a word and closed his mouth. The spot where he had been hit throbbed anew.

‘Have you lost your mind, you idiot!’

When Ellie heard the words about how they almost had to sell themselves, she took off her shoe and threw it at Hans, making her curse loudly. Her rough actions and profanity-laden words seemed to prove that their life hadn’t been easy.

Of course, Noah didn’t stop them. Innocence could be a rare virtue.

“You never know. Maybe we’re the ones trying to scam you.”

Hans said, trying to stop his bold sister, but Noah’s response was quicker.

“Then we’ll just lose some money and time.”

Normally, if you went out of your way to help someone and received words that sounded like reprimands in return, most people would get upset. But faced with his exceptionally calm attitude, the siblings were left speechless.

“I did it for my satisfaction, and whether you have ulterior motives or not doesn’t matter to me.”

He could only do this much. He didn’t have the luxury of thinking about how the siblings would live after this. It was just a small whim, inspired by thoughts of his mother. 

Whether it was a scam or not didn’t matter. They were people he wouldn’t have to see again.

On the other hand, he understood why the girl spoke that way. Her worn-out dress, messy hair, and calloused hands were evident signs of a difficult life.

Noah briefly stared at the young hands that bore the traces of a tough life and then said.

“Sometimes in life, it’s not bad to have acts of kindness that seem like miracles.”

Hans might have been foolish, but he never lied. When they arrived at his house and he saw the woman lying on the sickbed, he remembered the heavy feeling that had washed over him. He also remembered the girl sitting beside her, wiping her grandmother’s face with a cloth.

Knowing that he wouldn’t see these faces again, Noah spoke with detached calmness.

“Consider yourself lucky. In life, you sometimes encounter fairies who grant wishes.”

He was sure the woman next to him was more fitting of the title “fairy,” though.

‘I’m a fairy, so I can’t reveal my name.’

Noah recalled Cordelia’s words and couldn’t help but smile softly. Soon, he returned to his stoic expression.

“I hope you don’t get caught for receiving this money. It seems like you might have trouble with some bad people, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to leave this area after paying off your debt.”

At first glance, it didn’t seem like they were the type to mess with people just once or twice. If their connections run deep, it might not be very helpful, but it wouldn’t hurt to file a report.

As he turned away after giving his final advice, he heard a booming voice from behind.

“Thank you, Fairy!”

Hans beamed at the unknown benefactor, even though he hadn’t even been told the name. Noah’s back twitched at the awkward address, but he didn’t turn around.

When Noah arrived at the castle, the sun was already beginning to set, casting a warm glow over the landscape. As he descended from the carriage near the main gate and approached the castle, he couldn’t help but tilt his head in curiosity.

What’s going on?

People who appeared to be laborers were bustling around the castle grounds, and he even spotted a few in casual attire, which was unusual for castle visitors.

“Have you just returned?” 

Calia, who happened to be coming out, greeted him with familiarity. Noah nodded in response. As they entered the castle side by side, the distant sounds of commotion became faintly audible.

Passing by the busy workers, they began to climb the stairs, and gradually, the noise subsided. In the surprisingly quiet surroundings, Noah finally spoke up.

“Yes, I had some business to attend to. But… it seems strangely chaotic here.”

“Oh, we’re redecorating a hall that was left neglected. I’ve got some training to do, so I’ll be a bit busy tomorrow or the day after.”


“Yes. That’s why Cordelia called me.”

‘Everything you do has to be perfect! As far as I know, no one knows me better than my sisters.’

As Calia mentioned why she was summoned, she covered her slightly amused smile with her hand, remembering Cordelia.

“I’m telling you, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Despite her words, she didn’t seem particularly upset. Hearing her laughter, Noah decided to share something that had just crossed his mind.

“You know, I made a spectacle of myself yesterday.”

“No way. Really? I mean, I did think you were crying quite helplessly back then.”

“…I don’t cry so easily now.”

Noah answered somewhat stubbornly, and seeing this, Calia couldn’t resist teasing him openly.

“So you mean you used to?”

“I didn’t cry much as a kid, either.”

Not in front of others. 

Ever since he realized that making a fuss when he got hurt or cried only caused turmoil around him, Noah had been cautious not to get injured or cry in front of others. Sometimes, when he reached his limits, he would sneak away from the estate to find a place where he could be alone.

It wasn’t a bad habit in the end. Ultimately, it was this habit that allowed him to meet Cordelia.

“Um, should I address you as Countess then?”

“You can call me whatever you like.”

“You can address me as you please. Given the difference in our social status and…” 

“Are you being sincere?”


Calia’s gaze softened as she traced a graceful arc with her eyes.

“I’m not blind. I’ve already suspected that you’re not just an ordinary painter.”

When she was alone with Cordelia, she had her doubts, but meeting him alongside Isaac gave her confidence. The way he pretended to be calm but seemed flustered when dealing with him, and the meaningful things he said—all of it contributed to her certainty.

Her father, although he might appear lenient on the surface, was more cold and calculating than anyone else. There was a reason why no one could surpass him no matter how much they schemed and plotted. 

If her father was tense around this person, he couldn’t be an ordinary individual.

“And your face. I kept feeling like I’ve seen it somewhere before, and you bear quite a resemblance to someone I know.”


“Probably… your mother.”

Noah, who was skilled in avoiding direct questions, fell silent. His gaze lowered slightly.

He realized that it had been a wise decision to reject Tiren’s suggestion to cut his hair short. Some people might recognize his face, and he couldn’t predict what might happen if he changed his appearance too drastically.

Even without that, it was said that the more conspicuous you became, the harder it was to hide your secrets.

“Oh, Cordy?”

Calia called out to her younger sister, and Noah raised his head to look ahead.

Cordelia, in a green dress that brushed against her ankles, was walking towards them on the opposite side. Her eyes, which had been rolling around aimlessly, passed Calia and froze on Noah.

While Noah hesitated about what to say, Cordelia casually turned her head.

Without any response, Cordelia retraced her steps, returning the way she had come. Calia watched her with a puzzled expression. She wondered when Cordelia had started walking so gracefully. 

Beneath Cordelia’s right shoe, the faint sound of footsteps echoed differently. Noah rolled his eyes and stared at the space with a faint sense of emptiness.

“Why is she suddenly like this?”

Calia, who had been stroking her face, turned to look at Noah.

“You two were all lovey-dovey until yesterday, and now suddenly, what’s going on? Did you two have a fight or something?”

“…I said something that might have upset Lady Cordelia.”

“It looks like she’s in a bad mood. But don’t worry too much about it. She has her moments where she stubbornly insists on strange things.”

Noah lowered his eyebrows at the cutting advice. As Calia seemed to know everything, she whispered.

“But sometimes, those stubborn moments make her cute, don’t they?”

Her considerate voice, as if she knew what was going on inside him, eased the tension that had been building up. So Noah decided to be a little more honest.



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