Emily went to a gambling arena located near the bar. However, among people who were all wearing masks, she couldn’t possibly find someone so easily.


‘Indeed. There’s no way my diligent brother would hang out in this kind of place.’


The relieved Emily returned to visit her brother the next day. On the way, there was the familiar scent of a man passing by. When Emily turned around, Theo Fiddler was walking down the street while seemingly not recognizing her. The woman quietly followed his brother’s footsteps in disbelief.


“Hyron’s gambling arena?”


Her younger brother entered through the back door instead of the gambling arena’s front door. Judging from the mask he had prepared in advance, it seemed that he went to this place quite often. She followed him inside.


This was the gambling headquarters and Hyron’s enormous gambling arena felt like another world separated by a single door. The area near the back door was filled with red lights, giving off a dreamy atmosphere. There were large and small rooms lined up on both sides of the hallway. The open space where men and women could spend time alone with thick curtains draped down.


‘Is it gambling or a bar?’


Emily began to feel anxious. She wondered what was going on.


She picked up one of the masks that fell on the floor and put it on her face.


Passing through the place where obscene sounds mixed with men and women railing on each other, she walked straight and saw a large colorful hall with light shining from the ceiling.


People were focusing on the game in groups. They act quite boldly just because of putting on masks. They also openly flirted with employees, who were wearing thin clothes from hair to toes, and the waiters also enjoyed their actions because they could receive tips.


“It’s much unhealthier than our bars.”


There was an adults-only playground missing like this. After being stunned for a moment, Emily came to her senses after slapping her own cheek. It was not the right time to be shocked by such a sight. She had to find her innocent little brother and bring him out immediately.

While looking for her little brother, who was breaking through the crowd, she saw a man screaming about losing their money. Her younger brother, Theo, was the healthy one who was good in voice, physique, and hair color.


Emily immediately ran over, grabbed her brother’s ear and dragged him out of the bar forcefully. Her younger brother struggled a bit, but eventually let himself be dragged out in shame and anger.


“Oh! If it wasn’t for you, I would have been very successful. I’m really embarrassed because of you.”


“Your graduation exam is near! Is this the right time to hang out in such a place? You should try to achieve a good score on the test and get a job in the imperial palace.”


His sister’s words brought a frown to Theo’s face.


Noona, just because someone is good at studying doesn’t mean anything. The Imperial Palace also needs an internal connection for someone to be able to get a job there. You don’t know anything.”


“What? An internal connection?”


“Yes! Karen, who comes in the last place in our academy, is said to have secured a job in the Imperial Palace. That fool works in the emperor’s secretariat division. It’s because Karen’s parents already work in the imperial palace. Our parents and I had a different start.”


“How can you say that? Mother has worked so hard to raise both of us.”


Theo’s brows furrowed slightly at Emily’s words. However, he quickly gave another example.


“My friend Gilbert also works in the palace. He also got bad grades. It’s all because Gilbert’s older sister became the second wife of a nobleman who had relations with the empress.”


Theo looked at his sister with a sarcastic look.


“What have you done, then? You haven’t gotten a good man so far, and just doing dirty things in front of your younger brother.”


Her brother’s words made Emily hardened for a moment.


‘What did he mean by asking what have I done? Is that what a younger brother should say  to his own older sister when she has been paying for his academy’s tuition fees for four years? Who does he think he should be grateful to for having such a comfortable study environment?


If not for her sacrifice, her younger brother would not have been able to enter the academy and ended up working in the factory as a laborer.

Tears welled up in Emily’s eyes. She suddenly felt miserable as the feeling of unfairness surged through.


“Oh, crying won’t solve everything. Ugh, I’m sick of this. Why was I born in the corner of the house like this? Such a bad luck. D*mn it!”


Theo spat out in anger and walked away from his older sister, leaving her behind, uncaring about whether or not she was crying. Emily was left alone, dropping her head with trembling shoulders.


* * *


I’ve listened to Emily and her younger brother’s conversation outside and heaved out a sigh. I wanted to come to her, hand a handkerchief and pat her on the back. However, it was clear that Emily, who had high self-esteem, wouldn’t appreciate it at all. At times like this, it was better to avoid her by feigning ignorance.


“Do you know her?”




Before I realized it, the blond-haired man approached me and squinted his eyes to look at Emily. Afraid that this pervert would take an interest in Emily, I quickly dragged him into the gambling arena through the back door.


The gambling arena where the game was bright and colorful, and the space from the back door to the gaming venue was dark because the red light wasn’t set much in the hallway. Even on the left and right sides of the long corridor were small rooms with draped curtains. On the other side, only dirty jokes and nasty groans could be heard.


“Oh, what is this?”


When men and women were trembling from the mixed voices, this blonde-haired pervert came to the side and put his hand on my shoulder. I looked at the hand once and looked at the blond-haired man’s face for the second time. However, this guy wasn’t afraid of my fierce gaze and simply flashed a smile.


“Why? If you’re tired, would you like to come in and rest with me?”


Considering his social status, I just stepped on his foot gently.


“Don’t say ridiculous things.”


“Ukh, oh. Sorry, sorry.”


Despite complaining that his feet hurt, this man didn’t put away his hand from my shoulder. Instead, it seemed that he continued to pull me closer to his body with greater force.


“Do you intend to mess with me? Perhaps, do you want to be found dead in the back alley after this?”


As I cursed innocently in the blond-haired pervert’s ear, he smiled awkwardly and removed his hands from my shoulder. However, as soon as this cynical man removed his hands, he turned his face towards me with sparkling eyes.


“You know what? You’re the first woman to talk so carelessly to me.”


It sounded like the dialog of a once-popular drama.


The blond-haired pervert’s red eyes were full of coldness. For some reason, I thought I had pressed one of his dangerous buttons. His face slowly approached me, and I had to step back to avoid him. The cold wall immediately met my back.


“Ahhh…. Oh!”


At this moment, the sound of a woman’s beautifully exploded moan came through our ears. It seemed that she was committing adult stuff in a nearby room with the curtains closed, but because of the woman whose name I didn’t even know, the atmosphere between us became a bit odd.


The two of us were still in the back of the gambling arena with the dim and unsettling atmosphere. The blond-haired pervert’s face became strange. If this man did something dangerous, I would have to kick his crotch.


‘Let’s aim for one place only. Just one.’


I just measured the time to swallow and lunge at him. Meanwhile, the blond-haired pervert, who was quietly leaning towards the wall, cupped my cheeks with both his hands. The man tilted his head slightly and brushed my lips with his thumb.


‘Don’t get carried away.’


I wasn’t drinking alcohol like when I kissed Claude. A woman with a rational mind couldn’t feel the urge to kiss a pervert she hasn’t met for a long time.


‘No matter how obvious his status is. Even if he’s handsome. We can’t do this here.’


In my mind, I have made this decision many times. The blond-haired pervert’s thick, moist red lips kept stealing my attention. I didn’t know why, but my face was so red that I couldn’t even feel anything.


Are you easily tempted by the lustful gaze and subtle touch of a handsome man like this? Although I was a little hungry for it. This wasn’t it. I quietly lifted my knees. Tuk! I felt something hard brushed against the tip of my knee.


‘What is this?’


Why did this man hide this thing between his thighs…


I immediately realized it and was so shocked that I stood still in my place. Did this guy take that as a signal? Meanwhile, the blond-haired pervert pressed his lips to mine. His lips felt very soft. For a moment, I was stunned by a feeling that was very different from when I was with Claude.


‘This guy is skillful.’


I was overwhelmed by the strange sensation and almost wrapped my arms around his neck for a moment.


‘Ah! Not this!’


What do I do now? I dropped my hand that almost wrapped around his neck and pushed the blond-haired pervert on the shoulder. But this guy, his body was quite stiff. My strength couldn’t be able to push the stimulated man.


I regained my senses and put more strength on my knees. Kicking between the man’s legs was the only way to escape from his grasp.




With a painful cry, the blond-haired pervert grabbed his important part and bent over.


“You’re crazy. What are you doing here? You, I won’t let you do anything such as sexual harassment.”


I rubbed my lips with the back of my hand and ran away. I intended to leave. I was so shocked that I just walked straight back into the gambling arena. People were laughing and engrossed in the game, but I was the only one holding on my pounding heart and felt embarrassed. Maybe it was the shock, but the scenery around me kept swirling.


‘Do I have the temperament of a seductress?’


The only thing that attracted me to that man was his face. Seeing Claude and the perverted blond-haired men stimulated me after I kissed them just like an utter fool.


My mother was once like that. Love could change a person. However, it seemed that I was slowly turning into a bad person. In my previous life, I often cursed people I just met, regardless of whether they were men or not. When I was in that situation, I felt confused and my heart was pounding.


“What a pervert.”


An educated pervert who had a great kissing skill.

My mother was a chaste woman who still couldn’t get over someone. Unfortunately, I didn’t think I was similar to her at all. My body was a piece of trash and my heart would flutter whenever I kiss someone.


If I met that blonde-haired pervert again, we would be ashamed at the mere sight of each other. I wandered around in search of another entrance. But one hand suddenly appeared from among the people. They grabbed my wrist and pulled me to follow them.


“Haley. What are you doing here?”


Phillip, with an innocent and angelic expression, appeared before me. I quickly blinked as I saw Phillip appear in such an unexpected place. Then, I smiled awkwardly.


“Oh, no… Ha ha. What is it? Phillip.”


He tilted his head.


“Uh, your expression is strange. What’s going on here?”


“Oh, no. I’m here to hide. I was just surprised to meet a strange person.”


“Calm down. Calm down.”


Phillip patted my back, reassuring me who continued to exhale heavily.


“Do you remember his appearance?”


“Huh? Why?”


“So I can notify the gambling arena’s employees. People who creates a fuss should be kicked out.”


“Oh, no. Forget it. Don’t do that.”


Although he had done something rude against without my permission.


“The corners of your lips are red.”


“Oh, it’s fine.”


His expression, which was observing my face, hardened.


“What kind of bastard…”




“Oh, no. You’re going back to the newspaper office, right? I’ll drop you off.”


Phillip turned away with an innocent expression and took my hand to lead me.

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