Chapter 10
Oral S*x In The Library

Feng Xinian pulled Gu Yuan through the school field. It was the lunch break, and there weren’t many students on the way, but this attracted a lot of sidelong glances. A handsome man and a beautiful woman walk together, like a school idol drama.

Gu Yuan was worried, thinking of countless explanation words in her heart. But Feng Xinian brought her to a study room in the library. This place was not suitable to talk. However, very few people were in the library at this time.

“Brother Xinian, I don’t even want to know what he wants to say. You knew that I only like you.” The girl’s words were sincere. Her eyes glowed, and she looked at him without avoidance. The words coming from her mouth were to comfort him.

Feng Xinian admitted that it was very flattering. However, he still wanted to discipline her.

“So, Yuan’er knows what to do next?” Feng Xinian originally just wanted to prepare his little Yuan’er. But the girl had already wrapped her arms around his neck.

Gu Yuan was sitting on the desk in the closed study room, a height that allowed her to kiss the youth just by tilting her head. To say that she was not nervous was a lie. Gu Yuan sometimes looked down on herself. They were obviously an old married couple, but when facing Feng Xinian, she was still shy. After all, his face was too ascetic and dignified when it had no expression.

Feng Xinian felt the girl’s nervousness and unsteady breathing, and Gu Yuan’s initiative was truly unexpected to him. Such an aggressive move, he couldn’t restrain his heart’s increasingly fierce desire and possessiveness.

While the youth lowered his head to lick and kissed the girl’s bare neck, he kneaded her soft mound with one hand. Gu Yuan felt wetness in the center of her legs. She kept twisting her waist and limbs, longing for more of what the teenager had to give.

“Umm …… uhhh …… brother Xinian …… I want to …… “

For the past two days, Feng Xinian had provoked her desire repeatedly, a wave higher than another, but Feng Xinian didn’t seem to want to have s*x with her —

Feng Xinian listened to the girl’s soft and trembling moan, lowered his eyes, and said, “Girl, based on this lustful look of yours, did he satisfy you?”

After saying that, another mark added to the girl’s br*ast, which was already full of bite marks.

“Ah ……”

The youth shoved his glans into the hole’s mouth. The narrow and wet hole’s mouth couldn’t accommodate such a huge thing at once, and the sixteen-year-old v*rg*n little p*ssy was even tighter.

Gu Yuan’s almond eyes widened, and physiological tears flowed from the reddened tails of her eyes due to lust. The girl’s p*ssy repelled yet tightly twisted around the mushroom head, and in the nick of time, Feng Xinian hardly restrained himself before pulling out the fiery source of desire.

It was not yet the time to satisfy this girl.

Gu Yuan was puzzled. He lifted her desire and then gently put it down, causing her to feel uncomfortable all over her body.

“Brother Xinian ………. why ……”

Did he dislike her?

The girl once again separated her legs, showing the passionate and red p*ssy, without a trace of pubic hair, with the tender sl*t that had just been stretched open and stained with transparent liquid.

Questions grew in Gu Yuan’s heart, but the youth buried his head between her legs.

“Uhm …… ah …… ah ah ……”

Gu Yuan felt the empty p*ssy penetrated deeply by the youth’s hot, wet, and flexible tongue. The collision between her sensitive cl*t*r*s and his teeth made her whole body tingle even more. Gu Yuan could only use her hands to hold onto the desk to keep herself from going limp. But with the youth’s licking and nibbling, Gu Yuan felt nothing but rising org*sms.

“Ah …… Brother Xinian — so comfortable — ah!” The girl gradually lost her mind and unconsciously spread her legs even more. She only wanted Feng Xinian to go deeper as the pleasure reached her limbs and bones.

Feng Xinian’s mouth filled with the fragrance and sweetness of the girl. Her water was a lot and very sweet. He was like a thirsty person drinking a mouthful of honeyed spring, wantonly licking and biting the p*ssy tender flesh. His tongue even made the girl’s cl*t*r*s begin to tremble. The girl’s reaction gave him even more confidence that his Yuan’er was inseparable from him and that only he could possess her alone in this heated state.

Because she couldn’t withstand overly intense sex in her previous life, Feng Xinian was gentle and cautious in bed matters, so this was Gu Yuan’s first oral s*x, a pleasure she had never experienced before.

With him licking her private parts like this, gasps and moans intertwined with the watery sound of a youth eating a girl’s p*ssy filled her ears. Her lustful water was endless, and Gu Yuan couldn’t help but climax in a short time.

Gu Yuan felt a gush of love liquid flow out of her hole, and her org*sm landed after her tidal wave. She looked over at Feng Xinian, only to see his brow bones and nose stained with her l*wd water, the knot in his throat rolling, and fluids in the corner of his mouth.

“Baby, you look so beautiful.”

After org*sm, Gu Yuan’s cheeks were slightly red, her round eyes were full of crystals, and her skin had a layer of pink because of the afterglow. What made Feng Xinian’s blood boil even more was that the girl was still in a daze. Her legs were still open, showing that beautiful red p*ssy.

Facing such a Gu Yuan, Feng Xinian tolerated it with difficulty. “Baby, now it’s time for you to satisfy me.”


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