Chapter 9
I Won’t Let You Go

Gu Yuan felt like a slag woman stepping in two boats. During the class, she kept lowering her head to send Feng Xinian WeChat messages. But obviously, they sank into the sea.

When Gu Yuan’s heart was dying, something that made her die even more happened.

“Gu Yuan, solve this question.” The one who called her name was none other than the math teacher, Mr. Baldy.

Gu Yuan looked up at the blackboard, a circle rolling along with a point on a parabola. Unfortunately, although she had also graduated from college in her previous life, she had long forgotten basic high school math.

Gu Yuan wanted to ask Xie Yanyan for help, but obviously, she had ‘a hundred thousand whys and hows’ on her face. This question difficulty almost reached a competition level, and not many people could do it in three classes.

“Teacher, I have two solutions to this question.” Raising his hand to speak was Feng Xinian. Feng Xinian naturally saw the messages sent by Gu Yuan. This girl was so busy explaining, making him feel comfortable a lot. But for the reply words, Feng Xinian hasn’t thought about it yet. He wanted to confirm it realistically.

As soon as Feng Xinian opened his mouth, the eyes of the crowd naturally focused on him. Although the math teacher, Mr. Baldy, was strict with the students, the superior student, Feng Xinian, had already raised his hand, so he gestured for Gu Yuan to sit down and let Feng Xinian answer the question instead.

Once Gu Yuan sat down, Xie Yanyan elbowed her and handed her a note, “I swore that Feng Xinian was speaking for you!!!”

Gu Yuan looked at the note and laughed, confirming her scummy nature more and more.

“I know.” She wrote three words on Xie Yanyan’s note.

Finally, the class was over. Gu Yuan didn’t want to know what Lin Yuan wanted to say and wanted to find Feng Xinian to clarify instead. But Mr. Baldy called him to discuss the competition.

On the contrary, Lin Yuan was waiting for her at the classroom door.

At the school field.

Gu Yuan felt that she was still unable to face Lin Yuan calmly. The pain of her last life had already been imprinted deep in her soul. She didn’t go for revenge now because she wasn’t capable enough.

Lin Yuan, who was walking in front of her, didn’t notice the girl’s abnormality. Gu Yuan shifted her attention to her classmates running on the field so she wouldn’t become angry.

Gu Yuan saw that Lin Yuan still didn’t say anything and developed a hint of impatience. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first, and I won’t meet with you privately in the future.” Her words were calm, but Lin Yuan heard the determination in them.

She was clearly the girl who was chirping around him last week, and she was still the same person, but things had changed.

“Do the words you said last time still count?”

Gu Yuan listened to Lin Yuan’s question and was even more confused. How could she remember what she had said to Lin Yuan in high school?

“I have a bad memory. Please remind me.”

As Gu Yuan’s words fell, a layer of gloom hung over the teenager in front of her even more.

“Gu Yuan, I can try to like you now.”

Gu Yuan: …………

Before she could say anything, Gu Yuan felt a strong figure appear behind her and pull her away.


Feng Xinian quickly got rid of the math teacher on his side, and when he turned his head, he realized that his little Yuan’er had disappeared.

Wei Ziqian looked like he was keeping a secret, “I just saw Gu Yuan from class 5 and Lin Yuan go to the school field.” Wei Ziqian hadn’t even finished his sentence when Feng Xinian’s figure disappeared. As he predicted, Feng Xinian had fallen into Gu Yuan’s way.

Ruan Xiahou was also shocked. Is this still the Feng Xinian he knows? Is this about that pretty girl at the basketball court last time?

Wei Ziqian patted Ruan Xiahou’s shoulder, “Brother, you’ve had less experience.”

As soon as he arrived at the playground, Feng Xinian saw two people walking one after the other. He tried to suppress all kinds of mixed feelings in his heart. As soon as he approached, he heard Lin Yuan’s sentence, ‘Try to like you.’ A strong sense of loss welled up in Feng Xinian’s heart, and he could only pull Gu Yuan to leave.

He was actually afraid that she would agree to Lin Yuan. His little Yuan’er was so wonderful that she could gain many likes. But Feng Xinian knew that he couldn’t let her go. Especially after tasting her beauty, how could he let her go after the long-term suppressed affection in his heart was released?

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