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Episode 3.

“I hope you can get along well with Evan.”


Riett’s expression instantly contorted. Despite her blatant reaction, Duke Kreutz smiled.

“If you don’t like it, there’s nothing I can do. But what if I do something you want?”

“…What would you do for me?”

Riett asked cautiously, her guard up.

“As you mentioned before, you wanted to become a duchess, right?”


“As I said, the threshold for a woman to become a duchess is high.”

“I know.”

Riett fixed her gaze on Duke Kreutz, only moving her head defiantly.

“But I can help you.”

Riett hesitated at the tempting proposition.


“I can teach you what I know. I graduated at the top of Truto Public Noble School, as you can see.”

Riett’s eyes widened.


Truto Public Noble School was a place where all the so-called geniuses from all over the country gathered.

Although her father, Duke Marren, had said he was smart, she never imagined he graduated at the top of that noble school.

And she could receive private tutoring from someone like him!

“Well, Riett? What do you think of my proposal?”

Riett realized something.

He was an excellent negotiator. He knew how to move people, a negotiator of that caliber.

Probably, he’d planned this all along, from asking her to come read books.

Narrowing her eyes, Riett asked, 

“Was this your plan from the beginning?”

“Ahaha. Well, yes, but I really do like you, Riett.”

Should she believe that?

However, Riett was already leaning toward his charming proposal.

Evan… If she dealt with him appropriately, it should be fine!

“Alright. I’ll make Evan strong.”

“That’s a pleasant word to hear.”

Duke Kreutz nodded with a satisfied expression. He knew that Riett had grasped his intentions.

Duke Kreutz’s proposal was a very profitable deal for Riett.

Currently, Evan was frustrated, but he was still the male lead.

Regardless of whether Riett did something or not, Evan would undoubtedly change as he grew.

‘That will be the catalyst, even though I don’t know it myself.’

So there was no need to reject this easy offer.

Concealing her ominous thoughts, Riett answered, 

“In return, you must keep your promise.”


She’ll remember this to the bone. Riett looked at Duke Kreutz with ambitious eyes.

“Oh! Then, Mr…”

Riett, who was about to inquire about Duke Kreutz’s schedule, accidentally blurted out the title she had been calling him in her mind. She hastily stopped speaking, but Duke Kreutz seemed to have already noticed.


“I’m sorry. I don’t know why I… “

Riett scolded herself inwardly for her mistake. This is why titles should be consistent, whether in front or behind.

But Duke Kreutz seemed to have sensed it already. In a gentle tone, he spoke to Riett’s ear, 

“When we’re alone, you can call me ‘Mr..’ Of course, it’s a secret from your father.”


“You seem friendly. I like it.”

Duke Kreutz’s eyes softened, and his kind smile conveyed that he wasn’t just saying those words.

Pretending to hesitate, Riett responded confidently, 

“Okay, then I’ll call you ‘Mr.’!”

“Haha, that works.”

Duke Kreutz chuckled and ruffled Riett’s hair.

“Now, what were you going to say, Riett?”

“Oh, I was going to ask when I could come again.”

“I’m mostly at the palace on weekdays, so anytime on the weekends is fine.”

She would see Evan’s face every weekend. However, Riett’s stubborn feelings quickly dissipated. She was excited about the lessons with “Mr.” Her heart raced, feeling one step closer to her dream of becoming a duchess.

* * *

Riett, with an excited heart, headed towards Kreutz’s Manor. 

This was already her fourth visit. 

The more she see Duke Kreutz, the more she realized he was an intelligent person. His social standing and family background were not just coincidental; it was evident. 

His lessons were excellent enough to tolerate being stuck to the unpleasant Evan. 

He didn’t just adjust to the level of a young child’s understanding; he raised the bar when he felt he had a good grasp of Riett’s reactions. Each time, Riett admired the thoughtfulness of the duke. 

‘Truly, he is a perfect adult.’

Duke Kreutz was close to the ideal image of an adult that Riett had dreamed of. 

Even though it was her second life, she wanted to become an adult like him. 

‘Being handsome is just a bonus.’ 

Once again, Riett visited the duke’s manor, eagerly anticipating meeting the duke. 


“Hello…… what’s up.” 

“Hello, Riett!” 

Evan rushed over and greeted Riett, but she didn’t respond and looked around. 

“Where’s the duke?” 

“Father had urgent matters at the palace, so he said he couldn’t have the lesson today…” 


Disappointed, Riett glared at Evan. 

“Instead, if you solve the homework, Father will give you a reward…” 

While Riett was getting angry, she glanced away and noticed a book and a few pieces of paper in Evan’s hands. 

“He left these problems for you to solve… He wants you to write the answers.” 

“…Is that so?” 

Riett, who was considering just going back home, glanced at the papers. It seemed like there were difficult words written on them. Besides, she would get a reward if she solved them… 

“Follow me.” 


Riett dashed through the bookshelves like it was her own house and plopped down at the terrace table attached to the study. 

The sunlight streamed in, and the faint sound of birds chirping reached her ears. It was Riett’s favorite spot in Kreutz’s Manor. 

“But before that…” 

Evan hesitated and didn’t immediately hand over the paper with the problems. 

“I want to say thank you to Riett…” 

Riett blinked her eyes. 

Huh, what is he thankful for? All she had with Evan were vague memories. 

“I’ve always wanted to say it… but Riett always scared me when she spoke…” 


Evan’s ears turned red as he mumbled.

“Riett said it wasn’t because of me that my mother passed away… I was relieved. It always weighed on my mind because of that.”


“And these days, Father has been treating me kindly. Riett… You told Father, right?”

Evan asked cautiously, and Riett gave him a blank look.



“I said no, you fool!”

Then Riett swiftly snatched the paper from Evan’s hand.

“Why would a father dislike his son for no reason? Stop talking nonsense and solve the problem!”


Riett and Evan sat at the table, both looking down at the paper.

Mmm… Did the man not want to give a reward?

Otherwise, the problems wouldn’t all be this difficult.

While Riett glared at the paper as if she could melt it, Evan swiftly wrote with the pencil he had brought.

Riett’s eyebrows twitched as she watched him.

“What’s this?”

“It’s content I saw in a book…”

What…? Did the man give Evan a favorable problem because he’s his son?

“You studied this in advance, didn’t you?”

“No, I saw it once before.”

Once? But he remembers it perfectly like this?

“Don’t lie! You memorized it in advance, right?”

“It’s true… I remember everything I see once…”

Evan pleaded sincerely. Seeing his black eyes filled with injustice made it seem genuine.

“Then I’ll give you a problem, so try writing the answer.”


Riett posed a question based on what they learned in the previous class. It was about the genealogy and achievements of the emperors of the Truto Empire.

Truto’s history had spanned over a thousand years, and the names of the emperors were all difficult, so Riett hadn’t memorized them all yet.

Without hesitation, Evan moved his pencil on the white paper. The black letters flowed smoothly.

Riett’s face turned astonished as she watched.

About five minutes had passed.

Finally, Evan put down the pencil.

“I’m done.”

Riett held up the paper to check the contents.

At a glance, everything was correct. Not only that, but he even wrote down the reigns that weren’t asked for.

Is the protagonist really the protagonist…? It’s unbelievable to have such an absurd ability.

‘..I’m even more annoyed!’

Riett swiftly threw the paper with the answers on it.

“Riett, are you angry?”

When Evan asked with a frightened expression, Riett suddenly fell backward.

“Oh, let’s not study today.”


“Why? It’s because you solved all the problems the Duke assigned by yourself!”

“Oh, I see…”

Evan muttered softly, then leaned closer to Riett.

“Riett… Are you leaving now?”

This guy? When did he start looking her in the eye and bring his face so close?

“Get lost!”

As Riett waved her hand, Evan hurriedly grabbed a hold of Riett’s clothes.

“Can’t we… play together today?”

Upon hearing Evan’s plea, which seemed somewhat desperate, Riett pondered.

After all, there was a promise she had made with the Duke.

The Duke hoped to change Evan’s frustrating personality.

If things were to go as they did in the novel, Evan would transform anyway.

So, even though the Duke was worrying unnecessarily, she had to at least pretend to do something since they had made a promise.

After contemplating, Riett replied,


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