48. Aesthetics (1)

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Winter is about to come, with the sky getting darker, and the wind in the morning getting colder and colder.

Yin Zhu blew at her hands, then knocked gently on the door in front of her,

“Sixth Miss, are you awake?”

Soon Yu Qingjia’s voice rang from inside.

Yinzhu pushed the door open and entered, the interior and the exterior of the courtyard seemed to be from two different worlds.

The exquisite stands are well arranged, and a folding screen was the first to welcome her entrance.

She walked past the screen, and she immediately saw a beautiful woman sitting sideways in front of the dressing table.

She was slowly combing her long hair.

Even though she sees her Lady’s appearance everyday, Yin Zhi still can’t help but gasp at the enchanting scenery in front of her, and she couldn’t help but hold her breath.

Her movements couldn’t help but slow down a little, for fear of disturbing the beauty inside.

“Miss, you got up very early today.”

Yin Zhu said, walked forward, lifted the mirror, and went around behind Yu Qingjia to help her take care of her hair ornaments.

Although Yu Qingjia woke up earlier than usual, and she actually doesn’t look like she’s well rested.

She put down the wooden comb and covered her mouth to slip out a yawn.

She woke up early today, but she didn’t sleep well at all last night.

Her mind soon wandered to a memory of what happened yesterday again.

It was when she was at the water pavilion, she suddenly heard a rustling sound, so she turned around, to see Murong Yan sneaking in.

She was undoubtedly surprised and delighted to see him there.

Yesterday’s music piece was definitely the most enjoyable one she ever played, with full concentration and heartiness, as if it was creating infinite possibilities because of another person’s ensemble.

However, what happened after they returned to the mansion made Yu Qingjia fall into deep contemplation.

Her mind seemed to have been kicked by a donkey.

She not only told Murong Yan about the existence of the System and Yu Qingya’s rebirth, she also almost told him everything, even the ones she saw in her dream.

The fact that her sole purpose for coming there was to help him rebandage his injuries, so how did the topic suddenly turn into that?

And as if to make matters worse, she also had to foolishly knock over the incense burner, and throw herself at Murong Yan

In the end, he had to carry her back to her courtyard because of it.

It’s always easy to be sentimental at night, but when Yu Qingjia woke up the next day, with her brain finally cleared, she was finally able to think back to all the embarrassing things she did.

She suddenly had an urge to find a hole to sink herself into.

She was a young woman who was not even married, not even betrothed to anyone, but she actually took the initiative to jump into a man’s arms.

She even cried with snot and tears on her face, and finally put down big words shamelessly, saying that she would always treat Murong Yan well, never deceive him, and never abandon him.

God knows where she got the courage to say such things…

What virtue and ability does she have to even deceive Murong Yan? Good thing He didn’t call her out for it, she really needed to thank the heavens.

Fortunately, this agreement was so ridiculous.

With Murong Yan’s cold and heartless nature, he probably just laughed at her foolishness in his heart, left it be, and never paid any attention to it.

As for Murong Yan, he was mean, but he was also very arrogant, so he would definitely not tell anyone about it.

In this way, Yu Qingjia still had some dignity left, and could still pretend that nothing had happened and continue with her life.

Once Murong Yan leaves the Yu family in the future, the vast world will definitely be at his disposal.

How could he remember the ridiculous promises made by a young woman?

Yin Zhu watched as Yu Qingjia began to drift off again.

She put the mirror down and tentatively called out to her,

“Miss? What’s wrong with you?”

Yu Qingjia paused for a moment, her eyes focused, and only then did she realize that she had been holding the wooden comb for a long time.

She coughed with a serious expression and said,

“It’s nothing, I was thinking about an unfinished zither piece, so I got lost in thought. What time is it?”

“Around 8 in the morning, the main kitchen just delivered breakfast.”

Yu Qingjia nodded her head when she heard this and said,

“Since the meal has been delivered, then you go to work on the stove, I’ll be fine alone.”

“How can this be, how can there be no one around to assist Miss? There’s still Granny Huang to watch the stove.”

Yu Qingjia shook her head and said firmly,

“Granny Huang is already old, how can she take on so much work? You go ahead and get busy, I don’t mind.”

Yin Zhu hesitated for a moment, but Yu Qingjia still sent her away.

After she left, Yu Qingjia braided her hair and tied it up, then opened her jewelry box and picked out a bunch of hairpin and flower pendants.

She picked out a red Jade orchid pendant glazed bead, with a ruby ear dangles of the same color.

However, she could not see from behind, no matter how hard she tried, she always felt a little short.

She was struggling for a while, when she suddenly felt the hair ornament in her hand being taken away by another person, Yu Qingjia was stunned and turned back subconsciously.

The other person’s finger pressed against her ear, and he whispered as if he was dissatisfied,

“Don’t move.”

Yu Qingjia couldn’t move anymore, and could only stiffly maintain a semi-sideways posture.

Although she could not see Murong Yan’s figure from that angle, she could see his sleeves moving gently beside her out of the corner of her eyes, and finally, her hair was finally settled, and the hair ornament had been pinned into her long hair.

She subconsciously reached out to touch her hair, her fingertips touched the smooth Red Jade, and the jade surface was polished extremely meticulously, she could feel a warm sensation coming from it, This sensation almost spread from her fingertips to her heart.

Murong Yan held her wrist, and said,

“If you touch it again, it would get crooked, you can’t trust others, but you should always trust my vision.”

There is really nothing to say about Murong Yan’s picky eyes, it may be because he himself grew up into an extremely stunning person. So his aesthetics for things are extremely high.

The last time he was pleased about something was when they played Chang Hongqu together.

So now for him to actually be satisfied about the style of her hair, then she could only conclude that it might be really good.

Yu Qingjia’s fingers were a little stiff, and under Murong Yan’s scrutinizing gaze, she inserted the dangling earrings to her ears from either side.

After she finished, Murong Yan was still standing by her side and continued ramaging through her jeweleries.

He finally found a stack of flower forehead accessories from a wooden box.

He moved his fingers, shoving one to each side, and finally found something he deemed satisfactory.

His meaning was so clear that Yu Qingjia couldn’t help but look up to him in astonishment.

She doesn’t even know how to react.

When Murong Yan saw her dumbfounded expression, he simply cupped her chin and leaned down himself, while gently pressing the flower accessory to her forehead.

Yu Qingjia’s jaw was forced to lift up and her eyes were wide open as she watched Murong Yan bending down and putting the flower accessory on her forehead with utmost seriousness and concentration.

Since she was sitting and Murong Yan was standing, he could only bend down to accommodate the height difference.

In this way, the two of them were face to face with each other, with their cheeks almost touching, that Yu Qingjia could even feel his breath blowing gently in between her eyebrows.

Yu Qingjia tried her best to keep a straight face, and at that moment she decided not to make any expressions at all.

Before Murong Yan left last night, he also rubbed her eyebrows.

Yu Qingjia couldn’t help but think of what happened last night.

It was the first time ever since she grew up, that she had been so close to a person of the opposite sex.

Even Yu Wenjun, Her father, who treated her like his treasure, didn’t dare to lay a finger on her.

He neither hugged her or massaged her legs.

He only taught her Music, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry and etiquette.


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