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Episode 2.


Riett was startled by the unexpectedly heavy content.

“This kind of story isn’t in the book!”

Since the story unfolds from the point when Evan is almost grown up, even Riett didn’t know the detailed story of his past.

“It surprised you, Riett…”

“And it’s because of you that things turned out this way!”

Upon hearing that, tears welled up in Evan’s large eyes.

“My mother… She passed away while giving birth to me…”

Riett, who had been silent, carefully contemplated Evan’s words.

So, his mother passed away while giving birth to Evan?


Riett gently touched her chin and glanced at Evan.

“…Is that all?”

“Is that all, Riett?! How can you say that?”

“You fool!”

Evan’s voice suddenly grew louder, but Riett responded even louder.

“How could it be because of you that she passed away?”


As Evan blinked his bewildered eyes, Riett raised her grasping hand as if signaling him to pay attention.

“Listen carefully. To say that it’s because of you that she passed away…”


With Riett’s assertiveness, Evan unconsciously nodded his head.

“It could be that your mother passed away because of a fire caused by your prank at home.”


“Or she could have tripped and hit her head on a toy you were repeatedly told to put away but didn’t.”


“Or maybe she consumed a poisonous substance by mistake, mistaking it for sugar.”

“A poisonous substance…?”

“There is such a thing. If you eat it, you die.”

Riett thought she had chosen the wrong words, but she believed that at this point, even that foolish boy would understand.

“Got it? That’s the kind of thing that would make it possible to say ‘She died because of me.’ Your birth just happened to be an accident.”

“But… Even though my mother knew she would pass away after giving birth to me, she didn’t give up on having me…”

The one who had only murmured like an ant until now seemed to get excited and raised his voice, his eyes becoming teary once again.

Nevertheless, Riett made up her mind to explain it once again with patience.

“If we follow your logic, it’s even more not because of you. Ultimately, it was your mother’s choice.”

Evan was confused by this new interpretation.

“Then… Why does my father hate me?”

“I don’t know. Maybe he hates you because you frustrate him, who knows.”

Riett casually threw out her words, and Evan froze in place.

After a while, he regained his senses and managed to look at Riett.

“I-Is that really the case…?”

As Riett shrugged irresponsibly, a shocked Evan stumbled to his feet, his eyes glazed.

“I… I want to go…”


Even though Evan walked like a zombie, Riett didn’t pay much attention to him.

She just bit her tongue inwardly.

Did that kid really think he’s hated because of his late mother?

It was a pitiful situation, but Duke Kreutz didn’t seem like a cruel person who would attribute the inevitable tragedy to Evan.

Why doesn’t Evan, who is closest to him, realize that?

Riett turned her head, thinking that Evan was foolish.

The view outside the window had darkened.

‘It’s already getting dark outside.’

She had come here, leaving behind the maid who was supposed to follow her, so she was worried that her parents would be concerned if she stayed out too late.


Just when she was about to leave the study after slamming the book shut, Duke Kreutz entered the room.


“I heard that you came, so I came straight to the study. Fortunately, you were still here.”

“I was just about to leave.”

Riett spoke with a bright expression, different from when she faced Evan. Duke Kreutz lowered his head to match her height.

His gentle amber eyes were fixed on Riett.

“I invited you and couldn’t properly entertain you.”

“Oh? I’m fine!”

“No. Could you spare some more time for me?”

Despite being much younger, Duke Kreutz was polite and cautious.

The more Riett saw him, the more she liked Duke Kreutz.


“It’s getting late, and my parents will worry.”

“I’ll send a message to Duke Marren.”

“It will be too late if we stay longer…”

“There are several carriages in the mansion.”

He’s a very decisive person in every matter! Riett finally nodded her head.

“Okay then!”

“Now that I’ve gotten permission from our little guest, I’ll prepare some tea. Is it okay to drink it here?”

“Of course.”

Although they were currently in the study, it was well-organized, and there was an elegant table.

Soon, a maid brought the tea. The scent of lavender wafted gently from the tea. Riett wrinkled her nose, and Duke Kreutz explained.

“It’s lavender tea. My late wife loved it.”

Ah… Evan’s late mother.

Riett had just heard the tragic story from Evan’s mouth, and now Duke Kreutz happened to bring her up.

Pretending not to know anything, Riett asked, 

“Who was she?”

“She was a beautiful and kind person… but at the same time, a cruel person.”

As Duke Kreutz reminisced and smiled, his gaze seemed bittersweet. His somewhat ambiguous explanation made Riett tilt her head in confusion.

‘She knew she was going to die, yet she chose to give birth. Is that why?’

From a husband’s perspective, it could be a deeply hurtful event.

The voice of the Duke reached Riett’s ears as she pondered deeply.

“It seems like you know that she’s dead.”

Riett hesitated for a moment.

But upon further reflection, Duke Kreutz was not the kind of person to blame his young son for his wife’s death.

Therefore, there seemed to be no need to hide the fact that Evan had spoken about it.

“I heard it from Evan earlier.”

As Riett obediently responded, Duke Kreutz widened his eyes in surprise.

Perhaps he thought that Riett had heard it from his father, Duke Marren.

“Evan said such a thing….”

“I also heard how it happened.”

Riett cautiously spoke, gauging his reaction.

“I see.”

Duke Kreutz set down his teacup.

There was no expression of sadness, but a bitter feeling remained. It must be an indelible memory.

“I have a question.”

Riett finally pulled out the words she had been contemplating whether to ask or not.

“Yes, ask me.”

“Evan’s mother passed away while giving birth to him.”

The Duke nodded slowly.

“That’s right.”

“So… do you resent Evan?”

Duke Kreutz’s eyes slightly widened at the unexpected question.

“No way… Did Evan say that?”


Riett answered without concealing anything.

She hadn’t spoken intending to resolve the misunderstanding between a rich father and son.

She simply liked this gentleman in front of her.

He didn’t seem like the kind of person who would blame his son for his wife’s death, but she asked just to make sure if he was such a clumsy person.

“Evan believes that his mother passed away because of him and thinks that you resent him.”

“Oh, my goodness…”

Duke Kreutz covered his forehead with a shocked expression.

Judging by his reaction, it seemed that he truly had no idea.

“Evan… He’s the only gift my wife left for me.”

Tsk tsk, it seems Evan, that foolish guy, misunderstood it all by himself.

“I guess Evan had misunderstood.”

“Worried about Evan’s introverted nature, I unintentionally nagged him… and it seems Evan took it that way.”

A sense of regret emerged from Duke Kreutz’s sigh.

“I understand. That guy can be a bit frustrating.”

Riett agreed, crossing her arms, but in truth, she didn’t completely understand Evan.

Even if it wasn’t his fault, he seemed burdened with a pang of significant guilt, and it seemed he had never expressed it to anyone before.

“It might be challenging for you, but being a duke comes with great responsibility and a sense of duty.”

“I know that too! My dream is to become a duchess as well.”

As Riett retorted with sparkling eyes, Duke Kreutz let out a faint smile.

“Then, Riett, you will become the first female duchess in the Truto Empire.”

“Yes, I will!”

Duke Kreutz looked at the determined young lady with admiration. But soon, he spoke in a stern voice.

“But as I mentioned, responsibility comes with the position. When you become a duchess, there will be many things you must do and be cautious about.”

“Things I must be cautious about?”

“Yes. Once you become a duke, you will undoubtedly encounter many good people around you, but the same goes for encountering bad people.”

A shadow cast over Duke Kreutz’s face.

“The reason I couldn’t treat Evan affectionately was also because of that. If he’s as vulnerable as Evan, he wouldn’t survive in this jungle-like place; instead, he would become wounded prey.”

Riett understood Duke Kreutz’s words.

In any case, Duke Kreutz had always been worried about Evan.

With Evan being the only son who would inherit the title, the world Duke Kreutz had experienced was too harsh.

“Moreover, although Evan is my only son, there are many people outside this mansion who have their eyes on the title. If they think Evan isn’t fit for it, they will seize the opportunity.”

I see… Riett thought that the competition for the title would only apply to her as a woman.

However, it seemed the same applied to Evan.

“So, Riett, I have a favor to ask of you.”

“What is it?”

Riett asked, tilting her head.

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