Chapter 43
Popping The Cherry (H)

Qi Shui’er lightly bit her lips. This man is terrible, using this to force her to surrender. Fine, so be it. I’m so itchy down there.

When the Lunatic King looked at her bit her lip. This woman seems to surrender. Then good, this King can be more ruthless. The Lunatic King held his penis and stirred it in her small fleshy hole. As the glans ground her wall, she felt more itchy. Ah, Qi Shui’er wanted to scream. This feeling is so wonderful, oh. A wet hot thing in her entrance grinding and scraping, like something is pulling her heart. For a moment, that pussy does not feel itchy. Qi Shui’er released her lips. She opened her mouth slightly. When she thought he would go further, this damn man stopped and smiled at Qi Shui’er!

“How about it? Are you going to call out or not?” Lunatic King chuckled.

When he stopped, she was itchier than before. Then, she grabbed Lunatic King’s shoulder. This moment may be the weakest in Qi Shui’er’s life.

Qi Shui’er screamed in Lunatic King’s ear: “Ah, dear Zhi.” After shouting, she wanted to smack herself to death. Even ten slaps were not enough!

“Well, now that’s better.” Lunatic King nodded in satisfaction and his mouth down to Qi Shui’er’s mouth again. Let’s pop the cherry!

His big thing rested in Qi Shui’er’s pussy. He only pushed a little, and Qi Shui’er felt more comfortable.

Because she was a virgin, he could not be anxious and rough. He slowly entered inside, and soon he felt a layer of obstruction. Is this the hymen? This King is her first man and will be the last one!

Lunatic King kissed Qi Shui’er’s lips. Afraid she would feel discomfort, he kissed her mouth lovingly, stirring her tongue to distract her.

“Mmmm, ah!” Qi Shui’er let out a few groans in her throat. She felt his entry. Her pussy wrapped around that scalding stick. This sweet torture, ah. She wanted him to insert more, till the deepest part.

“Baby, it’s going to hurt a little in a while. Just hold on.” Lunatic King whispered in her ear. This is his first time becoming so gentle, oh. If it were another woman, he would have plunged right in.

This man called me Baby. Qi Shui’er’s heart jumped. Even her father had never called her that! But the fire of lust is getting hotter and hotter. She wants him to go in, but why he said it hurt?

“You’ll stab me through?” Qi Shui’er asked, not understanding. He can’t be that powerful, right? To come out from behind my ass?

Lunatic King looked at Qi Shui’er, who knew nothing, nodded, and said, “Yes, it’ll stab you through. Are you afraid?” If he penetrates his large sausage deeper, it’ll pierce her hymen.

Qi Shui’er said boldly, “Come on, I’m not afraid.” She thought it must be painful to do this, but after they reached this step, it was actually painless. Previously it was she scared of herself, so why be afraid?

Lunatic King gently kisses her lips, saying don’t be afraid and shout it out later. He slowly inserted his penis against the hymen and soon saw Qi Shui’er frowning.

Qi Shui’er clutched his flesh. Mother, ah! It hurts! She wanted to push Lunatic King away, but her acupoint was sealed, unable to exert any strength. She tried to scream, but Lunatic King covered her mouth! Her nails pierced into the flesh of the poor Lunatic King.

“Brave girl. After this one time, it will never hurt again.” Lunatic King said. He gave one more thrust that pierced through the hymen.

Mother! I’m going to die! Hurts! Qi Shui’er’s tears are overflowing. Damn it, is those scenes at Yanmi Pavilion fake?

Lunatic King kissed her affectionately. He was also very uncomfortable, ah! To be inside for so long yet afraid to thrust. He is a normal man! He paused for a while. After seeing her relax her frowns, he dared to act again.

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