Chapter 44
The Pleasure of Love (H)

Once Qi Shui’er’s hymen broke, she only felt pain, and all those pleasurable feelings just now were gone at once. Oh my god, the first time is so painful! What the hell was I expecting? Or maybe this man’s sex skills are problematic? The girls in Yanmi Pavilion are doing that with pleasure. Why it feels like being torn apart when I do it with this dead man?

Qi Shui’er was about to curse, cursing the ancestors of this dead man. She had not opened her mouth, yet he already swallowed it. Damn, she cannot move her body! She wants to curse but cannot!

When Lunatic King looked trace of blood flowing between Qi Shui’er’s legs, he was incomparably excited to see stubborn Qi Shui’er finally let him break through. That sense of accomplishment, ah. It really can’t be described in ordinary language.

Knowing she was in pain, the Lunatic King thought of a way to distract her. He got up from her, bowed until he reached the core of her flower under those legs, looked at the bright red blood, then licked it. Legend has it that virgin blood was an aphrodisiac.

Once the Lunatic King released Qi Shui’er’s mouth, she wanted to curse, but she felt a warmth on the root of her thighs that was like an electric shock to her heart, which made her jump faster.

Qi Shui’er’s body still has unfading lust. Although it was painful just now, she felt the ache disappear through his licking.

Lunatic King licked her lower thighs into her vaginal opening, licking the bright red blood clean. Looking at the reddened small flower core, Lunatic King could not help but lovingly placed his tongue straight to it and gently licked the small labia, which caused Qi Shui’er to scream.

“Ah! Ah! Oh, so good!” Qi Shui’er squinted her eyes and felt it didn’t hurt anymore. The pleasure that she had just felt was back all of a sudden.

When he heard the satisfying chanting again, Lunatic King paused that kissing and licking, then pressed on Qi Shui’er’s body again, straightened his waist, and his big meat stick went in whole.

“Ah! So full and comfortable! Ah!” Qi Shui’er sighed softly. Her soft voice had a tone of petulance, and her screams were pleasant to hear.

Lunatic King looked at her and began to thrust lightly. He did not know how much she could bear, but from now, he wanted to pamper her. This woman, who was straightforward between pleasure, pain, and hate, was unique. It would be interesting to spend a lifetime with her.

Lunatic King gently thrust her while his mouth sucked her equally sensitive tits, her white snowy mass of flesh. Their lower bellies pressed together. Lunatic King rammed his fugitive consort, making Qi Shui’er’s flower bush more watery.

“Ah! Ah! Stinky man, never thought you were this amazing…” Qi Shui’er called out.

“Woman, don’t you witness my ability?” Lunatic King means, didn’t she see him having intercourse in the forest last time? It’s been a long time ago.

“Ah, it still hurt a moment ago. Now it feels good, ah!” Qi Shui’er hugged his waist, her mouth ah ah high-pitched scream.

“Ah, it turns out that sex can be this comfortable. It’s enjoyable, ah! I am living that many years in vain,” Qi Shui’er said. I have always had a prejudice against people getting married. A moment ago, it was painful, but all of a sudden became comfortable. I wonder if all men are like this. I have to find someone else to try.

Lunatic King laughed lightly. This woman got a taste of sweetness. Woman, we have long been a loving couple if you did not run away from the marriage.

However, the Lunatic King overlooked one thing. She was Qi Shui’er, and this Qi Shui’er’s adventurous spirit is phenomenal. Even if she made love with you, it does not mean she is willing to be your consort. Uh, there is more fun later. In short, the runaway consort loves to run away.

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