08. Unexpected encounter (4)

Translated by: ๐’ฎ๐“…๐“‡๐’พ๐‘”๐‘”๐“Ž

Eve instinctively curled her hands around Basilio’s hair as he crawled forward trying to escape, and yanked him hard backward.

He was a big man, so she didn’t have as much leverage as she’d hoped, but she was still able to manage, and subdue him.

Eve, who was still holding onto Basilio’s hair, lifted her foot again and kicked him in the leg.

A series of dull thuds and pops soon erupted.

The next moment, the man pounced on Eve’s leg like lightning.

Eve’s balance was already a bit off due to the alcohol, and her body easily rolled across the floor.

The two rolled on the floor, intertwined, while punching and kicking at each other. It was a picture-like mess.

They were literally beating, and scratching each other recklessly.

Basilio, who finally gained the upper hand, sat on Eve’s stomach, finally baring his vicious chokehold.

He choked her with his large grip and slapped her across the cheek with his other hand.

Instead of trying to struggle to remove the man’s hand, she endured the pain of the blow on her face and the strangulation, then swung her fist and hit him hard near his ribs.

The strong pressure on her neck had finally eased.

She punched him again at the same area she had hit.

Cough, cough..!”

Basilio gritted his teeth against the unbelievable intensity of the pain, he tried to force back a pained groan, but he wasn’t able to shift his position.

Eve finally felt the grip on her throat weakening considerably.

She drove her fist hard into his ribs once more.

At that moment she was sure his bones were definitely broken, Basilio’s body slumped out.

“Off,ย cough… Me,ย cough…!ย Cough, coughโ€ฆย now you’ve really done it, you son of a bitch.”

Eve staggered to her feet while coughing hard.

She lifted her foot and stomped on Basilio’s body two or three times, kicking him hard.

A gurgling sound of pain erupted from beneath her feet as she moved them.

Eve’s face was colored with pl*asure and glee from the violence, the unreasonable beast within her was rampaging.

“You f*cking assh*le…”

Eve rolled her tongue out to probe the tender flesh inside her teeth-scratched-torn mouth, and spat a stream of bloody saliva onto the floor.

The corners of her mouth seemed to be torn a little, but it didn’t matter.

She kicked at the man’s abdomen again with all her might.

Basilio’s body rolled once with a dull thud.

He couldn’t even scream as the pain stole his breath.

Eve, now somewhat sobered by the flurry of activity, strode over to him, seemingly unharmed.

The man’s eyes were wide with excruciating pain.

“F*ck, you actually put a bruise on a lady’s face, you assh*le, what are you going to do about it, huh?”

Cough… F*ck, who said you’re a lady…ย Cough…”

“Hahaha, you assh*le.”

Eve tried to force a laugh, then grabbed Basilio’s legs and lifted it up.

Basilio sensed that Eve’s expression was off while she grabbed at his ankle.

“What the…!”

“I’ll take one ankle. Fair enough, right?”

“F*ck, that’s ridiculous……!”

Eve snapped the man’s ankle, with her hand.

There was a trick to this kind of thing.

Under Eve’s merciless hand, which twisted and split the ankle joint in one swift motion, Basilio forced down a cry of pain that rang in his throat like a wounded animal.

Eve’s eyes brightened as she moistened her dry lips with her tongue, she marveled at the man’s determination, to not let out a single scream through his grunts.

She couldn’t wait to see how much more he could take.

Having fully twisted his ankle joint, Eve grabbed his gasping midsection and forcibly yanked his clothes from side to side.

Dropping them to the floor, she then knelt down on his back, crushing him under her weight and pulling the shirt off his body.

“Ugh, whaโ€“what are you doing….!”

“I’m going to f*ck you, as per your wish, how about that, aren’t you excited?”

Eve spoke in a flirtatious manner as she bent down and pressed her knees into the small of Basilio’s back.

Soon after, she unbuckled his thin waistband and twisted his wrists behind his back, pinning them tightly with a long leather strap.

When he squirmed to escape her grasp, Eve easily subdued his protests with a crushing grip on the back of his neck, then slid her other hand down his front to undo the fastenings of his pants.

It didn’t take long before both his pants and underwear were free from his lower body, and went down to below his knees.

“Ugh. Holy sh*t, you crazy bitch..!”

“Oh assh*le… Shut the f*ck up.”

Eve roughly crumpled his shirt into a ball and shoved it into Basilio’s mouth.

A faint mixture of anxiety, fear, and excitement washed over him as he lay face down on the floor like a captive animal.

“I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad to just force it in, but it would be more embarrassing and humiliating for a fucker like you to feel it from behind, wouldn’t it?”

Eve murmured in delight as she slipped her hand into the subspace pouch she wore at her waist and fumbled around, soon pulling out somethingโ€” a pair of thin, chemical-coated linen gloves and the balm she’d been given by her maid to use as hair oil.

“If you resist, I will break your other leg as well, so you must be quiet, do you understand?”

She whispered softly, then slid down his body, spread his legs, and straddled him, with his a$s resting on top of his c*ck.

Eve used her gloved right hand to unscrew the lid of a glass bottle of perfumed oil.

She then sniffed it lightly, and poured a generous amount of it over her right hand.

A subtle rose scent soon permeated the room.

Eve started humming a tune that Basilio didn’t recognize, she then curled her fist and rubbed her fingers together.

She was trying to get the oil as evenly distributed as possible.

The perfumed oil that was slipping through her fingers dripped onto Basilio’s backside.

He squirmed and tried to twist himself again, but his broken ribs and bound hands didn’t seem to give him much upper body strength.

Eve raised herself up a bit in case Basilio lunged forward again, and crushed his back while simultaneously, and slowly sliding her middle finger between his hip bones.

“Ugh! Ugh!”

Basilio yelped in surprise, but his voice was muffled by the cloth in his mouth.

Eve was all too familiar with the reaction of men jumping up and down when they were first fingered.

The fingers that forced their way into his tightly sealed backside, rolled and probed inside his clenching inner walls with all their might.

Basilio’s body jerked in panic at the foreign sensation, and Eve put pressure harder on his back, she then pressed, then rubbed, and stimulating the inside of his hole with a steady massage.

Each time, the man’s body tried to push forward but he was then forced back down to the floor.

“UghHhhโ€ฆ Oh my god!”

“It was about here…..”

Eve moved her fingers this way and that, then rubbed a spot hard, and for a moment she felt the man beneath her stop moving.

Eve became impatient and began rubbing, rolling, and teasing his sore spots.

It wasn’t long before Basilio’s lower back started twitching.

“They say that inside a man’s body there’s a thing called a prostate, and that it’s supposed to make you feel really good when you rub it inside your a$s like this. What do you think, do you like it?”

Cough..! Stop it,ย COUGH…”

A barely audible gasp escaped his lips, the slippery gloves squeaking w*t from the perfumed oil, slid in and out of him with ease.

His tight muscles that were being massaged, gently loosened.

Basilio’s breathing became more and more ragged as the tingling fingers scratched at the pleasurable spots inside him.

A tiny button he didn’t even know he had was being pushed inside him, and a sensation of forced ar*usal overwhelmed his body.

Something deep in the pit of his stomach seemed to tickle the spine on his back with a tingling pl*asure.

It wasn’t long before Basilio realized that his p*nis, crushed to the floor, was erect.

It was shocking.

Despite the grunt and gasp, Eve plunged her fingers inside and rubbed firmly, finding the point that made his loins shudder.

Before long, there were more fingers probing behind him.

The muscles that had never allowed an outside intrusion stretched and struggled to accept Eve’s fingers.

Through the thin linen glove, she could feel the warm, soft lining biting into her finger.

Basilio glared in bewilderment at the horrible pl*asure that was being forced into his brain.

He still couldn’t believe that the alpha male, who had always been on top of everyone, was being crushed beneath the body of a woman so much smaller than him and being aroused by the sensations being sent to his backside.

Unfortunately, his body was steadily building up to the pl*asure Eve was giving him, and the experience of being thrust forward from behind was something he’d never experienced or even thought about.

And as his p*nis swelled, the pressure of it being crushed beneath his body became a strange stimulus.

He couldn’t think straight anymore.

“Ugh! Ugh, kuh….! Hah…. Hughh…. Kuh…..”

“Do you think it’ll be so easy? Oh, no.”

Eve gave a quick glance at the back of Basilio’s head as he spat out a strangled gasp, she then felt his inner walls tighten, and she pulled her hand out slightly, then shoved it back in.

Before he knew it, there were three fingers inside his hole.

Eve’s fingers forced his abdomen open like a scissor, then slid in and out, roughly scratching the tender flesh of the lining, stimulating it.

It took a while, but she could feel Basilio’s body relaxing.

The man had already lost the will to resist, and he was squirming and shaking as he dropped his head to the floor.

“Animal cubs have really good instincts, they know who’s the prey and who’s the predator faster than humans do, and they curl their tails immediately after. It’s an instinct they’ve honed to avoid being eaten.”

“Hah, hah… Krr…”

“In that senseโ€ฆ Should I say that it seems that instinct was inactive to you…. You can’t even read a situation, you can’t read the atmosphere, you’re all talk and no action. What do you expect from a hybrid who can’t even take notes? Don’t you think so?”

Eve snickered, her words digging deep into the man’s wounds.

In a game where even the crazies had a story, Basilio himself had a backstory that made him so distorted.

But that was no reason for sympathy.

Eve mocked the man, using his weaknesses as a weapon that she had learned after playing this game for too long.


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