The Chinese New Year was approaching, and they have just won another game. The mood at the R.H base was bright and relaxed. Cheese joined an Internet failed hair group and was cured by a sand sculpture netizen who was even worse than him. He eventually reconciled with the meatloaf mushroom and returned home for the New Year.

R.H is a law-abiding club, and they take seven days off when the rest of the country does. The base was nearly empty on the evening of the twenty-ninth day of the New Year, with only Yu Zhaohan remaining. Yu Zhaohan lives in Shanghai, so he wasn’t stuck on the highway during rush hour. The entire magical city was at least half empty on the morning of the 31st day of New Year’s Eve, and he drove home with the New Year’s goods purchased with the prize money.

Yu Zhaohan’s parents are both university professors, and they live in a neighborhood near the university. His mother is a history professor who specializes in Ming Dynasty history. Dad Yu is a math professor with thick hair and a serious expression. He doesn’t usually communicate much with his son. He almost broke off his father-son relationship with Yu Zhaohan at the time because he wanted to play e-sports, but after agreeing to let his son play e-sports, he secretly developed a game data analysis model and didn’t allow his wife to tell him. His wife unexpectedly turned around and told him.

This year, the family of three celebrated Chinese New Year at Yu Zhaohan’s grandmother’s house. Yu Zhaohan met his cousin, Luan Cai, who had just graduated from college, at his grandmother’s house. Luan Cai also plays the game “Destination.” Yu Zhaohan usually avoids her online, and she only took him two times during the festivals.

“Brother, do you have a good relationship with Mimi?” Luan Cai asked as soon as she saw him.

Mimi is the league’s competition host. She interviewed Yu Zhaohan on the last friendly match at the carnival.

Yu Zhaohan said in a low voice, “Why do you ask this?”

Luan Cai flipped over a Weibo page to show him: “Some people say you are a good match.”

It was an official Weibo that posted an ordinary event interview. Just because of the appearance of the parties, the comment area was a mess, and some people said that they had hit it on the spot.

Yu Zhaohan snorted coldly: “Nonsense.”

Luan Cai wrinkled her nose: “Brother, why are you also talking coldly to me like this? Are you all right?”

“Am I?” Yu Zhaohan thought about it, and he really seemed to have. He looked into the distance and said deeply: “I’ve been wearing the mask for too long, and I can’t take it off.”

Luan Cai’s nose was sore, and she said distressedly: “Brother, actually you…”

Yu Zhaohan abruptly turned around and asked, “How did I appear with my act just now? How would you rate it on a scale of ten?”

Luan Cai was speechless for a while, and said, “Anyway, in order for you to fall in love in the future also do not collapse your persona, I especially helped you prepare a “Rule of Pretending to Be Coercive” the second chapter, love. Send it to your WeChat, you’re welcome.”

Yu Zhaohan opened the rules and saw the first one: [The female lead must be addressed differently from others. You can specifically give the heroine a nickname, or you can use the nickname of the “younger” generation: such as little girl, sweetheart, baby… and so on.]

Yu Zhaohan’s eyes showed disgust: “I don’t need this.”

“Eh? Why? You are not afraid of breaking the character?”

Yu Zhaohan said calmly: “You ask too much, woman.”

He’s in love, after all. There’s no point if he has a girlfriend but isn’t allowed to kiss and cling to her in order to keep up his pretend to be coercive in the base.

Yu Zhaohan’s unpredictable personality put Luan Cai in a trance, and he murmured, “Are you getting fickle, or is it just me?”

The family sat in front of the TV after New Year’s Eve dinner to watch the Spring Festival Gala. Yu Zhaohan was wearing the new pajamas that his mother bought him, slumped on the sofa, and playing with his phone even after his father scolded him for not sitting properly. The entire group was passing out red envelopes. He distributed a large red envelope to the team and instructed them to pick it up.

“Baby, mom saw that your team recruited a new person on the Internet, didn’t you?” Mother Yu said as she peeled an orange and fed it to her son.

“Did you mean Shi Du?” Yu Zhaohan squirmed on the sofa twice, he leaned on mother Yu, “We usually call him little brother, When he arrives, I am no longer the youngest. But although he is young, he is 1.87 meters tall. The little brother is a foodie, likes to eat sweet things, and will cook his own food.”

Mother Yu smiled gently: “Does baby like him?”

Yu Zhaohan was stunned and looked down to make sure of her feelings before saying, “Yes, I like him.”

Mother Yu asked again: “Do you like him more than Cheese?”

Yu Zhaohan was not sure about his own mind again and hesitantly said: “I have been on the same team as Cheese for two years, I should still like Cheese more. Mom, why are you asking these questions?”

“Mom believes that you can’t be on the base without a close friend. You’re under too much pressure as captain, and no one can tell if you’re suffering. You’re a public figure. It’s too difficult to live like your father.”

“But if that’s not the case, I have no authority over them.”

“That’s why Mom told you to find a friend to whom you can tell the truth. You don’t have to be afraid to show your true self in front of him, and you can express your concerns and problems to him. You will feel much better if someone else shares it with you.” Mother Yu patiently stated, “At the very least, the next time you get mouth ulcers, there will be someone at the base who can give you medicine. What about this new teammate if you think Cheese is unstable and unsuitable?”

Yu Zhaohan’s mouth began to hurt when he heard the words “mouth ulcers.” He wishes for no mouth ulcers in the coming year. “No, I have succeeded in pretending to be cold in front of him,” he said, shaking his head. He praised me as an ice sculpture.”

Mother Yu had the same understanding of ice sculpture as her son. “It’s really hard for you to be at the base like this, and mom is so distressed,” she sighed, running her hand through her baby’s hair.

Dad Yu couldn’t take it any longer: “He’s nineteen years old, not nine. He is now an adult. He must accept responsibility for his actions. He chose this path on his own, and it is not your turn to be distressed.”

Mother Yu glared at her husband: “When my son was seventeen, he became the captain of the team and represented the country to play games. What were you doing when you were seventeen?”

Dad Yu said stubbornly: “When I was seventeen, I also represented my country in the Mathematical Olympiad.”

Yu Zhaohan’s ears had grown calloused from hearing similar topics for the past two years. When he opened the team group chat, he discovered that his big red envelope had been taken. Cheese received 222, Qi Xian 69, and Shi Du… 50 cents.

Timeless: [.]

Cheese: [Hahahahaha, what about the handsome white-haired guy, it’s only worth fifty cents! !]

Yu Zhaohan entered the message: [It’s not white hair, it’s called smoky gray]

The message was not sent, and he deleted it again.

Shi Du didn’t say anything, just sent a photo to the group- a standard photo of Cheese’s failed perm.

[Cheese left the group chat]

Yu Zhaohan saved Cheese’s photo and resent a red envelope in the group.


Yu Zhaohan waited, but not for the notification that the red envelope had been accepted, but for a friend request with a message: [I found out that your WeChat has not been added. Happy New Year, Shine]

Shi Du’s WeChat avatar is a white and tender pig’s trotter, with pink pig’s nails.

…How can such a guy use such an avatar, it’s a real letdown.

Yu Zhaohan looked at his ID and realized Shi Du rarely called him “Captain,” preferring “Shine” or “Captain Yu.”

There was another reason why he cannot accept Shi Du as a close friend. He was always under the impression that he had not completely subdued Shi Du. Shi Du stood in front of him and refused to fully surrender.

The third day of the new year is the day when the students of Yu Zhaohan’s parents came to pay New Year’s greetings. Yu Zhaohan will usually use invisibility at this time to keep himself as far away from those top students as possible. The team group chat suddenly blew up while he was playing games in the room.

Lu Yaoshan sent a link, @All members to see it, followed by a series of exclamation marks.

Yu Zhaohan clicked the link, and the webpage redirected to the “Destination” internal test server’s new season update announcement. The official server is one version ahead of the internal test server. The updated game content will be tested and adjusted in the internal test server first, and then moved to the official server if there are no issues.

The new season includes numerous updates and optimizations. Yu Zhaohan recognized the one who caused Lu Yaoshan to break into a rage.

[Hero Mechanism Adjustment: Black Swan

When Black Swan opens the scope and enters the sniper state, the center of aim will enter the micro-shaking mode due to the adjustment of the hero’s breathing, and the duration will be 0.5 seconds.]

Yu Zhaohan read this announcement from beginning to end, from the end to the beginning, and his blood pressure rose and rose until it nearly exploded.

The rhythm of “Destination” team battles is fast, and snipers frequently don’t have enough time to hide their snipers. Top snipers must learn instant sniping, which entails opening the scope, aiming, and shooting as soon as they see the enemy. Although it is extremely difficult, you can kill in seconds if you aim the head.

However, the plan has now decreased the sniper’s reaction time by 0.5 seconds. A professional player can do too many things in 0.5 seconds: the support can escape, the short/gun can counter-kill, and the tank can crush him with a single charge.

Yu Zhaohan remained seated in front of the computer. The WeChat group is still buzzing with news:

: [There was news early in the morning that the plan was to cut the black swan, I thought it was to cut the damage, and did not expect to directly cut the mechanism.]

Cheese: [Officially this is not cutting the black swan, just report the Captain and Tide’s ID number.]

Old Tan: [I see people in the game forum always say that there is a sniper who will play as fish dynamite1In Internet terms, it refers to the behavior of high-level players who, through some means, maliciously play games among low-level players for a long time. and on the other hand, the newcomers’ experience is extremely poor, and they will die instantly when their head appears. They simply cannot play [Shrug.jpg]]

Shan: [The snipers probably won’t be able to play next season, and the tactics have to be rearranged.]

Cheese: [Fortunately, the captain’s hero is a lot more, and other longs/guns can also play.]

Shan: [Shine, you practice other longs/guns more these days, the era of snipers is probably coming to an end.]

Shan: [Shine? Are you there?]

Shine: [Hmm.]

Timeless: [Are you okay?]

Shine: [Version adjustment is normal, it is to be expected.]

After sending this sentence, Yu Zhaohan dropped his phone and ran to the kitchen: “Mom- you don’t know what the disgusting shitty planner has done!”

Mother Yu said warmly: “Baby, how many times have I told you that you are not allowed to use such vulgar language? How did you make your promise to your mother?”

“I promised you that I would not develop bad habits in my career, such as smoking, name-calling, and swearing… well, I was wrong.” Yu Zhaohan was forced to change his words, “You have no idea how much I despise that idiot planner; they weakened my favorite native hero! This is too much!”

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    In Internet terms, it refers to the behavior of high-level players who, through some means, maliciously play games among low-level players for a long time.
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