There were still guests at home, and Mother Yu doesn’t have much time to comfort her precious son. Yu Zhaohan just felt uncomfortable and wanted to find someone to complain to. After complaining, he obediently went back to the room and stopped disturbing his mother.

Yu Zhaohan sat down in front of the computer and stayed quiet. The home computer’s screen saver was a fanart of a black swan—the noble and glamorous female killer has been transformed into a little red riding hood in a fairy tale by an artist with a big brain. She was dressed in a red hood with a bow tied across her chest. The sniper rifle was designed to look like a bouquet of blooming roses.

The official character of Black Swan was an emotionless black/hand/party, and she can have a cute side only under the pen of a fanart.

Yu Zhaohan likes this fanart very much. He once said to Wan Feng that if he can win the world championship with the Black Swan and win the FMVP, he must design a different skin for her.

Yu Zhaohan was in a panic. He wandered the game forum aimlessly, and many posts in the league area were discussing this hero adjustment.

[Congratulations to the lamer version of Black Swan by the old man with a rotten head]

[It should be noted that this “micro-shaking mode” only affects high-end games and should not affect low-end games.]

[At the very least, the game cannot be won easily; those teams that rely on sniper C can wash up and sleep—yes, I’m referring to R.H and Lawman [lighting a cigarette]]

[I have faith in Shine’s sniper abilities!!]

[Faith is pointless. E-sports is all about winning. ]

[The sniper era has ended, and there will be no more National pride snipers]

Yu Zhaohan was awarded the title of National Pride Sniper when he was seventeen years old. He was chosen to the national team that year and went on to represent his country in the World Cup. In the semi-finals, he relied on the Black Swan’s sniper to defend the target point when his teammates and fans were almost desperate, resulting in a three-catch-four miracle and sending the archrival South Korea home.

Yu Zhaohan straightened up, launched the game platform, and connected to the test server. He went to the shooting range as usual to practice guns and noticed that when the Black Swan opened the scope and entered the sniper state, the screen shook slightly.

All Yu Zhaohan needed to save was this 0.5 seconds.

He spent an afternoon at the shooting range, and his hit rate did not change significantly from before. The AI ​​in the shooting range was slow and clumsy. If it has a hand, it has a chance to win. He still needs to go to the ranking to test the effect.

The test server spots were limited, and the majority of them were occupied by high-end players (professional players). In the first game, Yu Zhaohan encountered a professional player.

Thrones.Caps: [Shine? Is that really Shine on the opposite side?]

Yu Zhaohan was unfamiliar with this ID, but he recalls the ID prefix. Thrones was a lower-tier team. Last season, they won the sub-league championship. This year, they can get a temporary seat in the first-level league if they find the gold master and pay a seat fee.

R.H.Shine: [.]

During this time, Caps can confirm that the opposite is Shine himself. Caps primarily focus on short/gun positions and have a strong presence in Thrones. Because he likes to imitate Timeless’s playing style, he was given the nickname “Little Timeless.” The kid performed admirably in the secondary league and was lavished with praise. When he sees the star players, he believes they are just good-looking and lucky, and their skills may not be as impressive as fans claim.

Professional players frequently receive extra attention and targeting in the testing game, and this game was an example. Caps led the opposition, and all four were aiming at Yu Zhaohan at the same time. Yu Zhaohan had almost no output conditions, but he insisted on opening the scope to snipe as soon as possible to allow himself to adapt to the 0.5 seconds.

Caps pulled out his favorite hero, the ninja. Ninja was the game’s fastest assassin and the most difficult for the sniper to hit. Yu Zhaohan only hit Caps’ body in the first wave of team fights and was counter-killed by half-blooded Caps.

Caps sat leisurely beside Yu Zhaohan’s corpse after he died, and sent two expressions:


[I’m sorry]

Yu Zhaohan ignored it and continued to try to snipe through the scope. Caps gained control of the entire team’s resources and won the heads of Yu Zhaohan and the support with double kills.

Thrones.Caps: [ez]

Yu Zhaohan narrowed his eyes.

Ez is an abbreviation for “easy.” Caps was telling him that the game was “easy” and that he was playing it easily.

The game is not over yet, it’s too early to tell brother.

The resurrected Yu Zhaohan didn’t look for a high platform to set up his sniper like he had the previous two times, but instead stood in the most obvious place, allowing people to target him.

Caps pounced again soon after, and instead of opening the scope, Yu Zhaohan switched his sniper rifle to hand/gun mode and fired normally, nailing Caps in the head with one shot after another.


A single bullet from a sniper rifle has the same lethality as ten bullets from a hand/gun.

After a scream, the ninja fell beside the Black Swan’s high heels.

RH.Shine: [ez?]

Caps did not open the mic again until Yu Zhaohan’s team won.

Despite the fact that the game had been won, Yu Zhaohan recognized the seriousness of the problem. Now that his Black Swan can’t even defeat an assassin like Caps, how can he possibly win in an official game.

Yu Zhaohan deliberately searched for Caps’ information, and almost laughed when he saw the “Little Timeless” nickname.

Was Caps really worthy of being compared to his brother, Timeless? Yu Zhaohan took out his phone and sent a WeChat message to Shi Du.

Shine: [Are you free?]

Timeless: [?]

Shine: [Come to the test suit and solo with me]

Timeless: [I’m not]

Shine: [?]

Timeless: [Unless you wish me a happy new year first, and then make up for the last happy birthday.]

I said it! You’re the one who didn’t hear it!

Shine: [Happy New Year]

Shine: [Happy Birthday]

Timeless: [You want to practice your sniping?]

Shine: [Hmm]

Timeless: [How do you want me to play]

Shine: [Play as a game]

Timeless: […]

Timeless: [Are you sure?]

Shi Du was also playing Ninja. The Ninja in the game was illustrated in the same way as in Japanese comics, with an all-black outfit, a sword on the back, and a mask that only reveals a pair of eyes with knife marks. Although the official refused to allow the Ninja to show his face, most players believe he is handsome.

In comparison to Shi Du, Caps’s Ninja is a noob who has just graduated from the novice village. Yu Zhaohan’s eyes turned red after being hacked to death for the eighteenth time.

In fact, he could bear it for a little while longer, but it was in his own home, so he couldn’t bear it so hard; otherwise, he would definitely be able to bear it until he was killed thirty-six times before crying.

“Why don’t you talk?” the boy’s voice came through the earphones, teasingly, “Are you crying because I keep killing you?”

Yu Zhaohan said coldly: “Impossible.”

Shi Du laughed: “Continue?”

Yu Zhaohan did not hesitate: “Continue.”

Shi Du: “You are already very good. You’re the only one in the league who can kill me back several times with this kind of mechanic.”

Yu Zhaohan: “I’d rather be killed by you now than be killed by another assassin later on in the match.”

Shi Du was silent for two seconds, then smiled again: “Okay, then I’ll try to be gentle.”

Yu Zhaohan wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, still playing despite being knocked to tears: “No need.”

When Yu Zhaohan awoke on the fifth day of the new year, he began packing. He couldn’t train with peace of mind because there were too many guests coming to his house for New Year’s greetings, so he decided to return to the base for additional training. Mother Yu was reluctant to part with her son and persuaded him to stay at home for two more days.

“Leave him alone.” Dad Yu snorted coldly, “If you encounter difficulties, you should solve them. It will not solve the problem if you just work hard.”

Mother Yu said angrily, “How many days does my son stay at home in a year? You should have talked less.”

Yu Zhaohan had already made up his mind to leave, and his mother couldn’t stop him. Mother Yu packed him a large box of his favorite foods to bring back to the base, knowing that the aunt at the base would not go to work until the seventh day of the new year.

Yu Zhaohan returned to the base, put the food he had brought back into the refrigerator, and entered the training room.

He was alone at the base, and no one was going to bother him. He also didn’t need to wear earphones.

Yu Zhaohan had to adapt to the new mechanics of Black Swan, which lasted from morning to night, in addition to practicing other long/lance heroes. He wouldn’t even feel hungry if his mother hadn’t called to remind him to eat dinner.

Yu Zhaohan exited the training room in a trance and went to the pantry room to make himself a sugar-free Americano. When he returned, he stopped abruptly in front of the mirror in the living room.

There were too many nerdy guys in the base, and when the training gets tough, some people won’t wash their faces for days. Old Tan hung a mirror in the living room to remind everyone (especially Lu Youshan) to take care of his personal appearance and shave his beard when necessary.

Yu Zhaohan looked at himself in the mirror: he was dressed in a black trench coat, had a pale and transparent complexion, was holding a cup of black coffee, was cold and mature, and had a reliable atmosphere.

What exactly was he doing? Why did he keep drinking this stuff when he was the only one in the base and pretended to be coercive when no one was looking?

Yu Zhaohan awakened as if in a dream. He took out his phone and scrolled through the team group chat, eventually arriving at the holiday staffing arrangement that Old Tan had planned. Except for him, everyone else only came back on the seventh day.

An eagerness to try spread quickly throughout his body. Yu Zhaohan poured the sugar-free Americano into the sink quickly, then rushed upstairs in three steps, into his room, and couldn’t wait to open the safe.


Shi Du felt hungry again not long after dinner. As soon as he took out a box of soymilk from the refrigerator to drink, he received a WeChat message from Yu Zhaohan.

Shine: [Log in to the game]

Timeless: […Again?]

Today they only practiced for one afternoon.

Shine: [Time is running out.]

Timeless: [I’m still on vacation]

Shine: [You only have one year left in your career]

Shi Du typed a message, but before he could send the sentence, “Wait for me to finish my dessert,” his mother called from the living room, “Xiao Du, come here, your father is looking for you.”

Shi Du responded: “Coming.”

In the living room, Father Shi sat on the sofa and flipped through a stack of documents. When he saw his son coming, he handed the documents over and ordered: “Sign it.”

Shi Du absentmindedly said: “What is it.”

Mother Shi said, “It’s your study abroad materials.”

Shi Du raised his eyebrows: “I retired? Why didn’t I know.”

Father Shi said displeasedly, “What’s your attitude?”

Seeing that the father and son tended to quarrel again, Mother Shi hurriedly said: “We’ve asked, and the next season of “Destination” will conclude in October this year, while your school will begin in September. There isn’t much of a difference between before and after. Let us first resolve the issue of studying abroad in order to avoid delaying your enrollment.”

Shi Du snickered, “You mean, I won’t play in the last month?”

Mother Shi persuaded: “It’s only one month, it won’t affect you.”

Shi Du threw the document back on the table: “I won’t sign it.”

Father Shi’s face sank: “Say it again?”

Shi Du repeated as his dad wanted: “I say, I won’t sign.”

Father Shi slammed the table, pointed at the door, and said angrily, “Then get out of here now!”

Shi Du shrugged, turned around, and walked away. Mother Shi hurriedly chased after him: “Hey, Xiao Du, Xiao Du—”

Shi Du persuaded his mother to return inside the gate for a long time. One of the benefits of being an adult is that bank cards are not controlled by guardians. Even if his father takes away his source of income, the money he earns from playing professionally is enough to support himself.

Shi Du considered going to an internet cafe for an all-nighter. He took out his phone and was about to call a cab when he realized he hadn’t returned to Yu Zhaohan’s WeChat.

Shine: [Where are you?]

The winter night in Beijing is too cold for Shi Du to type, so he sends a voice message instead: “I am so miserable, Captain Yu, I had a fight with my father and was chased out of the house.”

Shine: [.]

Shi Du looked up at the streetlights on the street with a smile: “Can’t you comfort me?”

Shine: [No, I suggest finding someone else]

Shi Du said it casually, he wouldn’t dare to really expect Bking’s comfort: “Wait for me half an hour, I’ll go find an Internet cafe.”

[Shine shared the live broadcast room of [It’s Momo]: If my brother is not happy, why don’t you come and chat with me~[love][love]]

Timeless: [?]

Shine: [You said you like, cute and coquettish little beauty]

Timeless: [.]

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