The heavy rain showed no signs of easing, and the plane was unable to fly for some time. Yu Zhaohan asked Old Tan for the location of the KTV and brought his younger brother, who could not go home. This round was originally intended for Shi Du; the chocolate-flavored cakes with 18 candles that Shi Du ordered were all ready.

IPL had just lost a game to Timeless, the team from which he had transferred. The old and new hatreds were combined. Brother Feng was so enraged that his teeth ached, and he motioned to the waiter, “Give me two bottles of white wine first!”

“No, no, no, a kid who just comes of age shouldn’t drink liquor,” Old Tan tried to stop him.

“He has to drink! I told you Timeless had to drink!” Brother Feng gritted his teeth, and said, “I worked so hard to pull him to such a size that he was finally eighteen, so he didn’t need to be addicted, and he turned his head and ran away with others.”

“A transfer is a normal thing,” Yu Zhaohan had just entered, his body drenched in the coolness of the rain, and his voice even colder, “Aren’t you used to it yet?”

“That’s nothing, I just said it casually,” said Brother Feng, waving his hand in embarrassment.

“It’s all right to be drunk,” Shi Du didn’t mind at all, and even looked forward to it, “I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be drunk. Shine, when I’m drunk, you’ll drive me back to the hotel. Is that okay?”

Yu Zhaohan glanced at Shi Du coldly: “I’m very busy.”

Qi Xian smiled: “The captain won’t leave us stranded, you can drink it at ease, little brother.”

This drink lasted until one o’clock in the morning, and the IPL people were so drunk that they should be carried away, but R.H had the iceberg captain in charge, so they were a little more restrained, but they were still drunk.

Lu Yaoshan frantically talked tactics to a pillow, and the sleepy Old Tan assumed Lu Yaoshan was talking to him and nodded in agreement from time to time. A few younger ones are far better. Cheese simply talks a lot, but he always does, and there appears to be no different now. Qi Xian’s tolerance for alcohol was very high, and it was impossible to tell that he had drunk. Shi Du also came up with the answer- that he would do whatever he wanted when he was drunk.

Yu Zhaohan, the only one who didn’t drink, drove his three teammates back to the hotel. Shi Du sat in the co-drivers seat, staring out the window at the night scene in the rain, and said on the spur of the moment, “I want to do something exciting.”

“Like what?” says Yu Zhaohan.

“Like…” Shi Du returned his gaze to Qi Xian, his gaze falling on his red hair, and the corners of his mouth raised.

Yu Zhaohan stood dazed at the door of a hair styling studio ten minutes later. He took ten seconds to reflect on why he was here:

Shi Du said that he wanted to change his hair color, Cheese came with “Me too,” Qi Xian added, “I know a studio that is open 24 hours, do you want to go to have a look?” Then, they came here.

Yu Zhaohan went to park the car, and the three annoying teammates were the first to enter. When Yu Zhaohan went in, Cheese was worried about whether to dye it pink or blue, and Qi Xian suggested that he dye it green. “Cold brown is not excessive, low-key, and light; brown is fresh and gentle, with great temperament,” the stylist explained to Shi Du. The stylist also watched the competition and was a fan of Shi Du. He is especially enthusiastic about him, ’Of course, my brother is so handsome, he doesn’t need to rely on his hair color to show his temperament, and it’s okay to dye any hair color he wants.’

“Brown is too common. Since I want to change it, I don’t want to be like others.” Shi Du thought for a while, then raised his head and asked Yu Zhaohan: “What color do you think I look good in?”

Yu Zhaohan said coolly: “I think you look best with a bald head.”

Shi Du said slowly: “That’s not impossible…”

Cheese wasn’t confident enough about his appearance, so he chose a light golden color after struggling for like two hundred years.

Yu Zhaohan can’t take it any longer; there’s a red hair and a yellow hair on the way; does R.H raise chickens? “I’ll return to the hotel first,” he told Qi Xian, “They…”

He had to go because if he didn’t, he might be tempted to join the hair-dyeing group. He especially wanted to try the milk tea color, which appeared to be very sweet.

“Rest assured, Captain,” Qi Xian said with a smile, “Leave these two to me, I’ll take them back by taxi.”

Back at the hotel, it was long past bedtime, but Yu Zhaohan was wide awake. He activated the gamepad he was carrying and scored points in the US server solo queue. He couldn’t feel the passage of time as soon as he started playing games, and it wasn’t until the sound of swiping the room card that he realized it was almost dawn.

Yu Zhaohan stood up, covered the gamepad, and said, “You still know to go back to…”

His voice came to an abrupt end.

He was hungover and had stayed up late, so sleepy that his double eyelids had become multiple eyelids, but his skin was still so good that it would glow, young and fresh, and he couldn’t find the slightest flaw. He sat on the bed’s edge, his long legs spread out, half-squinting, and looking up at Yu Zhaohan.

The boy’s hair had turned a smoky gray color, somewhere between black and white. Obviously, it is a cold mixed color sense, but it reflects his youth and publicity.

He also had a pair of platinum studs in his ears.

Yu Zhaohan remained silent for a long time and decided not to say anything: “Wash up and sleep.”

Shi Du put his hands on his side, Yu Zhaohan was looking at him, he was also looking at Yu Zhaohan, the more he looked, the more he wanted to ask. He was too lazy to bear it any longer, so he asked, “Shine, are you actually an ice sculpture?”

Yu Zhaohan’s ears twitched. Ice sculpture? The beauty carved out of ice, the kind that is crystal clear, cold, and insensitive?

He didn’t expect Shi Du to see him that way, and he thought Shi Du had seen through his true colors. It was he who thought too much.

Yu Zhaohan said lightly: “I’m your captain.”

The boy laughed, stood up, and sat down beside Yu Zhaohan again. He took the initiative to put his face in front of Yu Zhaohan and asked, “Captain, do you think I’m handsome?”

Yu Zhaohan could smell alcohol from the boy because they were so close. Yu Zhaohan shifted his gaze to one side and his adam’s apple rolled twice: “Not bad.”

Shi Du smiled once more. Yu Zhaohan heard him say “So sleepy,” and then the smoky gray head leaned on his shoulder and didn’t move.

Yu Zhaohan froze, his limbs appearing to have just been tied, and his eyes became rounder than Cheese.

Leaning, leaning over? Really leaned over? Save… who can save him.

Yu Zhaohan seemed to be helpless; he didn’t dare to move, allowing the boy’s breath to fall on his neck and collarbone.

What should he do? He wanted to withdraw, but would Shi Du wake up after he did? In other words, Shi Du’s freshly dyed hair has no hair dye smell, only a faint orange scent, which was strangely good.

Yu Zhaohan maintained his original posture at all times on a whim. He hadn’t been so close to his teammates in a long time after Wan Feng died. He’d forgotten how it felt to stay close to his teammates.

Yu Zhaohan remembered the team hug between Cheese and Shi Du after the friendly match. Shi Du is twenty centimeters taller than Cheese, and Cheese appears to be a bird in Shi Du’s arms. And he’s only a few centimeters shorter than Shi Du. When Shi Du holds him, he may feel like holding a big eagle.

In fact, the big eagle is also quite cute. Even if he is an eagle, it must be the most beautiful eagle.

…So the little brother slept until Yu Zhaohan couldn’t stand up, his shoulders were sore, his back was numb, and his little ears were on heat.

If he waits until Shi Du wakes up by himself, his shoulder will definitely be broken. Yu Zhaohan made up his mind, dragged his brother’s cheek with one hand, carefully moved to one side, got out and hugged his little brother with both hands, placed him on the bed, and finally tightly covered the quilt.

Shi Du slept soundly, breathing light and slowly, his smoky gray brow spread to one side, revealing a smooth forehead.

Yu Zhaohan admired his masterpiece for a while but didn’t think it was enough.

Oh, and the hands of the younger brother were also put beneath the quilt. If the hands became frozen, they must find another short/gun again. Timeless is great. Today’s wave of 1v4 blood escape is quite nice. He doesn’t want anyone else.

The next day cleared up, and the internet-addicted teenagers who had been up until dawn only woke up one by one in the afternoon. Old Tan requested a table and ordered only light and nourishing dishes for the stomach. Everyone except Cheese came down after a long period of shouting in the chat group.

Old Tan asked Qi Xian: “Is Cheese still not awake?”

Qi Xian smiled: “He is awake, but he doesn’t seem to want to see people now.”

Yu Zhaohan snorted coldly: “He made his own mistakes.”

Shi Du is in the group, and he sent a message with a joke in his tone: “Dyeing hair is for others to see, why is Brother Cheese hiding?”

Cheese’s blood-soaked accusation resounded throughout the private room a few seconds later: “You shut up! What do you know, you handsome guy! I look like a fucking mushroom with meatloaf!!!”

Shi Du’s new hairstyle is on a level that conservative middle-aged Old Tan and Lu Yaoshan consider attractive. Old Tan even suggested that Shi Du take a quick selfie and post it on Weibo, which would undoubtedly attract a number of new fans outside the circle.

Old Tan laughed ruthlessly: “Is it really that similar?”

Qi Xian told the truth: “It didn’t look very similar at first, but after washing it, it looks very similar.”

“Is there a photo, let me see.”

After laughing at Cheese, Old Tan asked Shi Du: “Timeless, are you still going back to Beijing? The birthday party and all that is over, right?”

Shi Du yawned and said, “I still have to go back, I have a bunch of documents to sign.”

Turning 18 not only means drinking alcohol, dying hair, getting pierced ears, falling in love, and driving to Internet cafes for the young master, but it also means that many equity, funds, real estate, and other procedures must be signed in person.

“Then I’ll give you two more days off,” Old Tan suggested. “You can return to the base after the new year to avoid running back and forth.”

Shi Du smiled lazily: “Okay.”

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