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Yu Zhaohan came out after washing his hands and ran into Shi Du, who was waiting for the elevator at the elevator entrance. He had just released his acting abilities and was still cooling down, so he didn’t want to confront Shi Du right now. Shi Du appeared to have the same thought. They both silently followed the waiter to the box, not even looking at each other.

Yu Zhaohan entered the private room, which had two tables. The starting players and coaches sat at one table, while the IPL substitutes sat at the other. A couple of young boys and a table each left an empty seat.

Shi Du didn’t move; he should be thinking about which side to go. “You sit at the kid’s table,” Yu Zhaohan instructed him.

Shi Du chuckled: “Why?”

“The adults want to drink.” Yu Zhaohan casually asked, “Can you drink?”

Shi Du: “…”

Although Shi Du was still a month or two away from adulthood, he was the IPL’s pillar, and his father was also a league sponsor, so the IPL’s manager wouldn’t dare to let the young master sit at the kid’s table.

“You guys sit here and talk about the game, I’ll sit at the next table,” the IPL manager said with a smile.

Cheese has always been friendly and enthusiastic to the brothers’ team, and he sat on the chair and moved to the side: “No, no, let’s squeeze and we can still sit for two people.”

Yu Zhaohan and Shi Du sat down at the same time, separated by half of the people. They were just facing each other and could see each other when they looked up.

When everyone was present, the IPL manager in charge of public relations began his performance, raised his glass, stood up, and said: “Let’s start with a drink to thank R.H for assisting us in discovering evidence of TCO’s malicious suspension. Good brother, if you need help in the future, just mention it.”

Everyone said “Thank you,” and “You’re welcome,” the adults then drank beer, and the minors drank tea, together to drink this cup.

The tea was a little bitter, and Shi Du only took a sip. He never aggrieved himself. He called the waiter and said, “Please replace the tea with a beverage.”

The waiter asked, “What kind of beverage do you want?”

“What do you have here.”

“We have all common drinks. Coke, Sprite, coconut milk, Wangzai milk…”

Yu Zhaohan’s toes moved slightly, and his small socks also slid down halfway.

“Coke, thank you.” Shi Du asked everyone, “Does anyone else want it?”

Cheese, who likes sweets, raised his hand: “I, I, I want Wangzai milk! Support needs to drink more milk!”

Yu Zhaohan looked at Cheese approvingly, still, his support was the one that had taste and connotation. Unlike Shi Du, who only drinks Coke, he doesn’t even know if he’s been killed.

The dishes came one after another. IPL’s manager asked Yu Zhaohan, “Is Captain Yu satisfied with the dishes?”

A light flashed in Yu Zhaohan’s eyes. He knew that the time had come.

Pretend mode, start-

“Huaiyang cuisine is meticulously crafted, with an emphasis on charm.” Yu Zhaohan pulled out the lines he had memorized beforehand and narrated, “Every dish here, the heritage of traditional Chinese culture can be seen- not bad.”

The IPL manager was stunned for a while, and then quickly cheered: “Well said! What a traditional culture!”

Cheese looked at his captain with admiration: “Captain also understands Huaiyang cuisine, huh? Awesome!”

Yu Zhaohan said lightly, “This is common sense.”

Shi Du was rendered speechless. He placed a dish of Wensi tofu in front of Yu Zhaohan, pretended to be a good student eager to learn, and asked, “Captain Yu, what kind of cultural heritage is reflected in this dish? I can’t see it.”

Yu Zhaohan sneered in his heart: That’s it? Just a small trick.

Yu Zhaohan sipped his wine and said, “In general, this dish appears graceful, but it also has a majestic appearance. The flavor is delicate, but it has a rough texture when you taste it- what do you think?”

The IPL manager who was always cheering: “Yes, yes, I think so too!”

Xu, who admires Shine: “I don’t think so until Captain Yu said so, but now that I’ve tasted it, it does have the atmosphere!”

Every time the Captain said something, Cheese exclaimed, “Captain, you are truly amazing!”

Shi Du: …Are you guys serious?

After filling up the stomach it was time for free activities. “You’re not wrong to let them go two by two in this wave, I would have arranged the same if I were you,” Lu Youshan said to the IPL coach.”

The IPL coach had come out of the nightmare, and now Lu Youshan took him to relive the nightmare, the more he said, the sadder he was. With snot and tears, he expressed his frustration: “You understand, fans don’t get it; they’ve been scolding me lately. My heart is sour, brother…”

Lu Youshan handed over a tissue and sighed: “It’s not easy.”

Yu Zhaohan’s little sock slipped once more, making him uncomfortable. “Go to the bathroom,” he said as he stood up.

After Yu Zhaohan had left, Old Tan tapped the IPL manager on the shoulder and asked, “The transfer period is approaching, what are the IPL’s plans?”

The IPL manager sighed: “Haaa… We just finished the game, we haven’t had time to think about this yet.” He looked around and lowered his voice, “But I heard that Lawman is about to make a move. They want to get two people in the Eastern Division.”

Old Tan gossip: “Who is it?”

The IPL manager winked: “Who do you think.”

Lawman only bought people based on strength. Old Tan had an epiphany: “Shine and Timeless?”

“The Eastern Division is in a downturn this year, and only the two of them can catch Lawman’s eyes.” The IPL manager said, “But even Shine and Timeless, may not be able to start at Lawman. They have a current double C position, PK, and they won’t just let PK sit on the bench watching. You said, will the two of them accept Lawman’s invitation.”

Old Tan: “I don’t know about Timeless, but Shine will definitely stay in R.H.”

The IPL manager was surprised: “Are you so sure? Lawman wasn’t short on money to buy a new player.”

Old Tan said firmly: “No matter how much they give, Shine will not go for the sake of Wan Feng.”

The IPL manager clearly said, “Oh, Timeless probably won’t go either. The young master is not short of money, and he will not go to be a substitute.”

Yu Zhaohan came to the bathroom and found that there were already people inside.

Shi Du leaned over and placed both hands on the sink in front of the mirror. He should have just washed his face; his forehead hair was still wet, and water flowed down the side of his face, which was different from the image of the high school boy who likes to get into trouble at the dinner table just now, displaying a gloomy and sexy look beyond his age.

When did Shi Du leave?

Yu Zhaohan recalled for a moment, it seemed to be when Lu Youshan and the IPL coach were discussing the last game of the finals.

Shi Du raised his eyes in the mirror after hearing the footsteps. Shi Du’s eyelashes were wet, as were his eyes, which were deep and dark, and Yu Zhaohan had no idea what he was thinking.

Yu Zhaohan pretended not to notice and proceeded to the compartment.

Shi Du suddenly said, “Shine.”

It wasn’t the lighthearted tone of “Captain Yu,” but the tone and name, which was the same as during the competition.

Yu Zhaohan paused when he pushed the door: “What?”

Shi Du lowered his head, making it hard to see his expression: “I… really want to win.”

Yu Zhaohan was stunned for a split second but quickly recovered. “Who doesn’t want to, I also want to,” he said indifferently.

Shi Du chuckled: “I’m really unwilling to admit it, dammit.”

Yu Zhaohan said, “I know.”

Unlike the IPL, where they lost to Lawman, R.H and Lawman played back and forth in the first half, going from one to two. The fans were not as pessimistic as they were before the finals, they really thought R.H could win.

But in the end, R.H still lost.

His unwillingness was no less than that of Shi Du, and his pretending career nearly ended the moment he was eliminated. Fortunately, he was strong, so he walked off the field with a frown on his face, telling the players, “Don’t blame yourself, blame others.”

The players were greatly enlightened.

Under Yu Zhaohan’s comfort, all R.H members cheered up again and threw the blame on the boss.

No matter what, it was the boss’s fault. If it wasn’t for the bosses, who didn’t even invite a data analyst, their chances of winning would have increased by at least 20%.

Shi Du stopped talking and probably hasn’t left yet.

Yu Zhaohan hesitated. The cold people occasionally consoled the lonely young student, and this should not be interpreted as a collapse of the persona.

So, Yu Zhaohan comforted: “Don’t cry, your eyes will swell if you cry. You still have a chance to win the championship after next year.”

“Cry?” Shi Du turned to look at him, a little uncertain, “I’m unhappy, but it is not necessary to cry, right?

Yu Zhaohan: “…”

Damn, why didn’t this boy cry?

“However, why not next year?”

Yu Zhaohan calmed down, took two steps forward, stopped in front of the window, and let the sun shine through the glass window on his shoulders. He understands the importance of using light and shadow to enhance the atmosphere after years of pretending: “Because next year’s champion will be me.”

“Well.” Shi Du seemed to feel a little relaxed. “Can we make a deal? I really want to win the championship next year.”

Yu Zhaohan said coldly, “I can’t.”

“But I don’t have time after next year, only next year.”

Yu Zhaohan was stunned: “You also have a terminal illness?”

Shi Du: “…”

Although Yu Zhaohan and Shi Du did not have a good relationship, and he found Shi Du to be quite disagreeable at times, he must admit that Shi Du was the best short/gun player in the country, and his absence from the national team was quite a significant loss.

“I’m sorry.” Yu Zhaohan’s voice softened a little, “but next year’s champion will still be me.”

Shi Du smiled: “I’m healthy, thank you. Wait, why do you say ‘also’?”

Yu Zhaohan ignored Shi Du’s question: “That’s why.”

Shi Du hesitated for a moment and said, “I promised my parents that I would only take a two-year break from school to play e-sports.”

Yu Zhaohan secretly sighed with relief, sneered, and said nonchalantly: “If you really hold such thoughts, I advise you to retire now immediately.”

Shi Du raised his eyebrows: “Why?”

“Since you are willing to add a time limit to your dream, and even if you can’t catch it, it proves that you don’t really want it either.”

Shi Du was silent for a long time and asked, “What about you? Until when will you fight for it.”

“Me?” Yu Zhaohan chuckled and turned around in the beam of light. He was facing the sun, with a shimmer of light floating on his body, “I will fight until I can’t fight.”

A gust of wind blew through, and the window fanned the sunlight to the side of Yu Zhaohan’s body.

Shi Du locked his gaze on Yu Zhaohan’s back for a long time. The heart rate device on his wristwatch slowly increased to 100.

Maybe he misunderstood— Xu may be right, Yu Zhaohan was originally such a character, not pretending.

Just as Shi Du considering whether to apologize for his words and actions at the dining table, Yu Zhaohan moved slightly to the right, making himself stand in the center of the light, forcing himself to become the person chosen by the light.

Shi Du: “…”

Well, he didn’t misunderstand.

He was almost caught up in Yu Zhaohan’s act again; it was impossible to prevent.

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