Yu Zhaohan’s first live broadcast went very smoothly, both in terms of popularity and rewards, he dominated the list that day. Yu Zhaohan himself was also very satisfied- never mind, he only said less than 100 words in a live broadcast, and the force continued to be online.

Live broadcasting, was so damn good.

Old Tan was so excited when he saw his reward money that his facial features distorted, and he was soothed after being pinched by Cheese a few times. “Shine, you are rich and noble, don’t forget about each other,” he said solemnly as he took Yu Zhaohan’s hand.

Yu Zhaohan said indifferently, “No way.”

“Why not! You’ve only broadcasting for two hours, and the reward after the share is enough to buy a car!”

“You know, I don’t care about money.” Yu Zhaohan said calmly, “I’m not interested in money, I’ve never touched money.”

Cheese’s eyes flashed with admiration: “Captain, you have the temperament of the richest man, you are amazing!”

The “Destination” International Invitational Finals began on Saturday at 8 p.m. local time in Los Angeles, which corresponded to 12 p.m. Beijing time.

Los Angeles was too far away, and Yu Zhaohan, like the majority of the players this time, could only watch the final in the live broadcast room. Old Tan ordered a lot of food and specially prepared red wine for Yu Zhaohan in order to create an atmosphere for watching the game. He then greeted everyone as they come into the room and sat down to watch the game on the big-screen TV in the living room.

Before the game, the four domestic teams expressed their support for the IPL on the official Weibo, and Old Tan also sent blessings on R.H’s behalf.

[Guangzhou ZC: When you only have one goal, the whole world will give in to you. @Beijing IPL E-Sports Club]

[Hangzhou DSD: You will be at the top of the mountain, and you will see all the small mountains at a glance. @Beijing IPL E-sports Club]

[Chongqing Eau: Waiting for you guys to come back, Let’s eat hot pot~@Beijing IPL E-sports club]

[Shanghai R.H: IPL go!]

Cheese was a little disgusted: “Why is our style of supporting different from the other three? It’s uncultured and has no meaning.”

Old Tan scratched his head: “Then you think of something better, I’ll change it?”

Yu Zhaohan said: “That’s good.”

It was just gimmicky, no need to change. If he came to post on Weibo, he wouldn’t even give that exclamation mark.

After the captain had spoken, Cheese pouted, daring not to complain anymore, and silently swiped Weibo. His Weibo homepage was full of topics related to the finals. Suddenly, he paused between his fingers:

[Little fish blowing bubbles: Please, please, the Chinese team winning the championship is very important to this little fish [despair cat].jpg] As proof, this little fish is willing to put down his wife’s book in order for the IPL to win today!!]

Cheese has a complicated mood.

Little fish really a fan of the IPL… Not necessarily, as long as it was a normal domestic player, they should all hope that the IPL will win the championship.

Lu Youshan stared at the screen and said, “The game is about to start. Put away your mobile phones, watch the game, and write a review summary for me.”

“Not so fast, there’s still the opening act.” Cheese said so, but still put the phone away, “Coach, which team do you like.”

Lu Youshan told the truth: “In terms of strength, the IPL is not Lawman’s opponent, and this season’s Lawman is too frightening. “

Lawman was a mixed-nationality team, and the coaching staff believes that whoever was the best buy was not a bad investment, and whoever did the right thing was not a problem, resulting in a dream team recognized by the entire league. Two Americans, one Chinese, and one Korean make up the Dream Team. Each position was highlighted, and the statistics were among the best in the league.

Fans were also aware that Lawman has a better chance of winning. Many fans have planned ahead of time: it was not easy for the IPL to reach the finals. It was fine to scold them a little as long as the score was not four to zero. Don’t bring their parents to scold them. Thank you for your cooperation.

After the opening performance, the players enter the field. IPL was the first to enter the stadium. Although there were screams at the scene, it was obviously sent by a small number of people. The number of players who can go to Los Angeles to support the domestic team was limited.

The boys in dark blue uniforms took their seats in order- IPL’s captain, long/gun, support Xu, and Timeless.

Xu’s stage fright does not appear to have subsided, and the poor child’s lips were also white with tension. Timeless sat on his side, resting his chin in one hand, chatting with his teammates next to him. He didn’t notice the camera was pointed at him at first, but after being reminded by his teammates, he turned around and waved casually with a smile.

“Xu appears to be in less form than in the semi-finals, and appears nervous while Timeless is as relaxed as usual,” the commentator said.

Yu Zhaohan disagreed.

Based on his years of pretending experience, he seriously doubted that Timeless was calm and only pretending- this young boy’s heart rate must be over 80 now.

The audience cheered loudly when Lawman entered the stadium, which was ten times louder than when IPL entered the stadium.

Real home court advantage.

The commentator begins to introduce every player on the field. In addition to the IPL four, the commentary also highlighted Lawman’s long/gun, Tide.

“Domestic fans should be very familiar with Tide. He was R.H’s backup last season. He moved to the Western Division at the beginning of this year, and now he has secured Lawman’s starting position…”

Lu Youshan’s mouth pursed into a line as he saw the appearance of his former players. Cheese pretended not to see and brushed his phone while keeping his head down. Old Tan couldn’t help but stare at Yu Zhaohan, secretly observing his expression.

He noticed Captain Beauty with his long lashes drooping, holding the red wine glass elegantly and gently shaking it. His expression was solemn, and he had no idea what he was thinking. Yu Zhaohan raised his eyes casually when he noticed Old Tan’s gaze: “What?”

Old Tan hurriedly said, “It’s nothing, how is your wine? I specially chose an 82-year-old bottle for you.”

Rule number nine of “Rule of Pretending to Be Coercive”: When evaluating something, use more contradictory antonyms; pressure and depth will come at the same time.

Yu Zhaohan averted his gaze and sipped the red wine: “When you look closely, the color is deep and rich, as well as fresh and clear. It has the taste of history as well as the fragrance of modern technology, not bad.”

Old Tan: “Oh!”

The “Destination” International Invitational Finals officially began.

Familiar home field, and enthusiastic fans, Lawman showed their full strength as the great devil of North America as soon as they came up, almost winning the first three games in a crushing situation.

The score between the two sides came to 3:0. Fans were ready to lose, but they were all holding their breath.

It’s okay to lose, but you can’t lose so badly.

[Unfilial son, unfilial son! ! !]

[What is the current level of IPL, there are only a few people, you Xu, what are you doing as support? Can he fight? You know you can’t fight without this strength!]

[IPL’s face is gone!]

Cheese said with a bitter face: “It’s too fast, we can’t even finish the meal.”

Old Tan asked Lu Youshan, “If you were the coach of IPL, how would you adjust your tactics?”

Lu Youshan was frantically writing notes in his notebook with a pen and didn’t have time to say much. He only said three words: “Target the commander.”

The IPL coach seemed to have the same idea as Lu Youshan. In the fourth game, IPL would rather make a point and kill Lawman’s command. Lawman was clearly in chaos because he lacked command and control over the overall situation. There was no coordination, and skills were distributed carelessly. IPL was successful in regaining one point.

The score came to 3:1.


[No loss if you win one round, but you will earn money if you win two rounds]

[I just want to apologize for saying that Xu couldn’t do it!]

In the fifth game, the two sides played extremely fiercely. In the end, Timeless won three kills and the IPL narrowly won.

The score was 3:2.

[Father! Father! ! !]

[Timeless, yyds!]1TL note:The equivalence of “YYDS” — the pinyin abbreviation of Chinese “永远滴神” — in English-speaking context is GOAT, the abbreviation of “the greatest of all time.”

[Shanghai R.H and Guangzhou ZC don’t call me anymore, I’m afraid IPL will misunderstand [dog head] [dog head]]

After chasing two points in a row, IPL adapted to the atmosphere of the away game and regained their touch, IPL’s double C continued to give strength and won the sixth game easily.

The score was 3:3, and both sides came to the match point at the same time.

[Ah, ah, one more, and let three chases four! ! ! ]

[Help, I’m so nervous and tense! Come on, bring my quick-acting heart-saving pills! ]

[If IPL wins the championship, I will confess to my upper bunk!]

In the final game, the loser chooses the map. Lawman picked a map with the lowest win rate for IPL and replaced the original support.

Lu Youshan said: “Lawman only chooses to make a substitution at this time because it’s time to show the ultimate card.”

“The switch up is an offensive support; they are going to change their playing style,” Yu Zhaohan explained.

As soon as the game began, Lawman displayed a completely different style than the previous one, catching IPL off guard. Following the loss of point A, IPL immediately attacked point B and took the lead in occupying the advantageous terrain. They paid a high price to stick to point B, including all of the operational big moves, so that when they won point B and attacked point C, they struggled relatively hard and had to fight Lawman solely on marksmanship.

With all of their players’ hands online, IPL was able to fight back and forth with Lawman. When the team battle stalled, Lawman resurrected Tide, who then flew in mid-air to do headshots and fired two shots in a row after landing.

The assassin completed the reel in the first attempt with three headshots.

IPL was destroyed.

Facing the grayed-out screen, the four of them stared blankly before they could react.

They watched as Lawman’s flag fluttered at the target point, but couldn’t do anything.

This was the strength of a top sniper.

Thousands of miles away, in the blink of an eye.

Last year, such a sniper was merely Yu Zhaohan’s substitute.

Only the female voice of the mechanical system could be heard in the headset, like a countdown to death:

[Countdown 3, 2, 1…Target point C is occupied]

The big screen went black, and it turned on again in an instant:

[Lawman Victory]

The golden rain fell, fireworks exploded outside the venue, and the audience screamed the name of every member of Lawman. All the members of Lawman rushed up, hugged each other, and won the championship with the four people on stage.

It was a moment that belonged to the champion alone.

Nobody knew how the second-place winner would exit the stage. Despite the fact that the guide finally turned the camera to the IPL side, the audience couldn’t see their expressions hidden in the shadows. Suddenly, Timeless turned around as they were about to leave the stage.

Yu Zhaohan noticed that there was no light in the arrogant young boy’s eyes, and it appeared that… he could no longer be arrogant.

“Ah, ah, it’s so close!” Cheese fell into a state of madness, crying in Old Tan’s arms, “It’s so close! Damn!”

“Eight years, all The Chinese team has never won the championship once,” said Old Tan, gnashing his teeth. “The Koreans will claim that four Chinese people cannot win the championship.”

Lu Youshan drank a bottle of beer, and his eyes were red: “I will go back and review.”

“The original chances of winning aren’t great, and playing like this is already considered exceptional. Yu Zhaohan said calmly as he sipped his wine, “This season is completely over, don’t think too much, we’ll go next year”

Yu Zhaohan returned to his room and closed the door calmly.

He put on his favorite pajamas, climbed into bed, wrapped himself in the quilt, and made a video call.

When the video was turned on, a face with brows and eyes similar to Yu Zhaohan’s appeared on the screen, with a caring and gentle tone: “What’s the matter, baby? Why are you curled up in a ball… Did you lose the game?”

Yu Zhaohan’s nose was sour: “Mom-“

The popularity of the finals continued for several days, and IPL players and coaches took turns searching for it.

[When does Tide change nationality]

[It doesn’t have to be, it’s Tide’s own ability to be bought by the great devil of North America.]

[Why does Lawman only buy Tide and not Shine- is Shine too lame]

[Xu is the one who deflects the most, I really don’t know how he got into the starting lineup. Timeless can’t even take a C with his life.]

[Come on, Timeless has a C game, which is incomparable to Lawman’s assassin. The underage younger brother is still too young and has little experience in competitions, so I can only say that the future is promising]

Old Tan sent a condolence call to the IPL manager on behalf of R.H. The IPL manager said that they were still alive and were just about to transfer to Shanghai. And they wanted to treat the whole R.H team to a meal before they died, to thank them for their contribution to the China-Korean friendship.

The season just ended and everyone was not very busy. Old Tan readily agreed: “Okay, let’s decide the location.”

The runner-up also has a bonus of five million US dollars. It was really inappropriate not to knock on the IPL for a good meal.

Finally, with four figures per capita, Old Tan chose Huaiyang cuisine. He also carefully watched the video of the restaurant visit and determined that the restaurant had an elegant atmosphere and exquisite dishes that were ideal for their Beauty Captain.

However, their beauty captain said: “You guys go, I won’t go.”

Cheese was surprised: “Why? It’s IPL’s treat, so it’s worth eating.”

That’s right, that’s it, continue to persuade him to come.

Yu Zhaohan: “I don’t like liveliness.”

Even Lu Youshan, who also didn’t like liveliness, persuaded: “It’s secondary to whether it’s free or not. Don’t you want to talk to the IPL about the finals?”

Yu Zhaohan thought for a moment and had a look of being persuaded: “Okay.”

The other two R.H members were still in their hometown and hadn’t come back, so the four of them ended up going to the appointment.

The restaurant was designed in the Jiangnan style, complete with small bridges, flowing water, and rockeries. The kids hadn’t seen anything like this in a long time, not since R.H’s boss began to rot.

The R.H group of four walked in with the waiter, and Yu Zhaohan suddenly stopped: “You guys go first.”

Cheese: “What about you?”

“I have something to do.”

Cheese asked curiously, “What’s the matter with you captain?”

Yu Zhaohan’s tone suddenly became cold: “Are you sure you want to take care of me?”

Yes, he was very fierce, but this was always the case when the high-cold male protagonist was impatient.

Sorry Cheese, I hope you understand- but you’re also annoying.

Sure enough, Cheese was dissuaded by the fierce captain and hurriedly followed the others.

Yu Zhaohan moved quickly towards the rockery, where no one seemed to be around. He supported the rockery and bowed his noble waist after ensuring that no one was nearby. He was about to touch his sneakers when he heard a voice behind him: “Shine?”

Yu Zhaohan stiffened and looked back.

Shi Du was wearing an IPL uniform, a baseball cap, and a mobile phone in his hand. He should have just finished calling. The boy’s air pressure was a little low and he was in a very bad mood. The look in his eyes was less entertaining than the last time they met.

Got beaten up in Los Angeles, you’ve been beaten badly, stinky brother.

Yu Zhaohan slowly straightened his body and said “um” nonchalantly.

“What are you doing…” Shi Du’s eyes came from Yu Zhaohan’s face to his shoes, “Oh.”

Yu Zhaohan: ?

What does Shi Du look at his shoes for? That sudden “oh” has several meanings.

Did Shi Du see it? Impossible, he hid it so deeply, so it was impossible for Shi Du to see it.

Yu Zhaohan’s mind turned to the river and the sea, but what he said was only a dull sentence: “You ‘oh’ what.”

Shi Du raised his chin: “Your shoelaces are loose.”

Yu Zhaohan felt that he was alive again. In dealing with such a small scene, he believed that he was able to handle it with ease, and he could even launch a counter-attack: “You are so observant, do you want to help me?”

Shi Du looked at him, snorted lightly, and walked away.

Well, that was what he wants.

Despite the fact that the plan worked, Yu Zhaohan was unwilling to take any further risks. He carefully entered the bathroom, shut the compartment door, and… pulled up the little socks that had slipped to the soles of his feet.

He felt reborn at this moment.

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    TL note:The equivalence of “YYDS” — the pinyin abbreviation of Chinese “永远滴神” — in English-speaking context is GOAT, the abbreviation of “the greatest of all time.”
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