Following the dinner, IPL and R.H members held a symbolic closing, took a few photos, and posted them on Weibo. After that, they went back to their respective homes. R.H returns to their base, while IPL goes to the airport.

Seeing that Shi Du had something on his mind, the IPL manager asked, “Are you alright?”

“I’m curious.” Shi Du said earnestly, “Are you serious when you complimented Shine during dinner?”

The IPL manager was embarrassed and stated: “Actually, as soon as Shine opened his mouth, I was drawn to his face and had no time to think what he said. Does it matter what the beauty said? No, it doesn’t!”

Xu, who found a fellow friend, repeated excitedly: “It doesn’t matter!”

Shi Du was confused: “But isn’t Shine a boy?”

Xu didn’t think about it: “Is beauty related to gender?”

The IPL manager and Xu said in unison: “It doesn’t matter!”

“I also seem to be quite handsome, right, how come I do not have this kind of treatment?” Shi Du said leisurely.

“How can a handsome compare to a beauty,” Xu said, waving his hand.

Shi Du had to accept defeat: “I lost.” He understood why only he could see Yu Zhaohan was Bking. Because other than him, everyone else was a face worshiper. In this face obsessed world, they were really Yu Zhaohan’s fans.1厨/fan: Internet buzzword meaning crazy obsessed. But the usage is very clear. X厨 means insane fan(s) of X. The focus is the “insane” part. In the beginning, it is a negative word. Someone accuses others to be too crazy about an idol/work. But later on, it is used by the fans themselves indicating that they enjoy the idol/work so much and would like to be crazy.

Yu Zhaohan was lying in bed that night and drowsiness set in. He awoke startled from a fading dream and remembered a big event.

He reached for the phone next to the pillow, opened a certain treasure, and discovered the most recent order: [Pure cotton non-slip boat socks that 99% will not fall off the heel]

Yu Zhaohan put the quilt on his head and tapped the screen with the speed of his hands during the game. In the darkness, the light of the mobile phone reflected his resentful and indignant face:

[Some people walk leisurely and enjoy the scenery of Jiangnan; some are knowledgeable and enjoy the world’s delicacies, and some gave good advice and save their juniors from confusion. Nobody expected these people’s socks to slip to the bottoms of their shoes [smile] [smile]

A few days later, R.H’s tank position Qi Xian and short/gun position Wings ended their vacation and returned to the base to report.

Qi Xian was everyone’s default vice-captain. He has a calm demeanor and seems to be gentle with everyone. In contrast to a certain high-cold captain, he usually smiled and bent his eyes. But, as we all know, once the squinting opens, it becomes a monster.

Wings was the oldest in the team. He is already married. In addition to playing video games, he enjoys lifting weights. Despite being an assassin, he has a tank-like body and can lift cheese with one hand.

Qi Xian had brought many specialties from his hometown, and the six of them gathered in the living room to chat and eat the specialties. Wings’ expression was off as if he had something to say, so Old Tan leaned over to him and asked, “What’s the matter with you?”

Wings hesitated: “I…”

Old Tan was well aware that things were not going to be easy. He gave Yu Zhaohan a wink. Yu Zhaohan realized what was going on and led the other two to the training room.

Old Tan shut the training room door and drowned out Cheese’s chattering voice: “What’s the matter, is there something wrong at home?”

Wings smiled: “My wife is pregnant.”

Yu Zhaohan and Old Tan looked at each other, and the latter said in surprise: “This is a happy event!”

Yu Zhaohan also smiled slightly: “Congratulations.”

Wings smiled broadly, rubbed his hands, and said, “After I got married last year, I’ve been living in the base and only go home once a week. My wife’s hometown is out of town, and she lives alone most of the time. I used to feel aggrieved by her, now that she’s pregnant, I want to spend more time with her.”

“I understand.” Old Tan said, “So you want to apply to live outside?”

Wings’s smile faded a bit and shook his head.

After a while of silence, Yu Zhaohan said, “You want to retire?”

Wings lowered his gaze to his hands and said, “Aside from family reasons, what’s more, important is that I’m at the age where I should retire. I can’t compete with the youngsters in terms of hand speed and reaction time, so I’ll just slow the team down.” Wings grumbled, “If I hadn’t made so many mistakes in the knockout match against Lawman, we…”

Yu Zhaohan interrupted him: “It’s not your fault.”

“The game is over, this season is over.” Old Tan comforted, “Let’s work hard and practice hard, and we will be six heroes next season.”

Wings shook his head: “Captain, I’m in my late 20s, I really think I’m almost at the end of the line. R.H will definitely be able to find a better and more suitable assassin than me.”

Yu Zhaohan asked, “You’ve already made a decision, haven’t you.”

Wings was silent for a moment, then nodded.

Old Tan hesitated: “Then Wanfeng’s last wish…”

Wings took a deep breath and said, “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t do it for him, but you can still do it.” Wings gathered his courage and looked directly into Yu Zhaohan’s eyes. “I believe in you, captain, I believe you can definitely do it.”

Yu Zhaohan didn’t say anything- He didn’t know how should he react at this time.

He had no objections to Wings’ retirement. It was a shame he had to retire. But there was nothing wrong with prioritizing family. R.H has lost too many people this season, and it was difficult for Wings to last until the end of the season.

But! As the captain of R.H, when the players choose to give up their dreams, he should stop them symbolically. For example, he grabbed Wings by the collar, slammed him against the wall, and asked condescendingly: Look at me, say it again.

After the brainstorming rehearsal, Yu Zhaohan looked at Wings’ biceps and sturdy forearms- he chose to change his approach.

“If you couldn’t do it in a martial arts battle, you could do it in a literary battle.” Yu Zhaohan took out the deep voice he used to say golden sentences: “Edison did so many years of research, but never said give up.”

Old Tan couldn’t help but interrupt: “Of course, he didn’t say it. He can’t speak Chinese. If he wants to say it, he can only say ‘give up’.”

Yu Zhaohan was poked at the point of laughter. He was so annoyed, by this kind of joke that was being told at this time.

Yu Zhaohan tried his best to hold back his laughter, and gave Old Tan a sharp eye: “Do you think you are funny?”

Old Tan quickly zipped his mouth.

Wings whispered: “Captain, Old Tan, I really… can’t go on anymore.”

Yu Zhaohan stopped forcing him: “Okay. R.H respects your personal wishes.”

“Thank you, Captain.” Wings felt both relieved and lost at the same time. He gave a small smile and said, “I also brought some snacks with me. It’s my wife’s homemade biscuits. I’ll go give it to Cheese.”

Only Yu Zhaohan and Old Tan remained in the training room after Wings had left. “We don’t even have a substitute, and as soon as Wings retires, the four R.H starters won’t be able to get together,” Old Tan grumbled.

Yu Zhaohan said: “Let the coach find a new short/gun, you can talk about it later. “

Old Tan said pessimistically: “Old Lu can look for it, and I can talk about it. The key is how much the boss is willing to give us to buy a new assassin? Even if we buy it, can they be stronger than Wings?”

Yu Zhaohan’s face became solemn.

Stupid funders, the door has been smashed open by them. If he had more money, he would like to buy R.H himself and be the boss.

Old Tan asked, “Do you want to tell Old Lu and the others about Wings’ retirement?”

Yu Zhaohan said, “Of course. We will announce the confirmed things as soon as possible so that everyone can prepare early.”

At dinner, Old Tan announced Wings’ decision to retire. Qi Xian seemed to have guessed it long ago, and said regretfully, “Alas, what a pity.” Then he smiled and chatted with Wings about how to take care of pregnant women.

Cheese blushed hopelessly, eating the biscuits, and said, “That year when the apricot blossoms rained, you said you would win the championship with us. Maybe from the beginning, it was all wrong.”

Lu Youshan ranted: “There are only five months left until next season, and now you’re telling me you want to retire? Have you forgotten what you said in front of Wan Feng’s hospital bed?

Old Tan stopped Lu Youshan: “Old Lu, calm down, don’t act like a moral kidnapping. Compared to winning the championship, Wan Feng definitely wants everyone to be happy and happy…”

Yu Zhaohan returned to his room after eating. The noise was someone else’s, it has nothing to do with aloof people.

He changed his shirt to make sure he didn’t have dull hair on his head, after which he opened his computer and started today’s live broadcast.

[Today’s blind box opened to the beauty in the shirt, immersed in the charm of my wife [nosebleed] [nosebleed]]

[I was licked by the dog for a day and felt uncomfortable, and I finally felt comfortable when I saw Shine’s poker face]

Yu Zhaohan practiced his gun for a few minutes before entering the matching session. He had been playing on his side account for a few days, and his rank in the national server has risen to the top 500, so the matching usually takes two or three minutes. The match was finally successful Yu Zhaohan noticed a striking [professional] logo and… IPL as soon as he entered the hero selection interface. Timeless.

[Crash, crash, crash, ahhhhhhhh-]

[It’s Timeless himself]

[I thought I’d have to wait until the World Cup to see the picture of my brother and wife on the same team. The happiness came so suddenly, I burst into tears, sisters]

Yu Zhaohan didn’t say hello to Shi Du. What kind of character was he, and how could he take the initiative to greet the younger generation. Besides he used a side account, Shi Du probably didn’t know it was him if he didn’t watch the live broadcast.

In the next second, there was an additional private chat message on the chat interface at the bottom left of the screen:

[IPL.Timeless: Shine?]

[Yu: ?]

[IPL.Timeless: I watched your premiere broadcast]

[Yu: . ]

The other two people in the team saw Shi Du’s ID and were so excited. A young lady also became a screaming chicken: “Crap, it’s Timeless! Woohoo, brother, I’m your fan!”

Yu Zhaohan glanced at it. The little sister’s ID was: Buy Shine’s hair at a high price, and signature: large quantities from the best.

Yu Zhaohan: “…”

[Hahahaha, Miss Sister, don’t you watch Shine’s live broadcast?]

[Fake fan! ! ! ]

[I want to know the expression of Miss Sister after she knew what she had missed.]

Shi Du simply said “Thank you,” Yu Zhaohan could hear that he was laughing.

Another teammate didn’t seem to recognize Shine either, so he took Yu Zhaohan’s long/gun position first. Miss and sister took the short/gun position by default, so they discussed with Yu Zhaohan: “Can you become support?”

Only the tank position remained. Yu Zhaohan dislikes playing tanks the least of the four positions.

Of course, tanks played a significant role in the team. Only tanks with strong blood and endurance can stand firmly on the target point, attracting firepower to deceive the skills, while the remaining teammates can plant the flag on the target point. At the critical moment of capturing the target point, the support may even abandon the C position and prioritize the support line to the tank.

Yu Zhaohan dislikes playing tanks because he is unsuitable. His main advantage was that the gun was accurate, and the tank required a shield to protect his teammates. When the shield was raised, the gunplay becomes secondary.

Even if this young lady was his true fan, he doesn’t want to feel wronged.

Buy Shine’s hair at a high price: “I really don’t want to play tank, and I don’t want to pit everyone. Please, please, Yuyu let me play as a support?”

Yu Zhaohan: “…”

He really doesn’t want to play tanks, but, but she called him Yuyu.

After playing for so long, no one has ever called him Yuyu.

Yu Zhaohan’s cheeks were a little hot, and he chose a tank to lock on.

Buy Shine’s hair at a high price: “Thank you Yuyu, I will definitely treat you well!”

Shi Du: “…”

Shi Du was a little curious about Yu Zhaohan’s reaction. While the interface was loading, he clicked on Yu Zhaohan’s live broadcast room.

[I disagree! Yu Zhaohan, why are you so obedient! Don’t forget who you are! As soon as I’m pure M, I’m counting on your misanthropic face to live!]

[Yuyu Yuyu! Yuyu, Yuyu! ! ! So cute, so cute, ah I’m dead]

[What’s going on in the front? Whose live broadcast do you think you are watching? You are watching the live broadcast of Yu·Cold face·Zhaohan! Look at his face, can the word cute be used on him?]

Yu Zhaohan still held that world-weary face on the surface as he saw the bottom right corner of the live stream, and made an explanation casually: “Someone always has to fill in. It’s not something to make a fuss about. Sit down, don’t make noise.”

Yu Zhaohan’s shirt had two unbuttoned buttons and a sharp neckline. His skin was too white, and his lips were slightly bright red, but his eyebrows were cold and arrogant- a look that was aloof, never looks at you, and always tramples you under his feet. The simple word “sit down” could make face-obsessed people willing to be his dog.

When Shi Du looked away, he saw that his heart rate had reached 100 again. Normally, his heart rate was stable at 80 to 90 when he was not exercising.

Shi Du took a sip of ice water. Very dangerous, he was almost caught by Bking Yu. He was once again glad that he wasn’t a face-obsessed person.

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    厨/fan: Internet buzzword meaning crazy obsessed. But the usage is very clear. X厨 means insane fan(s) of X. The focus is the “insane” part. In the beginning, it is a negative word. Someone accuses others to be too crazy about an idol/work. But later on, it is used by the fans themselves indicating that they enjoy the idol/work so much and would like to be crazy.
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