47. Empress (2)

He held Yu Qingjia’s wrist, and didn’t know whether to let go or continue to hold it, so he said,

“Let go of me first. I won’t leave.”

“I don’t believe it, you swear first!”

“Okay, I swear.”

“No, it’s useless for you to swear, you’re extremely unreliable after all!”

Murong Yan was standing on the ground unable to move, the redness on his ears gradually spread to his neck, his muscles also became tense.

A man’s waist and abdomen are different from a girl’s, and it can’t be touched casually.

Even though Murong Yan is still a teenager, he will be sixteen years old after the new year, and he obviously had some knowledge on that area.

He does not know what he has done in the past six months, which had caused him to have no credibility in front of Yu Qingjia.

Although he really did not have, he can’t just let her continue to cling on to him like this.

He took a deep breath and tried to reason with her in a calmer tone,

“I promise you, but you don’t believe me, and won’t let go. I have no way to prove myself but just Look at the way things are going, none of us can get out of this situation, we can only be at a standstill this way.”

Yu Qingjia was a little relieved, the force on her arm was slightly relaxed and her attitude was slightly shaken,

“Are you sure?”

“Really sure. I don’t believe in keeping my word, but I will definitely keep my word, when it comes to you.”

“Then we have a deal, you are not allowed to go to her!”

Once the words came out of Yu Qingjia’s mouth, she herself felt embarrassed.

How did the words…

Sound like a jealous wife blackmailing her husband, telling him not to go to another woman?

And Murong Yan also gave a low ‘Hmm’ and responded,


Yu Qingjia’s cheeks turned scarlet with shame at her own messy brain, and she finally realized what stupid things she was doing.

Her face flushed to her neck, and she hurriedly let go of her hand, then took a couple of steps back.

Murong Yan really did not continue to move forward, but he didn’t turn around either.

Yu Qingjia did not dare to look at him as well, she silently deviated her eyes, staring intently at the green-glazed moon porcelain vase next to her..

An unspeakable awkwardness permeated the room, and finally Murong Yan was the first one to break the ice, he walked into the inner room with a calm and indifferent face, and gestured for her to come over to the low couch,

“Come here.”

The fact that Murong Yan looked like he didn’t care about such a thing and showed no hesitation at all, made her feel somewhat relieved.

If Murong Yan didn’t mind, then she would be too childish if she kept squirming around like that.

She quickly dawdled to his side and sat down, although the red cloud on her face did not diminish, but at least she could barely put on a calm face.

Murong Yan’s sight immediately swept towards the ground, and found that an incense burner actually fell on it, the ashes inside the incense burner were poured out a little.

It was probably knocked over when Yu Qingjia ran out in haste.

The incense burner is made of copper, the weight is definitely not light, if she was hit, she’d definitely be in pain.

Murong Yan reached out to pinch Yu Qingjia’s knee,

“Did you hit it here just now?”

“No…. Argh—”

Yu Qingjia had not even finished speaking before her knees were squeezed again by Murong Yan, and she couldn’t help but ‘Hiss’.

After Murong Yan confirmed her injury, the force of his hand lightened, slowly kneading her kneecap, and said,

“Straighten your leg, if you don’t tend to those bruises, I’m afraid you will not even be able to walk tomorrow.”

Yu Qingjia hesitated a little, straightening her legs is considered skip sitting, which is quite an indecent sitting posture.

She would straighten her leg to unblock the blood on her meridian, but in front of the opposite sex…

Murong Yan raised his eyebrows and glanced at her, with a light tone,

“So now you think it’s indecent?”

Well, Yu Qingjia thought about what stupid things she had just done, and what stupid things she had done before, she had long lost her face in front of Murong Yan.

So why does she still care about these minor things…

For what?

She silently stretched out her legs and let Murong Yan knead her kneecaps and calf.

Although Yu Qingjia is lazy, afraid of fatigue, and determined not to exercise, her legs are actually slender, her flesh and bone were well-proportioned.

The look on Murong Yan’s face was not very clear, and he tried his best to focus his attention on promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, rather than on the excellent touch in his hands.

He was seriously massaging her for a while, when he suddenly felt that something was not quite right.

He raised his eyes, and saw that Yu Qingjia’s eyes were full of tears, and the water was swirling in her eyes, which was about to fall.

The sight alone was very attractive.

Murong Yan was taken aback by such a look, and his palm reflexively squeezed her soft and slender calf.

He suddenly felt embarrassed.

He was born with a shallow conscience.

He rarely gave birth to some emotions similar to guilt and conscience, but Yu Qingjia’s eyes at that very moment, as if she was being ruthlessly bullied but did not dare to speak out, didn’t invoke his pity, in fact it even evoked his bad nature to do evil…

Murong Yan lowered his voice, and asked,

“What’s wrong?”

“It hurts.”

Surprisingly, this is the reason…

He was a little helpless, and said,

“At least you know that it hurts, that way you’d be more careful next time.”

The look on Murong Yan’s face was still disgusted and cold, but when he massaged Yu Qingjia’s knees again, the force on his fingers was obviously much softer.


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