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47. Empress (1)

When Murong Yan heard Yu Qingjia call that person ‘The big man who can’t be messed with.’, Her expression was not very good.

Her tone of voice had awe, solemnity, hopelessness, and a hint of imperceptible reverence.

Murong Yan guessed that this may be a certain imperial family member, such as a certain princess, or even the empress, or a palace consort.

Women of the imperial family had always been arrogant and domineering, doing as they pleased.

Yu Qingjia has a very beautiful appearance, it is not impossible for her to offend them and even be targeted by them.

However, Murong Yan still does not bother to think about it, they are simply being arrogant to others, so what is the point of them showing off in front of him?

Yu Qingjia is his, Murong Yan is the only one who can lay a hand on her, where else can anyone have the courage?

If his cousins, uncles or aunts and sister-in-laws really dare to make things difficult for Yu Qingjia, then Murong Yan will be the first to deal with them.

Murong Yan had already marked the names of his relatives who acted the most arrogant in his heart, but he didn’t expect to hear Yu Qingjia say that it was not a woman.

‘Not a woman?’

Murong Yan’s eyes immediately set off a dark tide, Yu Qingjia actually mentioned another man in such a tone?

The last time when they were on the road, Yu Qingjia jokingly said, what if Prince Langya unified the nation under one rule?

Obviously she was talking about him, but he still felt very unpleasant.

Yu Qingjia didn’t know that he was Prince Langya, so for him, it was equivalent to her talking about someone else.

Well now, she’s actually talking about another man altogether.

(T/N: No you’re wrong, it’s the same person!)

Although Murong Yan was smiling, his eyes were dark and deep, without any light at all. He then asked,

“Who is that man?”

Yu Qingjia shook her head repeatedly and firmly refused to say more.

She looked at Murong Yan very seriously and said,

“Don’t ask, I won’t tell you.”

After saying that, she told Murong Yan in earnest,

“I am doing this for your own good.”

Her words completely stirred up a hornet’s nest, and the anger in Murong Yan’s heart became even more unpleasant.

He looked fixedly at Yu Qingjia, who was inexplicably a bit weak, she silently turned her head away, and refused to look at Murong Yan’s eyes.

After seeing that she insisted on defending another man, Murong Yan’s hostility inside his heart had catapulted to the extreme, but he suppressed it, he even smiled gently,

“Good, since you do not want to say, then I will ask Yu Qingya instead.”

Yu Qingya had been reborn and knew what would happen later.

Since Yu Qingjia would rather die than say who this person is, then he would just go and ask Yu Qingya.

Seeing that Murong Yan was really going out, Yu Qingjia was simply terrified, if he asks Yu Qingya, wouldn’t she know that Yu Qingjia actually knew that she was reborn and was aware of the existence of the system?

Yu Qingjia hurriedly turned around to tug at Murong Yan’s sleeve, but obviously, he was deliberately letting her be before. Since Murong Yan is really serious now, how can Yu Qingjia catch him?

Yu Qingjia’s hands grasped the empty air, then realized that it was going to be bad.

She saw that Murong Yan had almost reached the door, and she didn’t care about being reserved anymore, she hurriedly jumped off the bed and pounced over,

“You stand still!”

How Could Yu Qingjia’s pitiful speed catch up with Murong Yan?

However, after Murong Yan heard the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground, he could no longer bear it and stopped.

‘What has fallen?’

‘Did Yu Qingjia fall over?’

As soon as he hesitated, Yu Qingjia rushed over quickly.

She then hugged Murong Yan’s waist from behind.

She didn’t expect that she could actually hold Murong Yan.

She was afraid that he would still insist on asking Yu Qingya, so she hugged him even more tightly,

“You are not allowed to go!”

After Murong Yan felt his waist being embraced by someone, his expression immediately changed, he subconsciously wanted to avoid it, but Yu Qingjia only took it as him wanting to leave again, so she embraced him even more, almost pressing her entire body into his.

Her two arms were pressed against his waist and abdomen, and because of too much force, her sleeves were suddenly lifted up a section, gradually revealing two slim and soft, white as jade small arms.

In fact, Murong Yan doesn’t like to have physical contact with others.

So when Yu Qingjia wanted to touch his mask in the carriage today, he stopped her.

On the one hand, he didn’t want Yu Qingjia to say something that Zheng Er could eavesdrop on.

On the other hand, he doesn’t like people touching him, especially his face.

He was born at the Eastern Palace, with neither the crown prince nor the crown princess hugging and touching him too intimately.

Since the crown princess wouldn’t even dare, how would anyone else?

Murong Yan never had such close contact with other people, and it was the first time that someone hugged his waist.

Apart from feeling embarrassed, he was just standing there stiff.

Yu Qingjia is ‘His’, subconsciously.

So even though he was not used to it, he was not as disgusted and repulsed by her touch unlike the others, but this distance is really too close.

Since Yu Qingjia used all her strength this time, Murong Yan not only felt the strength of the other person on his waist, but even felt some softness touching his back.

His ears immediately turned red, he then held Yu Qingjia’s wrist that was lying in front of him with his body, and wanted to pull it away, but Yu Qingjia refused.

She even stretched out her hand, clutched his clothes tightly to borrow some strength.

Murong Yan was in a stalemate for a while, but finally lost to her.


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