47. Empress (3)

From Yu Qingjia’s perspective, she could only see the side profile of Murong Yan’s face, and even though that’s the only thing she can see, it was still incredibly good-looking, and just looking at it made her feel pleasant.

Yu Qingjia silently watched him for a while, then suddenly felt a surge of emotions.

When the fox spirit first arrived in Guangling, his attitude was really terrible…

Although he’s still terrible now, at least he seems more like a person.

They were always butting heads with each other before, how could she think that five months later, Jing Huan would be sitting in front of her while carefully rubbing her bruised knee.

The two of them have experienced so much together.

From learning classes together in Guangling, to fleeing alone together, and then trying to find their way back to Yanzhou.

She can’t believe that it’s all just been a few months.

Yu Qingjia felt Murong Yan’s well-controlled strength on her leg, and her voice gradually softened. She said,

“Fox, actually I stopped you just now not because I didn’t believe you, it’s just… It’s not easy to tell outsiders about such strange things. We don’t have any evidence now.”

“Even if you know that the system and Yu Qingya have completely different habits when playing the zither, it would still be difficult for you to convince others that you have the ability to detect slight mistakes on her movements. They naturally won’t believe your words, so we can’t just move her casually.”

“The only good thing is that, at least we know the existence of Yu Qingya and the system, but they don’t know that we do. They are both in the open, and we are in the dark. So there will be so many opportunities for us to fight back. However, If you really go there to ask Yu Qingya about it, let’s not mention her actually admitting it, but we will only expose our trump card.”

How could Murong Yan not understand these principles?

He was just annoyed with Yu Qingjia earlier.

But even so, Murong Yan still did not give up the idea of getting to the bottom of the matter.

He couldn’t tolerate any man getting ahead of him in Yu Qingjia’s heart, and it would be best if she didn’t have any other men in her heart.

Forget about Yu Wenjun for now, but anyone else is definitely not allowed.

Murong Yan thought silently, obviously he just promised Yu Qingjia not to ask her about it, but he didn’t say that he would not pursue the matter any more.

If he wanted her to open her mouth, then he definitely had a lot of ways to do so.

He won’t let anyone get his hands on his person, of course, even if Yu Qingjia wants to get her hands on others, he’ll see her try.

Murong Yan noticed that Yu Qingjia’s tone was soft and relaxed, he secretly thought that it was a good opportunity, so he immediately took the opportunity to ask,

“Didn’t you refuse to tell me about Yu Qingya before, why are you willing to tell me now?”

Yu Qingjia suddenly felt ashamed, she hesitated for a while but in the end she let out a small sound, and her eyelashes fluttered,

“I didn’t mean not to tell you… I didn’t know you well enough before, you know what you are like, you are so terrible and mean. You can just push me away when I fall asleep a little, how can I feel rest assured to tell you these things?”

Murong Yan was speechless.

However, he only paused briefly, and instead of reflecting on himself, he continued to take advantage of Yu Qingjia’s guilt and conscience.

He raised his eyebrows slightly, and said with a mocking smile in his tone,

“Such a small matter, is it worth you lying to me? It seems that I am only an outsider to you, an outsider whose name you knew.”


“Yu Qingya is not related to me at all, and I have no interest in her, and you are actually willing to cover up for her. So if I actually get closer to her, would you just want to sit back and watch me being plotted against by others?”


Yu Qingjia immediately retorted loudly.

She was a little annoyed as well, so she pursed her lips and looked at him,

“I clearly didn’t think of it that way.”

“Then promise me. Promise me that you won’t deliberately hide things from me in the future, and you will never betray me because of others.”

Yu Qingjia’s vermilion lips parted slightly, and although her train of thoughts was carried away by Murong Yan, she still felt that something was wrong at that moment.

‘Wait, weren’t they discussing Yu Qingya and the system? Why did it suddenly involve betrayal?’

When Murong Yan saw Yu Qingjia’s hesitation, the corners of his lips curled up slightly, but there was a ruthless feeling in his heart.

‘She is actually hesitating.’

For Murong Yan, there is no difference between liking and possession.

He is indifferent to useless people and things that are not beneficial for him, but once he gets used to it, and accepts something, it becomes ‘His things’ in his value system.

Obviously, ‘Anything belonging to that category is exclusive only to him.’

It may sound unreasonable but he will not blink an eye when he sees someone he doesn’t care about die in front of him, but once something or someone has captured his attention, no matter whether the other party is willing or not, He would definitely take it away.

Then whatever it was will belong to him alone, and it will be subject to his control for the rest of his life.

Yu Qingjia is now classified as his property.

He never had the virtue of sharing and being modest.

For him, anything he owns, even if they die, can only die in his own hands.

Murong Yan remembered that when he was ten years old, one of the palace courtiers presented a Ferghana Horse1 Ferghana horses [大宛馬 / 宛馬]: were one of China’s earliest major imports, originating in an area in Central Asia. These horses, as depicted in Tang dynasty tomb figures in earthenware, may ‘Resemble the animals on the golden medal of Eucratides, King of Bactria.’, source: Wiki, in the palace garden.

Murong Yan liked this horse very much, but Prince Chanshan also took a fancy to it.

The crown prince didn’t want to start a dispute over a horse, so he asked Murong Yan to abide by the etiquette of the younger generation and give in to his uncle.


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    Ferghana horses [大宛馬 / 宛馬]: were one of China’s earliest major imports, originating in an area in Central Asia. These horses, as depicted in Tang dynasty tomb figures in earthenware, may ‘Resemble the animals on the golden medal of Eucratides, King of Bactria.’, source: Wiki
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