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46. The Secret (4)

Murong Yan thought about it for a while and nodded,

“Since I’m already aware of her situation, I will make some arrangements in the future, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

How could Yu Qingjia not be worried, but just hearing someone say this, a tear suddenly welled up on the corners of her eyes.

It was as if she had been walking alone in the desert for months with a heavy load, and finally someone helped her and took over it, telling her,

‘I’m here, you don’t have to carry it anymore.’

Yu Qingjia tried to say something for a long time, and in the end she only managed to choke out a sentence,

“Fox Spirit, I didn’t know before, but you’re a really good fox.”

Murong Yan sneered disdainfully,

“Do you believe yourself when you say this?”


Yu Qingjia gritted her teeth and glared at him with her eyes wide,

“Are you done?”

Murong Yan sneered and stopped making fun of her.

At this time he had a flash of light, and suddenly thought of something.

Yu Qingjia has said that the ability of the system is far beyond normal people, so how did she know about this?

Murong Yan looked at Yu Qingjia, with his gaze sunken,

“How do you know these things?”

Yu Qingjia was in a relaxed mood after saying what had been plaguing her heart for a long time, but then she suddenly heard Murong Yan’s question, and she was dumbfounded.

Her expression immediately brought out some unnaturalness.

It was only a brief moment, but Murong Yan still saw it.

He laughed and said softly and slowly,

“You’re still hiding something from me.”

Yu Qingjia almost wanted to bite her tongue off, but she immediately said,

“I didn’t. These were all things I’ve seen in a dream, and I was afraid you would just make fun of me, and tell me that I take my dreams way too seriously. So I didn’t have the nerve to tell you about it, and there really is no other reason!”

In fact, there is really nothing more, Yu Qingjia almost frankly confessed everything to him, and the rest were things that can not be said.

For example, her death, and then the extinction of the Yu family.

But Murong Yan did not believe it, his face was Frosty, and all those small, playful smiles he had just now, were all suppressed.

He coldly looked at Yu Qingjia, stood up and was about to go out.

Yu Qingjia, who was anxious and panicked, hurriedly jumped up to tug at his sleeves,

“I’m serious, I didn’t lie to you.”

“Your father has lived his life without any regrets, and this is how you learned? You actually had the nerve to bring so many ancient books from the pre-Qin period, and use the words of those sages to teach people, but you yourself don’t listen to those words. You actually treat people dishonestly and hide your secrets from others?”

Yu Qingjia lowered her head, she remembered her quarrel with Murong Yan a few days ago…

She actually used a bunch of words from the sages’ teachings to reproach Murong Yan.

Obviously people should be faithful to their words, not open her eyes wide and spout a bunch of nonsense.

With her current behavior now, what qualifications does she have to scold Murong Yan?

Yu Qingjia reflected inwardly, seriously thought about it and suddenly felt that something was wrong.

She raised her head to look at Murong Yan,

“You never keep your promises, and always go back on your words, why should I treat you with sincerity?”

Murong Yan did not change his face, and continued to educate Yu Qingjia with certainty,

“Disciple, Be filial to your parents at home, respect your elders when you go out, be prudent in your behavior, trustworthy in your words, love everyone, and be close to the benevolent. Have you forgotten?”

Yu Qingjia was extremely guilty, she sighed and let go of Murong Yan’s sleeve, she stared at the candle flames somewhat blankly, and said,

“In fact, it’s not that I deliberately wanted to conceal it from you, but this kind of thing involves another person who can’t be messed with, so I can’t tell you. When you get your revenge in the future, you will certainly have to take over your father’s military power and join the court as an official. This will make it even more impossible for me to tell you, and I would be doing you a disservice if I did.”

Murong Yan sighed softly in his heart, her mentioning another person in such a respectful and reverent tone in front of him, sounded a little harsh to him. He doesn’t know why.

Murong Yan snorted coldly, and asked,

“Someone I can’t mess with? Then tell me, I want to see the type of person that I can’t mess with.”

Yu Qingjia still shook his head and refused to say a word.

The Yu family was destroyed by the Prince of Langya, and it was the Prince of Langya who later became the ruler of the nation.

Jing Huan will sooner or later regain his identity, and when he finally drives the uncle who dominates his family business away, he will definitely inherit his father’s military power and official position and become the general of Jizhou.

With the ability of this fox spirit, he will definitely become a very powerful martial arts general in the future, and he can only show his talent better by submitting under the command of the Prince of Langya for a long time.

Defending his family, defending the country, expanding the territory, this is his future.

How could Yu Qingjia tell him that Prince Langya had a feud with the Yu family, and that she indirectly died because of this?

This might only drive a wedge between him and the prince.

“You’re actually hiding it from me, because of a woman?”

Yu Qingjia didn’t expect him to be this relentless, she raised her head and stared at him helplessly,

“It’s not a woman.”

It was better if she didn’t say anything, because once she said it Murong Yan’s face became even icier,

“So, it’s actually a man?”

Murong Yan originally thought that if it was someone who could have a conflict with Yu Qingjia, causing her not to even want to say anything about it, this is why he thought it was a woman.

A woman of a higher rank, like the empress or someone else, that would cause Yu Qingya to take advantage of their power to go rampant.

What he didn’t expect was that, it turns out that it wasn’t a woman, but a man.

(T/N: Maybe both?🤔 ‘Coz technically it’s a man who was pretending to be a woman, you know~)


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