Chapter 65 Part 1:  Isolated

“This is the Boss Monster’s habitat.”

Unnie confirmed it while we were grilling the Earth General meat, we had hunted during the day.

We were all thinking the same thing.

“This must be how the monster hunts. It traps its prey and hunt them inside the enclosure.”

“I guess so. I still don’t know exactly which monster it is yet, but I have a vague idea…”

We all knew what Jeong Sang-Jun would say.



It has a separate official name, but it is usually called that.

It was a well-known monster.

‘It’s a monstrous creature that shapeshifts and hides, then feeds on humans when they’re alone.’

“I think the same too. I’ve never heard of it building a dome like this before, and there are other monsters, but they’re all normal-ranked, so they won’t have that ability.”

“There are not many monsters who can tolerate other monsters roaming around its habitat. Especially if it’s a boss monster.”

“Among other things, I saw a pile of… Human Hair.”

Shapeshifters ate humans whole, but they couldn’t digest dyed hair, so they spit it back out.

“It’s probably hiding among the students.”

There was no telling who it might turn into once it hides among them.

“It’s good at hiding, but its attack power should be low, so I guess it shouldn’t be as dangerous as we thought…”

“Not necessarily.”

Jo Yeon-Ho shook his head in refusal.

“The Shapeshifters we know aren’t the type to build domes like this, so it’s either a much more advanced or Evolved kind, or it’s the Alpha of the Shapeshifters.”


Monsters living in groups, usually have an existence we call as an ‘Alpha’.

They are uniquely superior and powerful compared to ordinary creatures of the same kind.

For example, in the case of werewolves, the difference between a normal werewolf and an Alpha is that, Alphas are usually almost three ranks higher.

‘A normal Shapeshifter is ranked D. It’s tricky, but not too difficult to catch, that’s simply because of its low attack power. If it were an Alpha, then it would be either a ranked A or B.’

“It’s been three days already.”

The interior of the university was dark and dreary. It was also surrounded by what seem like a Black dome.

Pyo Yeon-Won peeked out through a crack on the newspaper that was used to wrap around the windows.

He quickly looked away when he spotted a monster with a huge body and murderous eyes looking around…

“I’m hungry.”

Someone murmured.

They slowly shared the lunchbox that had been prepared for lunch on the first day, but it completely ran out today.

There wasn’t enough water to drink, either, and the bottles of water, that was two per person, were nearing the bottom.

‘This was the best we could do, but… We’re also nearing our limit.’

That was the path of survival they chose.

As a department that studies gates, there were a lot of people who were more knowledgeable about it.

Some of them, like Pyo Yeon-Won, had hunters in their families.

After much discussion, they decided that the best thing to do for them was to stay inside and hold out until rescue comes, without alerting the monsters.

However, there was a limit to holding out.

‘I wonder what my older sister will do, if she’s the one trapped in this kind of situation…’

He thought of the woman who had always been his idol, the one who could literally handle anything.

She would have heard the news of the gates appearance by now.

She’s probably rushing out to rescue him, but the fact that she hadn’t come yet, lent credence to a few theories.

‘Either that dome is completely trapping us, or this gate is as big as the Yeonhwado.’

Either way, it doesn’t look promising.

Pyo Yeon-Won barely swallowed the sigh that threatened to escape his lips.

“Shouldn’t we… Go out?”

Someone brought it up.

“We can’t starve to death inside like this…”

“There are monsters outside! We might all die. Shouldn’t we just hang in there and wait for rescue?”

“We’ll die first before the hunters get here for rescue!”

“We’ll die the same if we go out!”

Everyone’s nerves were already on edge due to hunger, and so conflicts of opinion arises, and they started raising their voices.

The seniors tried to intervene but their exhaustion was already getting the better of them.

It had been three days of this exhausting debate.

“Let’s all calm down… There’s no good in fighting amongst ourselves, yelling will only make us hungry.”

“Bro… Do you want us to starve to death like this? We should go out and get some food while we still have the strength to move.”

“How are we going to get food?”

“Well… Hunters usually grill and eat monster meat inside the gate..”

“So you’re going to catch it?”


“The Monster, are you going to catch it?”

He clamped his mouth shut at those words.

It’s impossible for a normal barely-adult person to take a monster down.

Well it might be possible in— Fiction stories.

‘Wait no.’

There was one person who did.

Someone who had blossomed into a brilliant display of talent under a seemingly impossible circumstance.


Pyo Yeon-Won suddenly though of her.

She’s a woman whose talent and skill alone had earned her a privileged position in the hunter industry.

She even turned down a lot of recruitment offers from several prominent guilds.

She managed to become the first in her class at the training center, even though she hadn’t attended the Academy.

“Would things be different if she was here?”

He suddenly thought to himself.

“Yes, yes. We found it, and it’s impossible to get in, now. We don’t even know if the students are okay inside… Yeah, yeah. We’re guessing it’s a Shapeshifter, but it could be something higher than that. There’s a bunch of normal-ranked monsters running around inside, we didn’t manage to see if there’s anything of a higher rank.”

Even as an independent unit, we were issued radios to report what we’d found inside, they seemed to be having trouble outside the gate as well.

“I think we need to find a way to contact the people inside first, so I can relay information more efficiently with the remaining five opportunities. Speaking of which,”

Hye-won immediately brought up her business.


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