Chapter 65 Part 2:  Isolated:  

“Can we get a couple more radios?”

『You know you can’t. Independent units aren’t supposed to be issued supplies. That’s a rule…』

“I know. I know, but don’t you think it would be better for us to throw in walkie-talkies inside the dome so we can get in touch with people?”

『Every one of those radios are tax money, and you know how expensive magic stones are these days. One Walkie-talkie can feed a family of four for half a year, so why waste it?』

“Aren’t we just trying to save people?”

They argued like that for a while.

『You’re an independent unit, we can’t give you more because radios are expensive, and it was stated in the rule, that we can only provide one radio per team.』

However, Hye-won continued to persistently beg, and finally he made a heavy sigh and gave up.

『Fine, then. Just one. I’ll give you, just one more.』

“Hey give me more, how can we stay in touch with people with just one?”

『No more than that, absolutely not! 』


I clucked my tongue slightly, I didn’t think we could get any more than that.

At least we got one though, it didn’t really matter because that wasn’t our goal.

As soon as unnie finished relaying our coordinates, a new walkie-talkie dropped out of thin air.

Hye-Won then turned to Jeong Sang-Jun who was holding the old walkie-talkie and said,

“Open it.”


It’s the product of the current modern civilization, the only link between the outside world and inside of the gate— The radio.

It was completely shattered, and through the shattered body, a magic stone with a purple glow suddenly appeared.

“Phew. That’s a big one. No wonder it’s so expensive.”

The magic stone was the size of an adult woman’s thumb.

It was well refined, and when it was injected with mana, it glowed faintly and the grains fluttered, indicating that it was rich in energy.

I sort of felt a little guilty about us ripping out the old one as soon as we got the new one, but we had no choice.

Without a radio, we’d be completely isolated, and we’ll be unable to communicate with the outside world, making us more of a castaway than a hunter, but I was too desperate for this magic stone to make do with the old one.

“Come on, Seo-Ha.”

I seized the magic stone.

“Let’s do it.”

I nodded my head.

I held the magic stone in one hand and Noir on the other.

«Penetrating Iron Shot»

Swishh, woo–

Noir’s barrel shook violently and energy began to agglomerate.

This is not the end.

Noir’s bullet is basically a magic bullet.

In other words, the more mana is injected, the stronger the power becomes.


The pellets inside the purple magic stone scattered lightly inside.

And just like that, Noir absorb the Mana from the Magic stone!


I felt a powerful surge of magic sweeping through my body.

My mana passage could not withstand the overload and squealed in pain, but I could not stop.

It took the initiative to turn around my body and went straight to Noir.


The white glow that used to gather around Noir gradually began to turn purple, albeit slowly.

I couldn’t properly absorb the stone entirely, so it took longer.

As the pure mana from the magic stone flowed in, Noir began to convulse until it was difficult for me to hold it alone.

“Everyone, get closer! Hold my arms!”



I could feel several people clinging to me and supporting my arms.

This allowed me to focus more on absorbing the magic stone.

My arm that was holding Noir was shaking violently, as if it were in a spasm.

If I let my guard down for even a moment, I would lose it.

My grip hurt like it was going to slip, but I couldn’t just shoot it like this.

‘Just a little more!’

The more I condense, the stronger the piercing power.

‘A little more, just a little more!’

I held on until the last of it was finally melted into the bullet.



“Oh, my back……!”

The recoil of the shot sent us all rolling on the ground.

We were all dirty and mangled, but we finally glimpsed the scenery we wanted.

“That’s it! Let’s get in there before it closes!”

“Everyone, get your stuff!”

“We just need to enter!”

A simple Penetrating Iron shot alone would have left a hole the size of my palm, but when I use an entire magic stone to charge it, a hole big enough for two adults to fit through was formed.

We had to hurry though, as the gaping hole was gradually repairing itself.

I threw myself with the things I had packed in advance.


“Okay, we’re in!”

Fortunately, all four of us were able to enter safely.

“Han Seo-ha. Is your arm okay?”

“I think the recoil dislocated it.”

“I’ll heal you. Wait a minute.”

I was relieved because my arm was still feeling uncomfortable.

Jo Yeon-Ho emitted a small light from his hand and my arm quickly relaxed.

“Listen up, everyone. This is the home turf of the Shapeshifter. You know how it can easily sneak up on people. Don’t forget the secret code, and remember it once you meet new students.”

“Got it.”


“Yep. Don’t worry.”

After a quick reorganization, the next moment, we heard an echoing scream from one corner.

“Aaaahhhhh! Oh, don’t come, don’t come!”

It was a terrified, sobbing voice.

‘Was it a student?’

“Who wants to go?”

“I’ll go.”

Before Hye-won could even say anything else, I was already out.

Blue light started emitting inside my eyes, and I could see all the features of the surrounding area.

I was able to locate the whereabouts of the screaming student, and I knew at once that the monster standing in front of him was a turtle bug.

I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew, I was already flying on top of it.

The turtle bug seemed to have realized that something was wrong and tried to run away, but it was too late.


A single bullet crushed its head.


When my feet finally touched the ground, I looked back and asked.

“Are you okay?”

It was a male student.

He looked completely disheveled as if he had been through something rough.

Was he chased by a monster and separated from the party alone? Or…

‘There’s a possibility that it’s a shapeshifter.’

The student, who was staring blankly at me, sat down on the ground and took a deep breath as if he was relaxed.


The sound of his ragged breathing seem to convey the near-death experience that he had been through.

“Hah… A-are you a Hunter?”

“Yep. I’m a Hunter. Where are the others?”

“Oh I’m safe…! Thank god! Thank you so much……”

The student crouched on the spot for a while, with tears streaming down his face.

I had just saved him after being chased by a monster, but… His reaction was more than I expected…

‘What’s going on inside…?’

I glanced over at the rows and rows of university buildings in front of me.

I wonder how many students are still alive in there.


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