All eyes were now on Fu Shizhao.

At this moment, Fu Shizhao held a small stool in one hand and a raised the other. It was unclear where he got them from. Everyone quickly made way for him.

The scene became somewhat comical.

Fu Shizhao, with the small stool in hand, approached the machine filled with cat dolls. He skillfully stepped onto the stool with one foot, and the height was just right for him to reach the claw machine’s joystick.

Tang Mian quickly grabbed a handful of game coins from his brother’s box and dropped one into the coin slot under the claw machine. At the same time, he stood on tiptoe, looking at the dolls inside the transparent glass cover with anticipation.

In theory, a doll that many high school students couldn’t grab was unlikely to be picked up by a four-year-old child.

Tang Mian had just tried it himself, and the difficulty was quite high, especially since the stuffed cats inside the machine were all chubby, making them even harder to catch. Nevertheless, he was still looking forward to it.

Perhaps Fu Shizhao was a natural expert at catching dolls.

After all, in the previous life, Fu Shizhao was skilled at grabbing dolls. Every time they went to the arcade, Fu Shizhao would come back with a haul of dolls.

Even though he often complained in his heart about the Fu Shizhao of the previous life, he couldn’t help but admit that Fu Shizhao was quite talented in many aspects.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been found by the Fu family so late and still able to take the position of the Fu family head. He managed the Fu family’s business systematically, and in many ways, he was even more impressive than when Fu’s grandfather was in charge, much more competent.

When they were catching dolls just now, Fu Shizhao was quietly watching by the doll machine. He not only observed them but also watched others who were trying to catch dolls in front of other machines. Perhaps he had learned something by watching…

The machine made a “ding” sound, signaling the start. After Fu Shizhao gripped the handle, his hand tilted slightly, manipulating the claw to move to the right.

There lay a doll closest to the exit.

When the claw stopped above the doll, Fu Shizhao suddenly shook the handle a few times, causing the controlled claw to sway rapidly. Then, he slightly adjusted the position of the claw. Amidst everyone’s breathless attention, he finally pressed the descent button. With a “du” sound, the claw descended, precisely grabbing the chubby cat doll and lifting it into the air.

However, the ability to grab the doll didn’t guarantee that it would be safely transported to the exit. Several times, they managed to grab the doll in mid-air, only for it to slip away in the end.

Nevertheless, this was enough to elicit a collective “wow” of astonishment.

After all, for a four-year-old toddler to successfully grab a doll in mid-air was already quite impressive. The group of high school students hadn’t been able to do it smoothly with the chubby cat doll several times.

Moreover… grabbing dolls is, after all, a game of luck. Maybe one can really manage to grab one.

As the doll reached its highest point, the claw holding it gently shook, and the hearts of the onlookers also trembled. The doll was shaken loose; although it didn’t fall completely, it was on the verge.

At that moment, the claw started moving toward the exit, and the doll slipped out of it. Under the intense gaze of many, it collided with the barrier at the exit, bounced a few times, and smoothly fell into the exit.

Tang Mian was stunned for a moment, then squatted down and took the doll out amidst a burst of excited cheers, cradling it in his arms.

The chubby cat doll was soft and had a small strawberry pattern on its head, which was why Tang Mian had been drawn to it at first glance.

Fu Shizhao was also surrounded, with everyone asking about the technique of grabbing dolls.

Fu Shizhao blinked and explained in a hushed voice, “It was the big brothers and sisters over there who taught me how to grab dolls. First like this… then like that… like this…”

His little hands gestured wildly, aiming for an effect that nobody could understand—exactly what you’d expect from a four-year-old.

Truth be told, he did take advantage of the chaos among the group to “learn” from a couple nearby. The girl in the couple was gentle and skilled at grabbing dolls, and she taught him some techniques.

However, he already knew how to grab dolls; he had secretly learned it in his past life to make Tang Mian happy. He wasn’t sure if this conspicuous performance would raise suspicions from Tang Mian. In his own mind, he thought he had covered it up well.

Just as he was thinking about it, Fu Shizhao jumped off the chair and met Tang Mian’s intense gaze. Fu Shizhao couldn’t help but feel a pang in his heart.

Is he being suspected?

Unexpectedly, in the next moment, Tang Mian suddenly smiled and pointed to another doll machine beside him, saying, “I want that one too!” Fu Shizhao breathed a sigh of relief.

After school in the afternoon, Tang Mian and Fu Shizhao each carried a transparent bag filled with many soft and cute dolls. Upon closer inspection, one would notice that Tang Mian’s bag mostly contained cat dolls, while Fu Shizhao’s bag had mostly dog dolls.

Shen Siwan, full of doubts, looked at Tang Sheng, who was heading towards the passenger seat. As she placed the two little ones into the car, she asked, “Did your big brother buy all these dolls?”

She did give Tang Sheng a sizable red envelope today, so it wasn’t surprising that he would take the two kids to buy some small gifts. Despite Tang Sheng often appearing not very friendly towards Tang Mian, in reality, he was the one who spoiled Tang Mian the most at home.

But buying so many dolls… was it really necessary?

Tang Mian shook his head and proudly took Fu Shizhao’s little hand, showing off, “These were all won by Zhao Zhao from the claw machine.”

The tone made it sound like it was Tang Mian himself who had caught the dolls, not Fu Shizhao. But since Fu Shizhao was his younger brother, it was only natural to boast about him.

Just as she was about to go back and educate her eldest son not to spoil the younger one so much, Shen Siwan was stunned: “Oh.”

Finally understanding the situation, Shen Siwan praised Fu Shizhao in amazement for quite some time. She didn’t expect Zhao Zhao to have such talent. It was truly impressive.

Sitting in the car, they happened to stop at a red light at a four-way intersection. Shen Siwan squinted at Fu Yu and teased, “Zhao Zhao will definitely be good at making someone happy in the future.”

Fu Yu couldn’t help but laugh, “Certainly not as socially inept as me.”

Shen Siwan couldn’t help but sigh, “I hope they stay this small forever, but I also hope they grow up quickly.”

Listening to the conversation in the car, Fu Shizhao turned his head to glance at Tang Mian, who was smiling and counting the dolls in the bag again. There was a slight movement in his heart.

Back at home, Tang Mian, with the bag full of dolls on his back, proudly showed off to each maid sister, “Zhao Zhao caught them all!”

After showing off his talented younger brother, Tang Mian, with the bag of dolls, happily ran up to the second floor to his own room. He took out all the dolls and began to find suitable places for each of them.

After a while of hard work, Tang Mian finally arranged all the dolls and sat on the small sofa, breathing heavily. In his hands, he held the first cat doll with a little strawberry that Fu Shizhao had caught for him. He smiled and got up, placing the cat doll next to the pillow at the head of the bed. It was the first doll Fu Shizhao had won in this life, and it held special significance for him. He wanted to preserve it well.

On the other side, back at home, Fu Shizhao also showed off the dolls he had caught to the old lady and gave her one of the pretty girl dolls as a gift.

The old lady’s eyes lit up with joy.

Soon after, Fu Shizhao quickly ran back to his room, took out all the dolls from his bag, and arranged them on the side of his new bedroom.

The new bedroom was spacious and open, and with the addition of these dolls, the room looked much cozier.

Then, he contentedly walked into the bathroom, tiptoed to lock the door, and took out a familiar password-protected diary from a corner that was not easily noticeable in the bathroom. Squatting in the corner, he opened the diary and skillfully flipped to the latest page, bowing his head to write carefully.

He knew that there were surveillance cameras all over the old lady’s house, except inside the bathroom. So, he hid the diary there and would sneakily write in it whenever he wrote his diary.

He only dared to use the tablet for studying and video calls with Tang Mian, not daring to record too much on it.

The various experiences in the Fu family in his previous life had made him cautious. He wouldn’t allow any factors that could expose his reincarnation to exist.

Even if the old lady was genuinely kind to him, it’s not that he distrusts her; it’s just a matter of habit. After all, the surveillance inside the house is not only viewed by the old lady but also by the housekeepers. Even if he can trust the old lady, he can’t trust the housekeepers.

Moreover, compared to bringing Tang Mian here to play, he actually prefers going to Tang’s house himself. After all, this place is not as casual as Tang’s house.

Lost in these thoughts, Fu Shizhao began writing his reflections on today’s events.

【Today, I attended an interest class with my young master. Even though he deliberately drew poorly, he’s still very talented. If he drew for me, the teacher would probably be driven away by the extent of his deliberate “poor” drawing.】

【The young master came to listen to me sing today. I wish we could grow up quickly so I can sing for him without reservation.】

【I hope he can do what he loves for his whole life, and I will always be able to accompany him. Waiting for him in the art studio every day in high school, and picking him up after class in college.】

【Today, I also won a lot of dolls, and my young master was very happy. I hope I can continue to make him happy in the future.】

At the end of this page of the diary, Fu Shizhao smiled and drew a very simple cat head wearing a strawberry ornament.

Days passed like this, and just when Tang Mian thought they would continue to live happily, Fu Shizhao unexpectedly encountered an accident. It happened in the old mansion.

Tang Mian learned about the incident because Fu Shizhao called him, tearfully describing the situation over the phone.

Fu Shizhao had another allergic reaction, and this time it was much more severe than the previous one, leading to his hospitalization.

The cause was being forced to eat mangoes by a child of a similar age from the Fu family.

Tang Mian quickly had his dad drive him to the hospital where Fu Shizhao was being treated.

In the car, Tang Mian anxiously comforted him through the phone on his wristwatch.

When they arrived at the hospital, the maids from the old lady’s house were already sitting by his bedside, taking care of him.

Fu Shizhao lay pitifully on the hospital bed, raising the wrist with the phone watch. His complexion wasn’t great, with a tight frown on his small forehead, and there were many more red dots on his body compared to the last time.

Hearing the commotion at the door, Fu Shizhao instantly turned his head, and his eyes lit up as he looked at Tang Mian. His whole demeanor became more lively.

“Big Brother.”


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