Chapter 11

“Come in.”

As soon as he gave his permission, a woman wearing a white hat and apron came into the room.

She was just like any other normal maid who could be found in a mansion.

“Please take good care of Miss Selinia from now on. Oh, and it will be very hard for her ankle to recover quickly. You know what I mean, right?”

‘You bastard.’

Of course, I didn’t hold myself back from cursing at him.

However, he must have realized that my rash remark was directed at him, as he let out a laugh from within himself as if he found it very amusing.

That was the end of our conversation. He glanced back at me and slowly left the room.

“It is an honor to serve you Lady Selinia. Please call me Karen. I will do my best to ensure that you do not experience any inconvenience.”

As I watched her bow deeply and bow politely towards me, a certain possibility suddenly occurred into my mind.

Unless the dead body was found, there was a possibility that the missing people were being held as a captive in this magic tower.

Maybe they might also be under the same contract as me and was forced to work as a maid or a servant here.

‘What did Lady Catherine look like? What about the butcher’s daughter?’

I must have forgotten my manners and was staring intently at a blank space in front of Karen.

But unfortunately, I only heard about those missing people and never saw them in person.

“Nice to meet you. I have come from Count Hyrn, a district situated to the west of downtown Bainan.”

I deliberately mentioned the location of Count Hyrn.

Naturally, it was an introduction that would not have been made normally.

But I looked at Karen’s face.

“I see. We often go to downtown Bainan to buy daily necessities or run errands.”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t feel even the slightest agitation from her when I mentioned that place.

‘Okay, maybe Karen was not one the amongst them.’

Well, there was no way Aeon, who clearly knew my thoughts, would have kept someone I knew.

“I’ll take a look at your wounds first.”

Karen placed the bandage, disinfectant, and familiar potion on the bedside table.

I didn’t know that the trauma healing potion I made was also being used in the Magic Tower.

It was a blessing in disguise for me. Even if I couldn’t use healing magic, I would be able to recover soon with that medicine.

That was what I thought so.


Karen took the cap off the potion and poured it straight onto the plate.

‘Are you telling me to drink the potion from that plate?’

It didn’t look like a plate that she could put her mouth onto.

Selinia thought that maybe Karen was trying to wet the bandage with that potion and was about to apply it on her leg.

There were people who knew that the potion would often be effective only if it was applied directly to the wound.

“Karen, if you are thinking about dipping a bandage…”

Looking at me in confusion, Karen gave me the expression of a gentle maid.

“I won’t give you the potion. This medicine is very effective.”

What does that mean? You can’t give this medicine to the patient because it’s so effective.

For a moment, the count’s servants came into my mind.

Knowing my identity as an orphan, they naturally ignored me.

There was no overt harassment, but it was not much different from the way Karen was treating me.

I always took a few potion out of my shelf and handed it over to them so as to not get bullied by them.

“Because the master told me to be careful, and not to let you get better too quickly.”

But come to think of it, there was no trace of malice on Karen’s face.

“That…. Even if you don’t want to give it to me, there’s no need for you to throw away the medicine, right?”

“No. Anything that deviates me from my original purpose should be thrown away.”

“Still, that medicine must be quite expensive.”

“The price doesn’t matter. Everything must be done according to the will of my lord.”

I had nothing more to say. At this point I only thought,

‘Do whatever you want. Anyway, the killer was a nobleman and could afford expensive things as he was a marquis.’

I couldn’t even imagine how much money he would have had on his hand since he became the Marquis and also had the Magic Tower in his hands.

In fact, there was no other choice but to overlook it as a luxury for wealthy nobles.

“Don’t be disappointed.”

Karen spoke surprisingly softly towards me.

“The master does everything with a good reason in his mind. Because he is a kind person.”

“Did you just said kind? who?”

“My master. The magic tower lord.”

“You’re calling him kind?”

“Yes of course. It is rare to find someone who is this kind to their employees.”

Karen said as she bandaged my leg.

‘It is clear that this maid has also signed her contract with him.’

Otherwise she wouldn’t have emphasized that Aeon was sweet.

It was clear that Aeon was using his ability to read her thoughts and she was saying all this to flatter him.

‘If that’s not the case, then she’s a rare species that has a special bond with her master.’

Either way, I felt like I had to be careful before telling anything about Aeon to her.

“This room….”

To change the topic, I brought up a story about the room, and, unexpectedly, Karen responded enthusiastically.

“Oh my, you don’t like your room?”

“No, on the contrary, It’s a really beautiful room. It looks like a bedroom of a noble lady or a hostess, Am I right?”

“That’s right. That was the concept I followed while decorating this room.”

Karen responded as if she was glad that she had been recognized for her talent.

“I redecorated it because the lord said that you were coming to stay here.”

“Me? So this is my room?”


I looked around the room again. The researcher’s room.

No matter how well-funded he was, it was difficult to understand his level of common sense in case of allocating a place for accommodation.

“Are all the rooms assigned to the researchers at the Magic Tower for their accommodation similar to mine?”

“It can’t be true. Everyone has a common room in the tower, but I was told to pay a special attention on decorating your room.”

“….Was it the idea of your magic tower lord?”

“Yes, exactly.”

The maid smiled meaningfully.

‘I’ve never been happy in my life nor did someone took special care of me.’

“Then rest comfortably.”

“Wait for a sec.”

I still had a lot of things I wanted to ask.

With my excitement to stop the maid, I pulled her so hard towards me that her hat, which had been resting lightly on her head, fell to the floor.

“Oh my…..”



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