In the end, it was Jiang Tian who silenced the guy, saying, “Make any more jokes like this, and I won’t erase your name from the list anymore.”

This guy was like the “streetwise” character in the class. Although a bit lazy when it came to academics, often skipping classes and showing more interest in non-academic matters, he had a strong sense of collective honor. He liked to join in on various class activities, and aside from his academic struggles, he didn’t have many other faults.

After hearing Jiang Tian’s words, the guy obediently closed his mouth, making a gesture as if zipping his lips, and pleaded, “Class President, you’re truly magnanimous.” Tang Mian blinked, thinking that his future sister-in-law was indeed formidable.

However, it was true that in the previous life, his sister-in-law had strong leadership skills, and his brother listened to her. He was famously known as a “wife’s slave.”

But… why did she wait until this moment to silence the crowd when she could have done it earlier? That remained a mystery.

Feeling his brother’s heartbeat, Tang Mian subtly twisted in his arms, indicating that he wanted to get down. He didn’t really like being held like this.

His brother, at this age, didn’t have that much strength, and he wasn’t too tall either. Being carried by him could be a bit uncomfortable. Tang Sheng noticed and bent down to place him steadily next to Fu Shizhao.

At some point, the two kids had grown to be almost the same height.

Tang Sheng remembered that when Fu Shizhao first came to their house, he was noticeably shorter than Tang Mian.

Before getting up, Tang Sheng ruffled his little head and teasingly asked, “Do you still have candies? Give another one to Jiang… Sweetie, she finished the one you gave her this morning.”

Tang Mian had no idea whether Sweetie had eaten that candy, but this statement was intentionally made for the group of people present. After hearing it, Tang Mian obediently took out a strawberry candy from his pocket and handed it to his brother, helping to prove his “innocence.”

Indeed, they couldn’t rush things. Both his brother and his future sister-in-law were still young, and regardless of anything, middle school romance was too early. They needed to wait until high school or college…

His assist had successfully connected the dots, playing a catalytic role. The rest was up to them to slowly get to know each other.

Fu Shizhao silently observed everything, feeling a bit revengeful, he gently squeezed Tang Mian’s hand.

He was surprisingly good at being a “little matchmaker,” helping others connect. Why couldn’t he see these emotions in him in the previous life? Fortunately, he didn’t; otherwise, it might have scared him away…

Feeling the pressure in his hand, Tang Mian tilted his head slightly and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Fu Shizhao casually made up an excuse and coquettishly said, “Big Brother, I’m hungry.”

As lunchtime approached, although their stomachs hadn’t started growling, they were indeed feeling hungry. Tang Mian, after hearing Fu Shizhao’s words, lifted his small head and repeated to Tang Sheng, “Big Brother, we’re hungry.”

Finally realizing his initial purpose for coming here, Tang Sheng promptly took them to the first floor.

The red packet that Mom gave him was quite generous, enough for a good meal at lunch. There were several dining options on the first floor of the Youth Palace, and since they had a larger group, Tang Sheng casually chose a small restaurant with good value.

With the addition of the two cute little troublemakers, the atmosphere among the group changed a lot. The main change was—

Before eating, the girls surrounded the two little guys, put cute aprons on them provided by the restaurant, and used adorable clips with various patterns to secure the aprons.

During the meal, a plate of shrimp was served, and everyone peeled the shrimp shells to feed the little ones, hoping to hear a soft “Thank you, big brother/sister.”

After finishing the meal, they eagerly asked for the strawberry-flavored gummy candies from Tang Mian’s pocket.

Especially the boy who had started the teasing earlier, he completely transformed into a feeder, and both Tang Mian and Fu Shizhao kept calling for him, as if they really liked the treats.

Tang Sheng suddenly felt the pressure increasing.

His position as the older brother was in danger.

Since seafood could trigger allergic reactions, and Fu Shizhao’s allergy had not completely healed, he wasn’t given any of the treats. Instead, they all went into Tang Mian’s little belly.

Before long, Tang Mian patted his slightly bulging belly, let out a satisfied burp, and cheerfully took out all the candies from his pocket.

The feeling of getting already peeled shrimp was truly enjoyable.

Speaking of which… in the previous life, Fu Shizhao had also peeled shrimp for him.

Art students always paid more attention to their hands. It seemed that it was because when he peeled shrimp himself, he accidentally got pricked, and Fu Shizhao couldn’t bear to see it, so he took the initiative to peel shrimp for him.

Tang Mian patted his little belly while glancing at Fu Shizhao, who was obediently sipping soup beside him.

Since Fu Shizhao used to peel shrimp for him, he couldn’t let his current life be worse than his previous one.

Tang Mian immediately leaned closer and teased in a soft voice near his ear: “When your allergy gets better, peel shrimp for your big brother to eat too.”

Fu Shizhao’s soup-drinking action paused for a moment, then he smiled and nodded, agreeing to the suggestion.

In the past life, he had to find a reasonable excuse even to peel a shrimp for him, afraid that his little intentions would be exposed. This life is much more convenient. After all, Tang Mian took the initiative to request it, and he just obediently complied.

Tang Mian, satisfied, slumped back into his original position, continuing to rub his little belly.

“What do you think about taking a nap somewhere before afternoon class?” Tang Sheng suddenly asked, looking at the table with a mess of empty plates and bowls.

He remembered that the two little guys would take a nap every day at noon.

When he went to their classroom just now, he noticed that there were sofas and small blankets in the classroom, and the environment was very good. They could easily take a short nap there.

However, Tang Mian shook his head, cradled Tang Sheng’s arm gently, and with a pair of round, shiny eyes, he coquettishly said, “Class starts at two thirty in the afternoon, Big Brother, I want to go play on the second floor. Will you take me…?”

The four-year-old’s voice was soft, cute, and still retained a faint milky scent. Coupled with Tang Mian’s naturally adorable appearance, he sounded like a little kitten.

Before Tang Sheng could respond, the guy who had teased them earlier slapped the table and said with excitement, “Let’s go play! Brother will take you guys to play.”

Tang Sheng: …….

Just to clarify, this was his younger brother.

The second floor of the Youth Palace had many recreational facilities, mostly educational and sports-related. Although it couldn’t compare to an arcade, it was still more interesting than the rather dull kindergarten.

After being reborn for so long, Tang Mian was eager for some fun.

Holding hands with Fu Shizhao, Tang Mian rushed up the stairs excitedly.

The group followed closely behind, afraid that they might trip.

Finally, Tang Mian stopped in front of a row of claw machines.

“Brother, I want this one.” Tang Mian tilted his little head again, pointing to a machine filled with small cat dolls.

Tang Sheng quickly bought a box of game coins and inserted one into the machine. He controlled the claw to move over the cat doll closest to the exit and pressed the button.

All eyes were focused on him.

Tang Sheng swallowed nervously.

Although he had never tried claw machines before, it shouldn’t be too difficult, right? The claw descended rapidly, but unfortunately, it grabbed nothing, returning empty-handed to its original position.

Tang Sheng: ʕ⁠ノ⁠•⁠ᴥ⁠•⁠ʔ⁠ノ⁠ ⁠︵⁠ ⁠┻⁠━⁠┻

The guy who was cheering earlier squeezed next to Tang Sheng, saying, “Let me try, let me try.” Tang Sheng reluctantly gave up his spot. Shortly after, the claw once again came up empty.

Tang Sheng sneered mockingly at the sight.

Cheering guy: …

“I’ll give it a try too.” Jiang Tian also joined them, taking out a game coin from the small box Tang Sheng held and inserting it into the claw machine.

Tang Sheng lowered his eyelashes slightly, feeling a bit warm in his palms. When Jiang Tian took the game coin just now, their hands touched.

Jiang Tian’s skills were a bit better than theirs. She selected another small cat doll, adjusted the claw, pressed the button, and successfully lifted the doll into the air.

But unfortunately, when the doll reached the highest point, it shook a bit and fell back down. The group tried for a long time, including Tang Mian, who was also held by Tang Sheng for several attempts, all in vain.

Tang Sheng: “There must be something wrong with this machine. I think the claw is set too loose.”

Tang Mian: “But those people next door have caught several…”

Tang Sheng admitted, “I’m useless at grabbing dolls.”

Tang Sheng added, “There is a technique, but the cat dolls in this machine are too fat; it’s really hard to grab.”

However, Tang Mian happened to fancy the cat dolls inside this machine.

Facing his disappointed younger brother, Tang Sheng quickly reassured him, “Brother, later I’ll go to the boutique and buy you two little cat dolls. I just searched online, and there are identical ones for sale. I’ve already placed the order, and the delivery will arrive in a few days.”

Tang Mian could only nod obediently.

Even though the significance of the dolls grabbed from the machine was quite different. At this moment, out of nowhere, Fu Shizhao suddenly raised his small hand and said, “Can I try?”


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