Fu Shizhao’s allergy this time wasn’t too severe. He was very obedient and refrained from scratching the red dots on his face. After applying medicine for a while, he almost recovered without leaving any traces.

On the weekend, as previously arranged, the two of them, along with their parents, went to enroll in extracurricular classes.

The old lady was naturally willing to cultivate Fu Shizhao’s various abilities. Knowing about his singing talent, she even had him sing a song in front of her.

Previously, the younger generation of the Fu family also had their children perform talents in front of her. They were all quite talented, but perhaps due to a lack of emotional connection, she didn’t feel much when watching them, similar to watching a television performance.

However, when she heard Fu Shizhao singing for her, she absolutely loved it.

She could tell that this child was quite clever.

So, before letting Fu Yu enroll him in a vocal class, the old lady hugged him and asked, “does Zhao Zhao want to learn something even more impressive?”

“Something even more impressive?” Fu Shizhao tilted his little head.

“Such as foreign languages, mathematics, equestrianism, skiing, and so on. You can also explore musical instruments to see what you like. I’ll find the best teachers for you,” she explained.

Many children from affluent families are exposed to such activities from a young age. Bilingual education is also common. Although it can be stressful, the circles and inheritances they will deal with in the future are different from those of ordinary children. Learning these things from an early age is necessary.

The premise is whether Zhao Zhao could handle it.

Fu Shizhao is also a child of the Fu family and a child she really liked.

It’s uncertain who will take over the Fu family in the future.

If it weren’t for Zhao Zhao wanting to go to the Youth Palace to study extracurricular classes with Tang Mian, she would have preferred to have teachers come to the house for one-on-one guidance.

However, she had already “separated” the two children, letting Fu Shizhao stay with her. It wouldn’t be good to continue hindering their chances to meet.

If necessary, she could bring the teacher to the Youth Palace; it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Fu Shizhao immediately nodded. “Okay, I want to become more impressive.”

In his previous life, he had lived peacefully in the Tang family for many years. Suddenly brought back to the Fu family, he deeply felt out of place in this wealthy circle. With the help of Mu Zichen, he spent a long time learning various things. His learning was diverse but superficial, and it was quite exhausting. This time, with plenty of time ahead, he indeed wanted to learn more.

“Can I learn together with my big brother?” Fu Shizhao asked.


After some thought, the old lady answered, “Some subjects can be learned together, while others may not be suitable for your brother. Just like how Zhao Zhao can sing, and your brother can draw. You have different areas of expertise.”

She could still see that the future management of the Tang family’s business would likely be entrusted to Tang Mian’s brother, Tang Sheng. Tang Mian would continue to be pampered as the young master of the Tang family, pursuing what he loved without worries. He didn’t need to deal with the complexities that Fu Shizhao might encounter. The current pressure on him wasn’t too much, so there was no need to force anything.

However, they could still learn equestrianism and skiing together, treating it as a form of recreation.

“Okay!” Fu Shizhao agreed.

Saturday was a sunny and beautiful day.

Fu Yu drove Fu Shizhao to the entrance of the Tang family’s house early in the morning to pick up Tang Mian and go together to the Youth Palace to enroll in extracurricular classes.

Unexpectedly, Tang Sheng also got into the car. He said he had plans with his classmates today and coincidentally, they were heading to the Youth Palace to take care of some matters.

After getting into the car, Tang Mian, as usual, carefully touched Fu Shizhao’s little face. He checked the areas where he had the allergy again and found that the small red dots were slightly lighter than yesterday before letting go.

Every day, the first thing Tang Mian did after meeting Fu Shizhao was to check the progress of his recovery from the allergy. He would also put a few candies in his pocket every day as a reward for Fu Shizhao.

Today was no exception.

However, what was different today was that Tang Mian also handed a candy to his own brother. Tang Sheng accepted the candy with some surprise.

It had been a long time since Tang Mian shared snacks with him. However, right after Tang Sheng took the candy, Tang Mian suddenly spoke up, “Brother, is Sweetie also here today?”

Tang Sheng : ……..

Tang Sheng hesitated for a moment but decided not to lie. He responded, “Yes.” Tang Mian handed another candy to him, saying, “This one is for Sweetie.”

Shen Siwan, who was sitting nearby, suddenly interjected, “Oh… is it that girl named Jiang Tian from before?” Tang Sheng awkwardly nodded in response.

Previously, Tang Mian insisted that he help deliver candies to Jiang Tian, and now rumors about them were secretly spreading in both classes…

Jiang Tian seemed unfazed and even invited him to participate in the school anniversary performance together. Tang Sheng didn’t show his discomfort; after all, he wasn’t really involved with Jiang Tian in any significant way.

Coincidentally, Tang Mian gave him another candy today. He planned to give it directly to Jiang Tian in front of those classmates during the rehearsal for the performance. This way, they would know that these candies were indeed from his younger brother and not from him.

Upon arriving at the Youth Palace, Tang Sheng made a phone call and then left.

Not seeing his future sister-in-law, Tang Mian felt a bit disappointed but not discouraged. Instead, he secretly planned how to meet them later.

The painting and vocal teachers were arranged by Granny Fu a few days ago, specifically chosen by her and not the regular teachers at the Youth Palace’s interest classes. They were expected to be more professional.

The classroom space was also specially arranged by Granny Fu, renting two excellent rooms that were bright, clean, and equipped with air conditioning and private bathrooms. The places where the two children attended classes were right next to each other, allowing them to play together after class.

In the past, when Fu Shizhao was still at the Tang family, the Tang family parents almost treated Fu Shizhao the same way they treated Tang Mian. Fu Yu had informed Tang Mian about this, so now she naturally wouldn’t overlook Tang Mian.

Upon entering the classroom, the teacher was already waiting.

Tang Mian received a complete set of new drawing tools with a pleasantly surprised expression, exploring them with great interest.

The foundation of drawing was sketching, and it seemed the teacher intended to start with that. Drawing boards, sketching paper, and pencils were all prepared and ready for use.

The days of preparing for the art exam in the past were undoubtedly challenging, but after many years, picking up the paintbrush again brought a sense of nostalgia.

In this life, he would definitely not let down the things he loved.

In another classroom, Fu Shizhao was being led by the teacher to explore musical instruments.

The teacher specialized in vocal music, and they would need to find a separate teacher for musical instruments. The plan was to see which instruments Fu Shizhao was more interested in, provide feedback to Granny Fu, and then let Granny Fu find the corresponding instrument teacher.

Fu Shizhao chose the guitar and piano. In no time, both sides began their first lessons.

For Tang Mian, who was just getting into sketching, it was child’s play. He intentionally drew somewhat crookedly, with many errors in perspective and shading. However, for a child of his age, it was already quite impressive. The teacher praised him thoroughly, leaving Tang Mian feeling a bit embarrassed.

On the other side, Fu Shizhao intentionally sang in a more casual manner. In the previous life, he didn’t pursue singing professionally; it was just a hobby. After high school, he devoted himself entirely to the embrace of the sciences. Compared to Tang Mian, who went through the art exam, he was somewhat inferior. There was no need to worry too much about disguising himself; everything was just right in this life. He could do what he loved with the person he liked. Behind closed doors, both were moving forward together.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Youth Palace:

Amidst the crowd’s teasing, Tang Sheng blushed to the roots of his ears, hastily explaining, “This really was sent by my little brother. “

Jiang Tian wore a cotton skirt that just reached her ankles, holding the familiar strawberry-scented candy. There was a smile in her eyes, not as flustered as Tang Sheng, but she also explained, “Indeed, it was sent by Tang Sheng’s little brother. Tang Mian really likes strawberry-flavored candy.”

Actually, during this time spent with Tang Sheng, she found him quite cute… just as adorable as his little brother. The explanations from the two seemed like a “husband and wife singing together” excuse to the onlookers. The talk about a little brother was just an excuse.

Tang Sheng casually added, “My little brother is also taking an interest class at the Youth Palace. When he finishes his class, I’ll bring him over to meet you all.”

Sure, don’t prepare your lines in advance.

“My little brother is only four years old; he doesn’t know many words. What lines could I possibly prepare?” Tang Sheng couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“Alright, alright. It’s just nice to bring him over for a play. Make sure your little brother is well-behaved. Don’t let him cry loudly; my desk mate’s little brother is about the same age, and he still wets his pants.”

“He’s very well-behaved and doesn’t wet his pants.”

Tang Sheng immediately sent a message to his mom.

【Tang Sheng】 Where is Mian Mian’s class?

【Mom】 Room 7, what’s up?

【Tang Sheng】 We’ll be rehearsing at the Youth Palace all day. How about I take Mian Mian and Zhao Zhao for lunch together to save you the trouble of coming over again?

【Mom】 Alright, but have lunch inside the Youth Palace, and don’t wander around. Call me on video later to confirm your safety.

【Tang Sheng】 When will their classes likely be over?

【Mom】 I’m not sure, but the teachers will probably inform me. I’ll let you know directly when I find out.

【Tang Sheng】ok.

Today, he must completely clarify this rumor.

On the other side, Tang Mian, finally completing all tasks, stretched with a little yawn and asked the teacher, “Teacher, can I go next door to see Zhao Zhao?”

The teacher didn’t expect this child’s talent in painting to be so good. She had planned tasks that would likely take the whole day, but he managed to finish them all in the morning, which was quite unexpected.

No teacher dislikes students with talent. She silently adjusted Tang Mian’s study plan and decided to speed up the progress a bit.

“Yes, you can. Mian Mian is very talented. You can finish class early today and continue in the afternoon.”

Tang Mian immediately stood up from his chair and hurriedly went to Zhao Zhao’s classroom next door.

The soundproofing between the two classrooms was quite effective. While painting on his side, he could only hear very faint sounds, making it impossible to discern the content.

The door had just opened, and Fu Shizhao’s singing voice slipped into Tang Mian’s ears.

Tang Mian quickly walked softly, approached cautiously, afraid of disturbing Shizhao while singing.

Shizhao had noticed Tang Mian slipping over when the door opened. He diligently completed the teacher’s task while also diverting his attention to Tang Mian.

Tang Mian casually found a seat and quietly listened to Shizhao’s singing. Although he had no sense of musical appreciation and was tone-deaf, he knew that Shizhao sang very well, and he enjoyed it. Finally, the practice of this song ended, and Shizhao received the good news of the end of the class.

Similar to Tang Mian’s teacher’s reaction, Shizhao’s vocal teacher also excitedly sent a message to Old Lady Fu, praising Shizhao and calling him a talented child, urging her not to let his musical talent go to waste.

Teachers, especially in the arts, tend to cherish talented students.

Seeing that Shizhao had also finished class, Tang Mian immediately came to his side and took his little hand. Shizhao lowered his head, glanced at their tightly held hands, and smiled, saying, “Brother, let’s go wash our hands.”

Tang Mian belatedly realized that his hands were covered in pencil marks from the sketch he had done earlier, staining Shizhao’s little hands black.

Tang Mian immediately took Shizhao to the bathroom, where they each squeezed a drop of hand soap into their palms and earnestly started creating bubbles.

“Shizhao, your singing is so beautiful. Do you want to become a singer in the future?” Tang Mian casually chatted with him while making bubbles.

Shizhao’s eyes curved with a smile, and instead of following Tang Mian’s topic, he replied, “I will only sing for Brother to listen.”

He was certain that he wouldn’t continue down the path of vocal music. To achieve his goals and prove himself to those who had targeted him in the past, he needed to rise within the Fu family. His ambitions were significant and different from Tang Mian, who simply wanted to enjoy his life.

They were two individuals with different perspectives on life. Shizhao had grand ambitions.

[T/N: It’s okay to not have any grand ambitions, at the end of everything, the only thing that humans desire is a life filled with peace and comfort. O(∩_∩)O ]

But he had to pretend in front of Tang Mian that they were of the same kind, not wanting to be rejected by him. Tang Mian found his innocent words amusing and teased, “Alright, then sing for me.” Shizhao took the initiative to turn on the tap at the sink and started washing the foam off his hands with Tang Mian. Soon, the little hands stained by the pencil turned fair and clean.

As they left the bathroom, Tang Mian unexpectedly spotted a familiar figure in the classroom. It was his older brother.

Accompanying his brother were some unfamiliar boys and girls, presumably his brother’s classmates. Among them, Tang Mian quickly noticed Jiang Tian, who was wearing a white dress. This sight momentarily distracted Tang Mian.

In the previous life, when his brother passed away, his sister-in-law was dressed in a white dress. However, her expression was lifeless, devoid of any vitality.

And now, his future sister-in-law was only in her teens, wearing a simple white dress with a faint smile on her face, giving off a vibe reminiscent of the leading lady in a white moonlight story.

Tang Mian quickly shook off these thoughts from his mind.

His brother was wearing a plain white T-shirt today, coincidentally matching Tang Mian’s sister-in-law’s outfit. Tang Mian forcibly paired them up in his mind, creating a mental image of a couple.

“Which one is your little brother?” one of the boys asked. “The one on the left. It’s hard to tell, right?” Tang Sheng replied, walking towards Tang Mian’s direction.

He probably guessed but didn’t want to risk being wrong. Asking was a safer option. “Both kids are quite good-looking. Much better than my little brother, who has become a chubby ball.”

Tang Sheng lifted Tang Mian directly, and the droplets of water that hadn’t dried on Tang Mian’s hands brushed against his skin, feeling cool.

“Big Brother?” Tang Mian tilted his little head in confusion, gradually realizing that his brother’s purpose for bringing so many people here wasn’t straightforward.

Before Tang Sheng could say anything, the boy from earlier smiled and pointed at Jiang Tian, asking, “Mian Mian, is this your sister-in-law?”

Tang Mian was momentarily stunned, immediately understanding their implication. It seemed that his efforts to have his brother give candies to the future sister-in-law had paid off. These people probably came to join in the fun.

Tang Mian’s gaze shifted to Jiang Tian, and he noticed that she was smiling with her head slightly lowered, not showing any signs of embarrassment. Tang Mian’s gossip radar instantly activated.

Although Tang Mian had never been in a romantic relationship, a girl’s reaction like this probably indicated that she had a favorable impression.

On the other hand, his brother’s breath became hurried, and his face turned completely red, but he didn’t react with embarrassment or anger, just shyness.

Tang Mian silently criticized his brother for not being more assertive. After a moment of hesitation, he echoed the boy’s words, “Sister-in-law!”

He didn’t want to push too hard. If his brother and the future sister-in-law felt uncomfortable, it wouldn’t be good. Sometimes, gentle matchmaking and teasing could be good catalysts, while other times it might lead to discomfort or rejection for one or both parties.

But in the current situation, he felt it was within a safe range.

Tang Sheng: “… Can you not corrupt the kids?”

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