Tang Mian was well aware of his mango allergy. Just now, he shamelessly “snatched” all the mangoes from his little cake.

These mangoes were taken from Mu Zichen’s small cake.

Fu Shizhao didn’t dare to eat too much either. He secretly ate a small piece and then went to play with Tang Mian.

Feeling uncomfortable was secondary, and he could endure it.

However, severe allergies could be quite dangerous.

Although, for certain purposes, he could be quite ruthless to himself, he still didn’t disregard his own body entirely and could control the extent of it.

Most bodies don’t exhibit allergic reactions the first time they come into contact with an allergen.

It means that—the first time in his life eating mangoes wouldn’t cause an allergy, but starting from the second time, he would be allergic.

He was initially unsure if his younger self in this life had ever eaten mangoes before.

But the last time he was brought back to the mansion by the old lady, he tried a few bites of mango cake. Even if he had an allergic reaction, it didn’t matter. Sick cubs were more likely to evoke people’s protective instincts, and he could play the pitiful card in front of the old lady to get closer to her.

However, he didn’t have an allergic reaction that time.

So… this time, he would definitely have an allergic reaction.

In no time, Fu Shizhao felt his face starting to itch.

Tang Mian, with sharp eyes, noticed his scratching, instantly becoming alert. He saw some very obvious red dots on his face.

Tang Mian almost blurted out, “Did you eat mangoes?” but managed to stop himself in time.

Right now, everyone probably doesn’t know that Fu Shizhao is allergic to mangoes; otherwise, they wouldn’t have added mangoes when ordering this cake.

He almost forgot about this, only remembering when he saw the mangoes on the cake.

Fortunately, the mangoes were not in the filling; they were only on the surface of the cake. So, taking advantage of “bullying” Fu Shizhao, he brazenly stole all the mangoes from his portion of the small cake and scooped away the cream that had been “contaminated” by the mangoes.

Did he miss anything?

Although he had never been allergic to anything, in the previous life, Fu Shizhao was allergic to mangoes. Once in high school, he accidentally ate something with mango, felt uncomfortable for quite a few days, and it was him who helped apply the medicine. He complained every day about how uncomfortable he was and looked quite pitiful.

Tang Mian quickly led Fu Shizhao to his parents, innocently raising his little head and expressing concern, “Is Zhao Zhao sick? There are many red dots on his face…”

Fu Shizhao also cooperatively scratched the small red dots.

“Is it very itchy?” Fu Yu asked.

Fu Shizhao nodded obediently.

Shen Siwan immediately realized and said, “Zhao Zhao, are you allergic to mangoes?”

Mangoes are inherently high-allergy fruits, and it’s easy to associate allergies with them.

But she never thought that Fu Shizhao would be allergic to mangoes. It seemed that Fu Yu didn’t know either. This should be Fu Shizhao’s first allergic reaction.

“I don’t think I’ve given Zhao Zhao mangoes before.”

Fu Yu scratched his head somewhat embarrassedly.

He found most mangoes to be too small, and even after peeling one, there wasn’t much flesh to eat. The larger mangoes were too expensive, and several times when he went to the supermarket, he couldn’t bring himself to buy them.

Adding to the fact that Zhao Zhao was too young before, Fu Yu didn’t dare to feed him randomly, afraid of causing some harm. So, he only gave him formula milk. That’s why when Zhao Zhao came to the Tang family, he looked malnourished. He received a stern criticism from Shen Siwan, prompting them to start adding other complementary foods to his diet. Now, he has finally gained some weight and grown taller.

Seeing the situation, the old lady said, “A few days ago, Zhao Zhao had mango cake at my place.”

“That should be his first-time eating mangoes,” Fu Yu said.

“Let’s go to the hospital and have it checked. Allergies can be mild or severe; it shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

Upon hearing the word “hospital,” Fu Shizhao instinctively moved closer to Tang Mian, holding his small hand as if feeling a bit scared.

Tang Mian took the opportunity to firmly hold the hand that was gripping his, preventing him from scratching the allergic areas. He comforted, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll accompany you to the hospital.”

As the birthday party was coming to an end, with time not being early, other children were gradually heading home. Seeing this, Zhou Wen also left, holding her son who was reluctant to part with the little cat.

Although Mu Zichen wanted to stay, he knew that Zhao Zhao might have a health issue and needed to go to the hospital. Tang Mian would accompany him, so it wasn’t suitable to stay overnight here tonight.

Fu Yu drove, with Tang Minghuai in the passenger seat, while Shen Siwan and the old lady sat in the back with the two children.

Tang Mian held onto both of his little hands all the way, afraid that he might not resist scratching the allergic areas.

Children’s skin is delicate and easily scratched. It can lead to infection and scarring, especially on such an important area like the face.

Feeling idle, Tang Mian lightly filed Fu Shizhao’s nails with his fingertip, thinking that tonight he must cut his nails even shorter to prevent him from scratching.

He could keep an eye on Fu Shizhao while he was awake and stop him from scratching but it was impossible to do so if he was asleep, he might scratch himself unconsciously. It’s not possible for Tang Mian to watch Fu Shizhao 24 hours a day. Fu Shizhao, being led by him, was very obedient.

The hospital examination went smoothly, and they were prescribed some medication. The doctor advised them to be careful and avoid mangoes in the future. After hearing this, Tang Mian ruffled Fu Shizhao’s hair and said, “From now on, eat strawberries with me instead.”

“Strawberries are also good.” Fu Shizhao’s eyes curved into a smile.

After leaving the hospital, Fu Yu first took the old lady back home and then brought the remaining people back to the Tang family. As agreed earlier, Zhao Zhao would stay tonight and sleep with his big brother.

Fu Yu left in a hurry last time, and his room hadn’t been tidied up yet. It was still in the same condition as when he left, with the bedding and everything still in place, ready for them to sleep.

The first thing Tang Mian did when they returned home was to find the nail clippers and sit on the sofa to help Fu Shizhao trim his fingernails.

The doctor had already advised at the hospital to cut the child’s nails shorter to prevent him from scratching his cheeks, especially since allergies can be quite uncomfortable.

Several adults stood around, watching the whole process. One reason was to prevent the child from getting hurt while cutting his nails, and the other was that watching the two little ones trim their nails was indeed interesting.

Fortunately, Tang Mian trimmed the nails very carefully, cutting each fingernail to the appropriate length.

The adults praised Tang Mian for being a good older brother.

In Tang Mian’s heart, the little person inside him straightened his nose proudly.

He hoped that Fu Shizhao would remember his kindness and, when he grew up, would remember not to turn into a little ungrateful wolf like in the previous life.

After washing up and taking medicine at night, Fu Shizhao obediently crawled into the small quilt, conscientiously warming up the bed for Tang Mian. As the weather gradually warmed, it would soon become hot. He wanted to cherish the last moments of warming the bed for Tang Mian. However, tonight Tang Mian lingered in his parents’ room for a while before mysteriously returning to their room.

Fu Shizhao keenly noticed something behind Tang Mian and immediately understood that it was the birthday gift Tang Mian wanted to give him. Fu Shizhao’s anticipation surged instantly.

Actually, today wasn’t Fu Shizhao’s birthday yet. The birthday party was held on the day between their two birthdays, and there were still three days until Fu Shizhao’s birthday. However, Tang Mian couldn’t wait to give him the long-prepared gift.

Since Fu Shizhao was now taken back by the old lady, they couldn’t sleep together every day. Tang Mian wanted to give this little stuffed dog to Fu Shizhao in advance, so it could accompany him every night, especially during these three days.

Tang Mian carried the stuffed dog behind him, walking towards the children’s bed with a smile on his face. The warm yellow duck-shaped lamp cast a gentle hue on both of them.

“Ta-da!” Tang Mian presented the stuffed dog to Fu Shizhao as if offering a treasure. “here’s your birthday gift.”

Fu Shizhao was momentarily surprised but immediately reached out happily to accept the doll. After taking a look, he hugged it directly to his chest. “Thank you, brother. It’s such a cute doll.”

Tang Mian knew he would like it, and he promptly started introducing the doll’s features. “Press here to record, press here to play, and press here to adjust the volume….”

Fu Shizhao initially thought it was just a regular stuffed dog, but he didn’t expect it to have so many functions. He liked it even more now.

With Tang Mian’s guidance, Fu Shizhao quickly learned how to use the functions of the stuffed dog. In no time, he had recorded several voice messages.

One said, “Thank you, brother.”

Another one was, “Big brother is really nice.”

The third was Tang Mian’s favorite, a recording of him singing.

The stuffed dog had excellent audio quality, and the playback sounded just like Fu Shizhao’s real voice. This little trick delighted Tang Mian.

After playing around, the two finally settled down to sleep. Tang Mian held Fu Shizhao, and Fu Shizhao held the stuffed dog. Tang Mian fell asleep quickly, but Fu Shizhao couldn’t sleep and stayed awake.

It was quite normal. One reason was that Fu Shizhao loved the gift Tang Mian gave him so much that he was too excited to sleep. The other reason was that the allergy still made him uncomfortable, making it difficult to fall asleep.

After making sure Tang Mian was sound asleep, Fu Shizhao suddenly opened his eyes. Subconsciously, he reached to scratch the red dots on his face, but then he remembered Tang Mian’s warnings and quickly smiled, putting his hand down. Instead, he gently pressed the recording button on the stuffed dog.

“I really like big brother.”

The sound of Fu Shizhao’s voice was softer than moonlight.


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