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After divorcing the general, everyone laughed at him. However, the emperor stood up and told everyone: he was the one who cheated on, and he was the one who seduced Shou.

1. Shen Zhinan was the most beautiful Omega in the empire. A five-year marriage that was a perfect match with his husband had only abuse, violence and estrus period alone. Feng Nian didn’t love him. Feng Nian hated him for forcing them to get married and Shen Zhinan was completely heartbroken. He proposed a divorce and Feng Nian told him it was impossible and he would spend his entire life trying to redeem his sins that night. Shen Zhinan knocked on the door of the most powerful man in the empire: Your Majesty, do you still remember your promise five years ago?

In the early morning of the next day, Shen Zhinan brought another Alpha’s aura, and said to Feng Nian in front of Feng Nian’s parents that he had cheated. The Omega who cheated during the marriage became a wife who was abandoned. Everyone looked at Shen Zhinan as a joke. Later, Shen Zhinan appeared beside the emperor with a slightly protruding abdomen.

2. Hua Qianshuang said to Shen Zhinan: “By this way, you will become my man, the queen of the Galactic Empire who is under one person and above ten thousand people. Also, you will become the mother of the future ruler of the empire.” Hua Qianshuang could give him supreme power, status and wealth, except love. It was not until later that the ruler of the empire looked at him as if he had gone insane.