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In Gu Yuan’s previous life, her fiancee abandoned her at the wedding site. She watched the scum and her step-sister dominate the Gu family industry. Then, she was injured in a car accident and lost the ability to bear children. But her childhood sweetheart, whom she rejected, the leader of the largest consortium in country A, Feng Xinian, remained faithful to her. She was the dust of the ground, and he was the pride of the sky. After knowing she couldn’t have children, he still married her as a wife. But Gu Yuan knew that she was no longer worthy of standing alongside him, and with depression setting in, she jumped off a building.

Unexpectedly, she was allowed to return to her carefree 16-year-old. When Gu Yuan looked at the school hunk Feng Xinian, she knew it would be her turn to cherish him in this life. But when she takes the initiative to approach him to give him a perfect first love, she realizes that the restrained and reticent man of her last life never stopped devouring her.

Feng Xinian knew that he liked Gu Yuan. They grew up together, and this friendship has long turned into love in his heart. He wanted to wait for her to grow up to confess and then always protect her. But he never thought that before he said his heart’s mind, the girl told him that she liked someone else. Until he had a ridiculous and horrible nightmare that his girl was gone, and he saw her jump off a building in despair. So, he couldn’t indulge her willfulness, even if she hated him. Now, he would imprison her by his side and hold her day and night.