“No matter how much there are disagreements, that’s no excuse. How can a nobleman say and act so violently?”


“And to make matters worse, using force so ignorantly! How can a man do that to a lady?”


“You even treat your little sister like that… … .”

Doulian looked as if he had suddenly woken up, as if he had finally heard the whispering around him.


He waved his gaze back and forth anxiously and then let go of my hand as if to throw it away.

“You clever bi*ch.”

I really liked the way he couldn’t let go of his anger and started swearing so that others couldn’t hear him.

‘Good good. Public opinion is gathering smoothly.’

You wouldn’t know it from behind other people’s eyes.


At a public banquet held in the imperial castle, he used violence like an ignorant lowlife without being able to use his tongue.


It was an action that would make arrogant nobles immediately shake their heads with a straight face, if only to save face.


Good. Let’s use this momentum to reach the peak!

‘Wounded girl mode on!’



I let the teardrops I had collected so hard from earlier roll down my cheeks.


I batted my eyelashes to make it look convincing, suppressing my sobs and even biting my lip slightly.

“Brother… … “I know you’re very discouraged, but still-.”

I calm my breathing for a moment, as if trying to appear calm in a slightly subdued voice.

“Still, I never thought you’d end up like this on this day.”


“Ha! What’s so special about today, making me act like the villain…”


“Today is my… … !”

I acted like I had no clue and naturally cut off what Doulian was saying.


The important thing is to show tearful eyes for a moment as if the sadness I had inadvertently been suppressing has leaked out!

“For the first time since the engagement ceremony, the whole family gathered together… … .”

Out of frustration, I stopped talking as if I couldn’t finish my sentence.


I could hear people guessing the omitted parts of my words as they watched me purse my lips.

“Is this ‘special day’ about the title you received today?”


“No! She clearly mentioned it was an engagement ceremony earlier. Moreover, today’s banquet with the Duke of Ivernum is the ‘first’ time that the whole family has gathered together.”


“Ah! Come to think of it… … “I heard that Count Sinkere did not attend the engagement ceremony.”

To make it worthwhile to mention the engagement ceremony, people began to think and talk about the family members who did not come that day.

“Besides, from what I heard, he didn’t give the lady a single penny in dowry.”


“What? The bride’s dowry?”


“Oh my god… … ! “No matter how much they opposed it, it’s a bit too much. She’ll have to watch her manners for the rest of her life if she marries into a family without any dowry.”

I pretended to turn my head to stop the tears from flowing, but in fact, I pricked up my ears and didn’t miss the important reaction.

“Didn’t they say that she’s the count’s favorite daughter? No matter how angry they are, how can they do that to their beloved child?”


Hearing people sigh that it seemed too harsh, I inwardly raised my arms.


At that time,a sharp voice broke into the conversation.

“Wasn’t that something she willingly accepted, considering her family background?”


“No, from what I hear, it’s quite a sticky situation.”


“Sticky indeed! Going against the arranged marriage and disregarding the family’s wishes, it’s all her own doing.”

The person, who finished speaking with a strong sniffle, glanced at me with thorny eyes.

Hmm, whatever.

‘I knew, of course, that there would be some people who would look at me negatively.’

In today’s social circles, the image of my husband and I is that of Romeo and Juliet.


When they heard the news of our engagement, some people thought it was romantic and liked it, while others frowned in disapproval.


Moreover, what kind of image has the Sinkere family created so far?

“They say she was the beloved daughter of Count Sinkere. So, no wonder he felt betrayed… Could it be that Count Sinkere is this tight with his money?

‘I guess it was because it was such a waste.’

Even though that person is being supportive, he doesn’t seem to know much about Sinkere. The Sinkere family are people who are worth cherishing.


Well, now I have to let everyone else know that too.


I hum happily to myself and slowly start the next step.

“Ha, yeah. Pudding! Little sister! What if I was so angry? I was usually such a caring older brother.”

Doulian, who received a wrong signal, rushed forward alone.


It was really… … .

‘Your lack of tact is the same.’

It seems that Doulian didn’t catch on to the fact that this sudden appearance was orchestrated by Duke Ivernem to use the marriage market as a guise, and that he had been blacklisted from most events. 


I shook my head inwardly.

“Uh? At first, this brother got excited for a moment and spoke a little harshly… … “Did I say something wrong?”

As he spoke, he seemed to be getting heated again, and he seemed to be talking threateningly, making him a male gangster.

“What about the dowry? I warned you earlier, didn’t I? If you continue with this marriage against our wishes, the family will not provide any support. You ignored the advice I personally gave you, all because of a man!”


“… …”


“After all, I treated you so well, and you’ve forgotten it all, driven mad by a man! Even the most well-behaved cat can jump on the stove first.”

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