Chapter 6
Beautiful Moments (Classroom Play)

Gu Yuan felt she should have read the almanac before going out today. She was going to find Feng Xinian to explain the misunderstanding. Alas, she hasn’t clarified the initial misunderstanding, and it deepened instead.

The young man carried her into an empty classroom and closed the door, leaving them in the confined space. Along the way, Gu Yuan’s mind was organizing speech. She was about to explain, but the youth wrapped his arms around her waist and took a few steps backward against the door.

Gu Yuan opened her mouth to clarify, but Feng Xinian held the back of her neck, leaned over, and kissed the girl’s cherry lips. Her mouth was slightly open, so Feng Xinian’s tongue smoothly entered, drowning her words in the kiss. Their lips and tongues mingling, and he drew all her breath, raided her. Gu Yuan stopped resisting this passionate kiss and let her body paralyzed in the youth’s arms.

Their bodies pressed against each other tightly, and she naturally felt his fiery desire pushing against the center of her legs. The classroom was silent, with only the sound of the two pecking and kissing, filling the room with burning fire.

Gu Yuan didn’t know how long the two had been kissing. She only knew her brain was abnormally short of oxygen when he released her. Her legs were even more unsteady, and her body leaned against Feng Xinian’s.

The girl’s embrace was soft and delicate. But when he thought another man had just embraced her, who was also the object of her previous pursuit, Feng Xinian felt his heart doused in a vat of vinegar.

“Brother Xinian, I don’t like Lin Yuan anymore. I only like you.”

The young girl’s words made Feng Xinian return to reality after being left in a harsh winter. She said she only likes him. He should have believed her.

Yuan’er, even if you lied to me, you’ll lie for the rest of your life.

“So, Yuan er, how will you prove your liking?” He looked at her, his eyes burning.

Gu Yuan pondered and solemnly said, “Brother Xinian, I’ll start studying hard from now on and get into the same university as you.”

“That way, we can be together in the future.” She tilted her face and looked at him, speaking solemnly. Her slightly red and swollen lips from the kiss slowly opened and closed.

Feng Xinian felt warmth flood his heart after being coaxed by the girl. He couldn’t help but want to lower his head and kiss her again, but the girl blocked it with her hand.

“Brother Xinian, it’s time for class.” She was more than willing to be close to him, but they could lose track of time if they lingered any longer.

“Listen to me. I’ll tutor you when we get back later.” He coaxed the delicate person in his arms.

When they were in junior high school, Feng Xinian gave her make-up lessons. He spoke more simply and clearly than the teacher, and Gu Yuan’s grades skyrocketed. Otherwise, it would be tough to get into the First High School.

Feng Xinian saw the girl hesitate and once again clasped his hands on the girl’s thin waist, “Baby, they say that beautiful moment is short.”

Gu Yuan knew this was temptation, but who could resist such a manly temptation? Her body had long been weak, and that hands kept extending upwards, unlocking the buckles on her back.

After getting her acquiescence, Feng Xinian naturally would not let go of his welfare. His palm was already touching her softness, and the voice of his favorite person leaning in his embrace was weak and trembling.

Feng Xinian put the petite person on the desk against the white wall, reflecting the girl’s delicate and attractive appearance. At 16, Gu Yuan had already become a top beauty. She bites her lips lightly with tears in the corners of her eyes.

The school uniform slipped from her shoulder, and her body was full of seductive power. Not waiting for the youth to move further, she kissed his lips first.

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