Chapter 5

The next day, Gu Yuan and Feng Xinian rode in the same car to school. Before entering the classroom, Gu Yuan was still weak in the knees because someone pressed her onto the seat and kissed her deeply before they got out of the car.

The morning reading had just started, and Xie Yanyan looked at Gu Yuan’s distraught appearance. When she sat down, Xie Yanyan immediately asked, “Xiao Yuan, when did you hook up with Brother Feng?”

Gu Yuan realized that she never talked to Feng Xinian in school, and even more so, Feng Xinian was not allowed to come to her. She was a scumbag girl.

“We have known each other since childhood.”

“Childhood sweetheart?” Xie Yanyan was dumbfounded.

Gu Yuan subconsciously nodded. They were considered childhood sweethearts.

“So you’re chasing after Lin Yuan in fanfare yet still hooking the schoolmaster?” Xie Yanyan was straight to the point. This tablemate of hers was about to become a public enemy of the girls. If not for the fact that she knew Gu Yuan, she really would have believed the green tea comments from the other people.

“I’m chasing Lin Yuan?” Gu Yuan remembered that she had been chasing Lin Yuan for three years in high school. Finally, Lin Yuan agreed to be her boyfriend before he left the country for college.

She had almost forgotten about this, and the name Lin Yuan felt particularly distant after she was reborn.

No wonder. Yesterday, Feng Xinian asked her if she had let go of Lin Yuan. He must have misunderstood that she still liked Lin Yuan.

“I don’t like him.” Gu Yuan turned her head to Xie Yanyan and said, “I don’t like Lin Yuan in any way.”

Xie Yanyan heard Gu Yuan say this and couldn’t help but nod her head. “I’m not saying that Lin Yuan is bad either. As far as he’s compared to the schoolmaster, the difference is still quite a distance. Xiao Yuan, you’ve finally been enlightened.”

Gu Yuan wanted to find Feng Xi Nian to explain. Having lived a new life, she couldn’t let him misunderstand her feelings. But the first lesson was about to start. Gu Yuan could only listen to the lecture in anxiety.

Finally, they could get out of the class, and Xie Yanyan was about to pull Gu Yuan to the toilet. But she saw that her absent-minded deskmate had already disappeared.

After class, many people came out of the classroom to enjoy the breeze. Feng Xinian’s classroom was under theirs, and Gu Yuan rushed to find him. She couldn’t contact him because the school didn’t allow them to bring cell phones.

Gu Yuan ran in hastily, did not look down at her feet, and accidentally fell down the stairs. She subconsciously closed her eyes and did not dare to look. As she drifted off, all the noise around her disappeared, and a firm embrace caught her, not hurting at all.

“Oh …… thank you ……” She hadn’t seen the person yet, but she already thanked him.

When she looked up, she saw a teenager wearing a school uniform, that unique melancholy temperament, none other than Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan saw Gu Yuan, the girl who usually chirps by his side whenever she has time, who hasn’t appeared for several days. At this moment, his arms touched the girl’s soft and fragrant body, and Lin Yuan’s brain was perplexed.

After Gu Yuan’s first moment of surprise, she hurriedly pushed Lin Yuan’s hand away. But this scene, coincidentally, fell into Feng Xinian’s eyes.

At this time, Feng Xinian stood beside his friend, Wei Ziqian. Today, Wei Ziqian rarely saw Feng Xinian in such a good mood. He thought that Feng Xinian had no emotions. After all, in Wei Ziqian’s eyes, Feng Xinian was a life winner. How can someone have a handsome face and also a schoolmaster?

But this morning, he felt Feng Xinian was in a good mood and guided him through five pages of Olympiad questions. When they were about to buy a drink after class, Feng Xinian met an acquaintance at the stairway.

Isn’t that Gu Yuan from class five? Wei Ziqian felt the temperature around him suddenly drop. Although Feng Xinian didn’t show it on his face, his aura was wrong.

Huh, why is she hugging Lin Yuan again? Wei Ziqian remembered the scene on the court yesterday. Has cheating openly become a trend these days?

The second Gu Yuan saw Feng Xinian, she pushed Lin Yuan away. She directly ignored Lin Yuan and was about to open her mouth to explain, only to see Feng Xinian walk up to her and princess-carried her.

“Thank you for helping my girlfriend.” A suppressed dark tide flashed in his eyes. He hugged Gu Yuan and left.

Lin Yuan was supposed to go to the teacher, but for some reason, he felt his feet were heavy. Girlfriend, they’re dating?

And Wei Ziqian was even more dumbfounded. What did he just hear?


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